Temptations of an Alpha

Temptations of an Alpha

By:  Rei Parker  Completed
Language: English
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"This is real life, Kira. Open your mind. Werewolves are real and you will soon turn into one." --- All her life, Kira Goldberg knew that she was just an ordinary human only to hear the news that she was about to become a werewolf. Desperate to survive in the unknown world she uncovered, she agreed to marry Fenris Blevine, a devastatingly gorgeous yet unpredictable Alpha. Kira was an amateur in the game. She had no single idea of how to be a werewolf. Until she started seeing things she shouldn't see. Until she started unravelling the truth about the alphas and her family. She soon realized that her story is not about her adventures of being a human transformed into a werewolf. No, there were a lot bigger revelations than that. Dark Summoner started haunting her, making her doubt her true identity, who or what she truly is. Confused and Lost, will she hide from her own fate? In the midst of everything, a powerful creature came down planning to wipe out the werewolves and rule the world, Will she accept her destiny and do her role? Or will she leave everything behind, Just like what her family did.

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124 Chapters
Chapter 1
I would never forget the day my life turned upside down. The exact moment where everything changed and all that I was used to became something that I should leave behind. He gave me no choice. It was a matter of life and death.My journey began crumbling when my best friend, Vilka bit my neck.Vilka and I started hanging out during our early college years. I always knew she was hiding something from me, but I never expected it to be that wild. I was an ordinary human who believed that werewolves were just plain fiction not until Vilka showed her true self and she transformed me into becoming one. I could still remember the manly voice that stopped Vilka from draining my blood. My visions were blurry; I almost fell to the floor but firm arms caught my waist. I couldn't even open my eyes while catching my breath but their conversation was playing clearly on my mind."What have you done, Vilka? What the hell have you done?!" The man groaned as he tightened his grip on my waist."I don't
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Chapter 2
Mate? I was gonna be his mate. Based on the books I read, mates are a werewolf's partners. I bit my lower lip, examining his features; he was like a fictional character in the books I have read and I was gonna be his leading lady like oh my God. I mean if I was gonna be a werewolf, then I would be glad to be his mate. His manly aura was looking so good. I sniffed. He also has a good scent. I guessed it wasn't a bad idea to be his mate if I really have no choice. "If you have no idea what mate is. Let me make it short and simple for you," he scoffed. "You're gonna be my wife and I'm gonna be your husband. Total disaster, right?" He sighed. "I have no intentions of marrying someone I don't love, especially a human turned into a werewolf. But I have responsibilities and taking care of my sister and Moonlight Claws are two of that." He rolled his eyes, looking disgusted about everything. Moonlight Claws? I shrugged. My brain was still sinking the fact that I was gonna marry the gorgeous
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Chapter 3
What if he's just gonna bring me to his territory as food? What if he and his family are gonna eat me alive? What if that's the real plan. He has a hidden agenda! Oh no, please. "If I'm planning to eat you alive, I already put you in the cage with my sister. Calm your heartbeat. I'll take care of you." My lips parted. So confirmed? He could read my mind or maybe he could hear my heartbeat. I massaged my chest. It was such a shame since yesterday my heart was thumping loud. "But what about my family here? My friends? I mean I still need to attend school. I couldn't just leave like that." "As I said, you don't have to worry about anything. I'll handle it." He licked his lower lip after sipping on his wine. I gulped, it looked lusciously red. "And we're gonna talk to your parents about us living together somewhere out of the country, so they're not gonna worry that much." "But they don't know you. Do you think they'll trust you?" "Come on!" He scoffed as he rolled his eyes. "How m
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Chapter 4
Fenris' werewolf form was stepping closer and closer to me while I was little by little stepping back. I swallowed deeply, looking up in order to see his glowing blue eyes that looks like they wanted to eat me, kill me, or scratch me with his pointy claws. "You're a lot scarier than I expected," I whispered while continuing to step back little by little. "Fenris, w-what are you planning to do now?" I swallowed deeply. "Don't hurt me, please." His looks were tolerable. It was his size that made him look so intimidating. His werewolf form was a handsome-looking wolf, a big wolf, like a fluffy dog that could eat anyone alive yet could also allure any Luna. 'Kira, don't be scared. I'm not gonna hurt my mate.' My brows crossed. I looked around, but no one was there. 'It's me, Kira. I'm the one talking to you. Do you hear me?' I met Fenris' glowing blue eyes. 'Yes, I'm talking through the mind.' My lips formed an 'o'. I was hearing him in my mind without him talking. It was amazing.
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Chapter 5
I slowly looked at him when he didn't utter a word for a long second. Our eyes met and his brown pupils were glittering in playfulness like he wanted to laugh but he just smiled and shook his head in disbelief. "Kira, I'm preparing you for the day of your transformation and that includes showing you the history of our kind and what may be ahead of us. We're not gonna make out. I'm not even planning to have sex with you anytime soon.""Then great!" I looked away, feeling my burning cheeks. "You should have said it straight to the point though! Instead of giving me false hope." I rolled my eyes at his masculine body. "Why are you even naked anyway?" I puffed a breath, releasing the giant shame inside my chest."So you're hoping to have sex with me?""No! Of course not!" I crossed my arms. "I don't even know how sex works for werewolves."The side of his lips rose. "You'll soon know.""Yeah, whatever! Show me what you're gonna show me and can you please put your clothes on. It's disturb
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Chapter 6
After knowing a brief history about their kind, Fenris has been more gentle to me. I couldn't figure if it was connected to me knowing part of them or if he was just simply being caring. I shouldn't assume a thing though. As time passed by, we were getting more comfortable around each other. Months have passed and Red Moon was almost approaching though we still have enough time to get ready. "I got you there!" I laughed as I escaped myself from his muscular arms that imprisoned my neck a second ago. He tried to hit me again, almost grabbing me but I manoeuvred around, dropping myself on the ground as I roll until my right knee leaned on the lawn as I positioned my buckles in front of my chest with my eyes shooting dagger at him. "You're getting better huh!" His baritone voice was catching breath while his sweat was dripping on his firm chest. He was topless while I was in my sports bra and leggings. I smirked, finally, I was learning how to get him tired in a fight. I often lose
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Chapter 7
He didn't seem bothered at all. He just stared into my eyes with his usual poker face. He turned off the shower, giving the four corners a complete silence. "Are you sure you're not in a relationship with Nazarus?" he asked with his face looking stiff, staring just only into my eyes. "The fuck?!" I checked my body, making sure the sensitive parts were all covered. "I'm pretty sure, Fenris. What the--- I'm taking a shower! Can we talk later?" He rolled his eyes. "Is he for real just a friend of yours or are you guys flirting? Do you like him?" "What? No. I don't like him." My brows crossed. "We're not even flirting." My heart was thumping so loud as I imagined how I look in front of him. I looked so awkward with my arms and hand covering myself while my knees were trembling. I puffed a breath. "Besides, I know he doesn't like me. He's not interested in me. He's a heartthrob, Fenris; famous and rich. I'm far from his ideal girl, that's for sure." "Are you fucking sure with that
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Chapter 8
My brows crossed until I saw the time on his gold wristwatch. It was almost ten a.m. I just shrugged at him before running down the long stairs again until I reached the garden.I stood in front of Fenris, sitting on the cemented chair beside the fountain. He looked at his phone as he shrugged. "Just on time; nearly good." My stomach felt like an earthquake. "I'm hungry. Can we eat first?" "No. That's the consequence of waking up late and not showing up right on time. You'll eat after the training." I glared at him and ended up pouting. He had been really cruel for the past few days; a lot stricter and more serious when it was about training. "What kind of werewolf are you?" I crossed my arms. "You're gonna allow your mate to die in hunger just because." My head remained high, looking up at him. Why didn't I grow taller? His height was making me look small. His thick right brow raised as he clenched his jaw. He was in his short-tempered, strict mood again. I managed to just stare
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Chapter 9
"Oh about that, you saw Gonzalo earlier?" Fenris wiped his lips with a tissue when his mouth looked oily; it added more lusciousness to his lips though. It looks good. Why am I even thinking about that? Damn Kira!"Ah... Gonzalo? Who's Gonzalo?"He checked his phone before looking back at my eyes. "He's the one you bumped into a while ago. You're supposed to meet him today but something personal occurred to him so he told me that he'll just gonna come back here maybe tomorrow or the next day.""I'm supposed to meet him?" I furrowed. "Why? What's gonna be his role in my transformation?"He looked away. The movement of his adam's apple showed how he was hesitating to say something. Is there something I need to know that he's not saying?"We'll talk about that tomorrow or some other time.""Come on! I'm curious. Say it to me now." I frowned.He slightly smiled even without his eyes moving; what a faked smile! "I'm still unsure about it so I'm gonna talk you through when I'm done thinking
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Chapter 10
The next thing I knew, I found myself laying on the lawn, naked. My head was still spinning when I looked around, seeing my dress shred on the floor. "Kira!" I could barely move I just lay there, staring at the night sky until Fenris' face showed up. He was looking so worried while my eyes were almost closing in heaviness. My breath would often be off and then come back for a minute, then off again. "What happened, Kira?" He asked caressing my hair out of my face. I felt like I was staring at the stars through his eyes. Despite my weakening body and sight, I saw how light and beautiful his eyes were. "Kira!" I exhaled a large amount of breath before I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me. My naked body felt the warmth of his skin but I didn't seem to mind. Finally, I felt safe. I was so scared a while ago and all I could think of was his name because I knew for a fact that I needed him. I squeezed my eyes close letting the excess tears fall on my cheeks, s
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