The Demon Alpha's Revenge

The Demon Alpha's Revenge

By:  Xterian   Ongoing
Language: English
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Bounce was just right years when his parents and pack was massacred. He was just too young to survive on his own but yet he did. He carried the pains of his parents death for hundreds of years. He made sure to become as deadly as the devil himself. His revenge quest was shakened when Jessy, one of his enemy's daughter was brought to his pack by his pack member. She caused him lot of troubles. Both to his heart and body. It got to the point that he begin to feel that he betrayed his parents for his heart but it seems he couldn't help it.

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80 Chapters
chapter 1
Huge thuds of footsteps was approaching me but I didn't give up running. The footsteps were like that of a big wolf running. The effect was so scary and I continued running but my little feet made it hard for me to run. As I continued to run I knew if I don't want to get caught I have to hide. I looked around to see where I could hide but all I could see is trees. Then I remembered what my papa told me about the usefulness of a tall tree when I'm in trouble. Papa told me that when I'm in trouble I should climb a very tall tree that doesn't have it's branches bent to the ground. Since I was a child I was good climber. Now is the usefulness of it.All that is happening now were so confusing to little me. I left my house not quite long to visit my grandma. I know I'm too young to roam about the pack but since my pack is a very peaceful one even a crawling child won't be in anyway hurt. But now coming back, this peaceful pack now seems so disturbed. I could here distance screams which I
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chapter 2
I felt so restrained. I couldn't breathe well neither could I move. It was like I was tied down. I then began to struggle."Am I dead?" I asked myself.I won't be shocked if I am dead because I'm just a child and I took such hit and not to forget, I didn't even have a wolf yet. Be that it may, I shouldn't feel imprisoned. I should feel free like the stories I do hear. I heard the afterlife is about your spirit freed from life's struggles. Or is it that there will first be struggle between life and death before one can finally be free? I was even glad that I would be with my parents sooner or will I be in another location entirely?I had no answers to my questions because it seems like I'm all alone. I tried to open my eyes again just to confirm where I am exactly but it won't open. Then flashed of war, screams, death start to flow through my head. There was great pain everywhere and I saw my little self amist it with a sword. This was quite scary that my body shook. Then suddenly my e
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chapter 3
"Where is the person?" I asked heading to my seat.My seat, it consumed a lot of fortune to make that beautiful work of art. It was made with precious stones. I love the light it gives at night. Many of the wild pack that see the way I built my pack house covets it but they have learnt from many experience not to try to take what is mine.The so vast land that I have now was taken from many packs to build mine. I was a brute but I didn't take anything forcefully. I didn't kill anyone who surrendered to me. All I'll just do it move them to another region entirely because I want to make sure I conquer lot of lands so has to be able to get my revenge done. Those who their leaders refuse to move, I'll claim with power. This is not word for today. I'll defintely give the details later.My cupbearer came to me with a fresh juice. That's how I have it every morning before my breakfast. It was then my visitor walked in. I looked at him well but I didn't know who the person is but I didn't fai
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chapter 4
The beta seem to be shocked at my rejection. It is only a fool that would reject such offer but I Bounce decided to be a fool."Alpha I'm not offering you the land as a price but I'm pleading that you should add us to your pack. We need a leader alpha, so as much as we need protection" he pleaded.I cocked a brow at him and pressed my lips."I'm only a beta blood alpha and I wasn't taught so much about war. Moreover a pack needs it's alpha to become stronger. We are in need of a lot alpha. Please come to our aid by leading us" the beta said enthusiastically." I seem to start developing a sudden like for this inexperienced beta" I told my wolf Derek." Me too. He seem like he's not a greedy one for power" Derek replied." But he's weak. He can't even stand my least warrior" I said examining the beta." I noticed that but I think it's not because he's really weak but he hasn't been so trained. He's a child Bounce" Derek said.That's when I truely noticed that the person standing before
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chapter 5
Alec burst into laughter flashing me his dimples which is one of my weakness. I like it when his dimple deeps in. They makes him look so cute and me falling in love the more. My heart kept pounding at the sight of it."Can you please at least because of me don't let this one heart of ours stop?" Storm said to me raising her nose in disgust."You better shut it" I said to her in my head.She then pouted looking at me as I almost entered Alec. I know if Alec could possibly see all I imagined him of in my heart, he would be shocked. What have I not compared him with? A Greek god, a Prince, tell me and I would tell you more than you could ever imagined."You are so hilarious Jessy" he said smiling." Yes it sounds funny but it's true. I think he's a werewolf just like everyone else" I added boldly.My brother Damion walking hurriedly in cut our conversation short."There you are Alec" he said.I didn't like the way he came in and ruin my moment. Although
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Chapter 6
The demon alpha gave a mysterious laughter."Are you joking?" He asked.I saw my father look around and I know what that means."Don't even dare to bite more than what you can chew" he said with a stiff smile." Tell us what you want" father said."Well I want you to cut off your contract with the Pine pack and leave them alone" he said." That's not possible. You don't have any right to meddle in things that doesn't concern you. It is not your territory" father spat out.The demon king cocked a brow. I noticed that something seem different about him. I didn't see anything that connote fierceness in him. So I have doubts."It borders me" he said."That doesn't make it yours so leave" my father said.I was expecting war but the man just smiled and turned to leave. Father then brought out his claws and attacked him. This was when I knew the man isn't an ordinary man. He wasn't even caught off guard. He grabbed father by the neck and snapped it without a second thought."No!!!" I shouted
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Chapter 7
. He even gave me lot of money that would help sustain me.Moi didn't allow his alpha to treat me like a rogue. He maid sure I left the pack without any troubles."What else happened?" I asked them."We brought the alpha's daughter" Moi replied.I frowned. " And why is that?"I didn't see any usefulness in them bringing her. It's not as if I want to use her as a bait or something."We didn't know what to do with her. We actually didn't know if you would want us to do anything to her since she found out that I'm not you. Your warning that we shouldn't hurt women made us think of bringing her" he explained.In his explanation, it was vivid that he was scared that I would get angry. I wasn't in the mood to get angry. I was about to be the greatest in the whole of the werewolf kingdom. The Pine pack are coming to join my Pack. They are coming to swear their fealty to me. Preparations were going all around for them to be here. The party is a night party and we all know it's going to be a
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Chapter 8
I was grateful to him, so I made him name our pack.The pine pack's stood up and bowed their heads. Since they were sitting at a position, I don't need for them to stand up, but they did."You can have your sit. Just make sure your eyes is on me" I told them.And they obeyed quickly." Like I said, I have few things to say before the merging. I want you all to understand something. I'm not in anyway forcing this union. You all sent your beta to me voluntarily. So I wouldn't owe anyone who think this union wouldn't pay him or his family to ransom. You are free to opt-out both individually or as a family. It is your choice. I've told your beta that if you have any inheritance in your pack, you are free to claim it. I'll gladly give you everything. It's worth in money or diamonds, as you want it. Come plain before you take this path that will bound us together for life".Their beta told me he did this already before planning this ceremony but I was doing this again because I wanted to b
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Chapter 9
They've never failed me and I know they wouldn't now."Alpha, there's fire coming from the restrictions room" a guard came to inform me.I looked toward the restriction room where he told me, even with the distance I could see the smoke. It wasn't a big deal and I knew there is no no cause for alarm.We have a lot of restrictions room aside from a normal jail. We do put tougher criminal there or people whom we want to seclude from mingling with others. The room might be looking comfortable but it has lot of hidden turtoring weapons in them. Only myself and one other person is allowed in the room. The punishment for anyone whom we put there is enormous, except the person is not a criminal. I wonder who was there causing such ruckus. I didn't bother myself about it because I know my men would take care of it."Mitchell, go take care of it" I ordered my real assistant." Yes alpha" he said and left without hesitation.Talking about Mitchell, he is my real second in command. I know I said
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Chapter 10
JessyI know my brother would have been worried about me. I didn't tell anyone before I left home. This was so sad. Father just died and I added my own trouble. I sat down at the bed looking at the meal they brought for me."I wouldn't eat from an enemies camp" I told myself.I was planning on how to leave. My plan to escape the very first day didn't work. It would have work if not for the demon alpha that hit me. I'd be on my way home now. I don't like the way the alpha is not even doing as if I exist. Normally he should have come have a conversation with me and use me to find out a lot about my father's pack, but no one was coming forth. It's been seven days now that I've been here and I didn't hear anything from the alpha. He's just giving me food. They don't even care if I eat it or not. They were just making sure my three meals were intact. Well at least they didn't hurt me. They gave me two maids and two guard that do most of my things for me. As if they know how stubborn I was
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