Can I Have This Dance?

Can I Have This Dance?

By:  Jemima  Ongoing
Language: English
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When his long-time girlfriend breaks up with him and leaves the country, Elliot Cyrus is devastated. Still stuck on his ex, Elliot meets freshly unemployed Wanda Davis who needs a new job, while he needs a fiancee to be able to inherit his grandfather's company. Elliot offers Wanda a mouth-watering deal. "I need a fiancee." he tells her, promising her money she knows she can never get ordinarily. His intention is to use Wanda to stall in hopes his true love will return. Later on, his ex-girlfriend Tara Lawrence returns and Elliot wants her back, he pays Wanda who is already in love with him and tries to win his ex back but when he sees Wanda moving on, he feels jealous but he can't seem to let Tara go either. Who does Elliot truly love and who will he choose?

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32 Chapters
Elliot stirred in bed beside Tara, his toned chest exposed. She looked at the man she used to love but now, she wasn't feeling the love she felt for him, she was tired. Tara had fallen out of love. Elliot Cyrus and Tara Lawrence met in college four years ago and they hit it off immediately, she knew his family, friends, secrets, everything. They were young, in love and inseparable but over time she got bored, Elliot didn't really do things to make her unhappy, he was the sweetest and the most romantic man she knew, everyone who knew about them was jealous and wanted to have they had. She always thought he was too good to be true, in fact, he always apologized even when she was wrong but now Tara couldn't really explain why she didn't want him anymore, admitting it to herself was hard, but telling him would be harder. "Good morning" Elliot smiled, his voice was groggy. He reached for her hair and touched it affectionately before sitting up and yawning. "What time is it?" "8:37" she r
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It's been seven months since Tara left. Seven months since his heart was broken. Seven months since he decided to move on but couldn't. Elliot was back to being the most eligible bachelor in the city of New York, and once the news spread that he was no longer in a relationship, every woman and their mother tried to catch his eye especially since they knew he needed a woman to be able to get ownership of his grandfather's multi-billion-dollar company SEM Group, which was now run by his father after his grandfather's demise. Elliot couldn't care less about getting into a new relationship, in fact, he strongly believed Tara would be back and he planned on waiting for her but he couldn't wait for her to return before stepping up. He had always been interested in taking over the company since he was younger, following his father to the office, asking him questions, helping him solve problems and even studying business management in college but it seemed like the time to take over was comi
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"Wanda are you crazy?" Cherry was yelling. Wanda had told her what had happened with the guy in the bar. "What if he's a psycho?""I know what you're thinking but it's fine. I read through the contract thoroughly." She tried to make her friend sit but Cherry was fighting back. "It's ten thousand dollars a month, why would I give that up?""Ten thousand dollars is more than enough reason to think something is suspicious." She started. "What kind of crazy person pays that amount of money for a fake fiancee?" "He's rich and not crazy." She tried to defend the man she would soon be engaged to. "How do you know that?" "What if he sells body parts for a living?" Wanda went to her room and searched through her bag for the card Elliot had given her. She didn't read it that day but it was the first thing she did the next morning. She appeared in the living room and handed it over to Cherry. "He's Elliot Cyrus, from SEM Group."Cherry's eyes widened. "Is this real?" Wanda nodded in response
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Wanda was moving the last of her things from her car into Elliot's house. She was tired and hungry and wanted to nap, Elliot helped her move, doing most of the heavy lifting but she spent the previous night packing and sorting things out. She didn't need to bring a lot of things, she didn't intend to either but by the time she started, she couldn't stop to decide what needed to be taken and what didn't need to. Elliot had laughed when he saw her things, he was surprised at the number of things she brought. "Do you want to live with me forever?" He joked. She felt embarrassed, "I'm sorry, I have a problem with my stuff."He could see she was feeling bad. "It's okay, there's more than enough space for your things."After moving everything, Wanda dusted her hands and closed the car door. "Okay, I'm done.""Oh good. Do you want to get something to eat?"She thought he wouldn't ask. "Yes please, I'm famished." He nodded, "I know a place, let me get my keys." ~~~~~Elliot guided Wanda in
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Wanda sat up and looked at the bedside clock, it was a few minutes to three in the morning. She got out of bed and walked quietly to the door, she was thirsty so she needed to go downstairs. Trying not to wake Elliot up, she quietly stepped out of her room and tiptoed past his room door, as she kept walking, she noticed the third room on the left was slightly open. She peered in thinking he was inside but it was dark in there, minding her business, she closed the door gently and went down the stairs and into the kitchen.After two glasses of water, Wanda left the kitchen and was returning to her room when she bumped into Elliot coming out of the room she had just closed. She thought no one was inside or had he gone in when she went downstairs?"Couldn't sleep?" He asked her as he locked the door. She observed him and wondered why he was locking just that room. She was curious, but she didn't let it get the best of her. If she had learnt anything from movies and books it was to never en
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Ever since the day Elliot's friends came over, something between them changed. Elliot was like a new person, it was obvious he was avoiding her and trying to set boundaries between them. Wanda couldn't understand what went wrong between them, the way he treated her hurt because she was beginning to like him. She thought she did something wrong but every time she tried to talk about it he would change the subject. He went to work more often than usual and stayed out later than he normally would and although she was dying to confront him about it, she knew she couldn't. He wasn't her real fiancee so he didn't owe her any explanation. It was his house so he could do whatever he wanted. His parent's charity ball was coming up soon and Wanda doubted they would be able to convince people they were a real couple if things were this unsettled between them. Determined to make things work, she told herself she would talk to Elliot about what was going on and try to solve it when he returned hom
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7: The Charity Ball
It was the day of SEM Group's Charity Ball and the Cyrus home was busy. The program was to kick off by 6:00 pm sharp but as the hosts, every person that lived in the Cyrus mansion was up and about from the people that worked there to Peter Cyrus himself. No one was idle. Sarah Cyrus was put in charge of guests this year, in the last ball, Elliot had been the one in charge. She sat by her computer and went through the guest list again to make sure everything was correct and error-free. She couldn't afford to mess things up. Sarah heard a knock on her door and told the person to come in, it was Maya. "Dad wants to know if you're done cross-checking the guest list." "Yes, I am." She turned her swivel chair to face her sister. "He also said you should forward the list to Mr Tony." She nodded. "Alright. Thanks, Maya.""You're welcome." She said and shut the door. Sarah looked at the time and saw there were four minutes left to four. In another hour, they would all start to get ready. S
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8: Tara Returns.
Tara was folding clothes into her suitcase. Her phone was in between her head and shoulder. "I'm flying in on Sunday evening." She was on the phone with her assistant. "I don't care Sophia. Just get my place cleaned." Tara was a famous romance novel writer, she had best-selling books everywhere but after her break-up with Elliot and her relocation, she hadn't written anything good. After leaving Elliot and running to London, she tried meeting and dating other guys but they never lasted. She missed Elliot and she wanted to contact him but she stopped herself every time. She had never regretted their split, although she knew the way she went about it was cold. With time, she began to miss him but the fact that he didn't try to call her made her upset, he had her London number so there was no excuse. She thought he was crazy about her, he always said he was so why wasn't he reaching out? She knew how much Elliot loved her and she could swear on her life that there was no way he would mo
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9: Tara and Elliot Meet.
Elliot was excited, the excitement made him wake up early. He had a surprise for Wanda and he was a hundred per cent sure she would love it. He waited patiently for her to wake up and come down and as if on cue, Wanda appeared still looking sleepy. "Wanda you're up." He said with so much enthusiasm. "Isn't it too early for all this energy?" She asked and took a cup to get some water. "I have a surprise for you." He was beaming. "Don't freak out.". The sleep was clearing from her eyes. "What is it?" He brought out two tickets and showed her, still smiling. She didn't pick what the tickets were for. He got tired of waiting for her to realize so he went ahead to tell her. "Maria da Silva is holding an exhibition in a gallery that just opened and I was invited to the opening event."The sleep had totally cleared from Wanda's eyes. She took the tickets and gaped at them, they were real. She was going to see Maria da Silva in person. Wanda was too stunned to speak. She looked at Elliot
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"Wanda." Elliot burst into her room, waking her up. "You've got to get up." She was startled. "What's wrong?" "My parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow evening." She hit him on the chest. "You scared me." She yelled at him. "I thought the house was on fire or something." "Why aren't you as worried as I am?" "Because there is nothing to be worried about. I've met them before." She covered herself again and tried to go back to sleep "We need to do something about the house." He pulled her blanket off her. "There's no touch of you in it." She frowned and sat up. "What do you want me to do?" "First of all, we need pictures." He helped her out of bed. "I've got frames and a printer. We just need the images."Wanda grumbled and followed him. After they both took their baths, they took some pictures, changing outfits to make it believable. They even went to the cafe near the house and took some pictures there. "What next?" She asked him. "I'll print the pictures." He said. "Yo
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