An Outcast Of Time

An Outcast Of Time

By:  Dryof  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aurora is the only daughter in a wealthy family, she has a hot temper, is arrogant, and likes to show off. She dyed her hair blue, pierced her earrings, and got tattoos. She was a spoiled child who was over-indulgent. Suddenly, in one class like any other day. Aurora becomes invisible. She had no reflection in the mirror, could not touch anything, She could only touch what she was carrying with her. The classmates around were still laughing and chatting as usual. Even if she screams, no one will hear. Aurora is extremely scared, she tries to go home to seek help, but after returning home she finds her family has been changed. The family that was once warm and happy suddenly had nothing left because the past had changed. Now, her mother, Breana Clayden, had been in prison thirteen years ago, and her father, William Dylson, had married another woman twenty years earlier. And now, he has another family, another wife, and another child. And Aurora - is a person who was never born. A strange person in the form of an old clock appears - Luan, Luan tells her that the past has changed, and she has become an outcast of time. At the same time, that person gives her the opportunity to reclaim everything, and reclaim her happy family, her identity, and her future. Did this strange man named Luan have any plots? If Aurora fails to prevent the time paradox from happening, what punishment will she be subject to? How will Aurora choose? The dark and confused truth lurks behind the film of time, deep in the past, will she find it?

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6 Chapters
Strange thing happened
Aurora sat on the desk, she took out a small mirror from the pencil case and looked at herself in the mirror.Some of the classmates around were laughing and joking, and some people were sad, complaining, and grumbling because the test was too difficult.Aurora seemed to be lost in the commotion, she was still sitting quietly in the corner of the room. Looking at herself in the mirror for a while, perhaps feeling that her face was a bit pale, she took out a wine red lipstick from her pocket, and happily applied it.Before she could finish applying lipstick, her face in the mirror suddenly flickered and crumbled. Aurora screamed in fear, the lipstick in her hand was also dropped to the ground. The lipstick poured onto the floor was lined with pure white tiles, and the red lipstick was dazzling.She closed her eyes, then opened them again, repeating them a few times, probably thinking she was dizzy. But when she looked back, the mirror was still empty, her figure seemed to have become i
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Go home
Aurora left the classroom, she went to the school gate. The school gate stood there, only half-latched, but she couldn't unlatch it. But Aurora also couldn't go through the door like a ghost. Aurora looked around thoughtfully, feeling downright depressed.It's still class time, no one is going in and out, and she can't follow anyone out. Furthermore, she didn't want to wait any longer.Aurora thought for a while, and finally, her eyes were fierce, and seemed to have made up her mind. She took off her five-inch heels and put her hand through the bars, tossing it outside.Then she climbed the gate, wanting to climb out. Even though Aurora is a bit dishonest but she just likes to dress up and is not too interested in studying, things like climbing the wall to skip school or fighting she has never done. She once wanted to try the feeling of climbing the wall to avoid school. Now finally tried already. Unfortunately, the first time she climbed the wall to skip school was in this strange
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An outcast of time
Hearing that young girl utter those words, Aurora's whole body stiffened and stiffened like a statue. The top of her head was cold, and from the top of her head, her hands and feet were as cold as ice.Especially when, when she heard her father - William Dylson reply:– Yes, hurry up and wash your hands and then go eat.What's happening?Why is that?So what about her? Since when did her father have another daughter?Aurora struggled to stay calm, she glanced around, then stopped at the calendar on the table. June fifteenth year two thousand zero twenty-one… Still today.So what is going on in the end? It is better than a few years later, it is understandable that her parents have adopted another daughter.Aurora was confused, she was extremely bewildered, a crisis suddenly welled up in her heart, burning like lava. It felt like her life was stolen.Something got out of hand, out of control.Despite Aurora's bewilderment, in front of her was a happy family scene. Pearl looked at her f
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Things to notice
The man with the clock head looked down at her, his eyes showing a few brooding rays, and finally nodded softly, laughing gloatingly.– I agree with your request. But don't struggle in vain against reality. If you don't agree with me, you can only become a vicious ghost, a stray dog ​​with no home!That sentence clearly hit Aurora's pain. Her face also paled a bit, and her hands and feet were cold. She bit her lip, trying to be obedient. She tried to explain a few words to clear the doubts of the person in front of her.– You can rest assured that I also know that you are the only life-saving grass that I have. I just... I want to see my mother, to see how she is now. That newspaper... made me worry. I...Aurora is also not a good person to turn around, good at lying and hiding, so what she just said is the truth. Suddenly disappearing, lost in the crowded and prosperous world, even my family is no longer there. Everything was hitting her deeply, making her spirit teeter on the brink,
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It can be said that Aurora's mother is the complete opposite of Kate Langley. She is not a woman who will let herself be smelled by oil smoke, nor touch pots and pans, but she is a woman who loves Aurora the most in the world. Breana won't cook what Aurora likes, does not coax her like other mothers, and never told her a fairy tale. But when Aurora was naughty and fell and got hurt, her mother would scold her, but then she would secretly cry silently. And when she saw Aurora upset because she had a large black birthmark on her wrist, her mother dyed the entire area black to have a birthmark like hers. And she did it just so Aurora wouldn't feel sad and alone anymore. In Aurora's eyes, Breana, her mother, was a strange woman, one with a soft heart hidden behind a cold exterior. Her mother is the best mother in the world, and no one can replace her.Seeing Aurora standing still, the clock beside her quietly turned once. The time trader seemed to be looking up at her, but apparently, he
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A place to depend
Aurora dropped her eyes, although the mocking smile was close to her ear, she still didn't utter a single unpleasant word. Because, she feels that this odd clock is the only place to depend on for her to lean on, hold on and hold on tight. Because beneath her feet, was already a deep abyss, black and dark below, seemingly without a bottom. If she accidentally fell, she would fall to pieces of flesh and bones, turning to ashes, leaving no trace left to prove she was still alive. No one remembers her, and no one knows she was ever born into this world. No one knows that there was ever an arrogant dishonest Aurora Dylson, no one can remember even the ugly things. She would fall forever and ever and then be lost in the ever-changing flow of time, crushed by the harsh waves of time at her feet.
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