Toxic Love

Toxic Love

By:  Wellmindelysian  Completed
Language: English
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They say that psychos can never love. But what if a psycho falls in love? It sounds like a joke, doesn't it? But he punishes the people who make fun of his love in front of him. A ticket to hell. He is a psycho, A serial killer, A ruthless ruler, And what else? An Obsessed Lover. His heart decided to beat again, only after seeing her. He was drawn to her not only by her beauty but by her innocence. Because even the devil himself feeds on innocent souls. Her laughter settled in his ear. Her smile gave him breath and her face made his heart beat. Having found the reason to live once again, now he did not want to lose it. Now she had become a means of living for him. Why? Because have we not known from the beginning that love conquers all? Her innocent love conquered his evil but in the midst of all this, she lost her soul. How? Because he snatched it from her. He used his evil ways to get her and that is how he broke her. Injured her. And that was the reason, she could not love him back It was complicated. A pure venom was inflicted by him. In her. It was so toxic that it just made her soul leave her body. His insanity proved fatal. But whatever others say, the feeling was pure. It was naive and that is why it is still called Love.

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65 Chapters
“Remove your jewelry.” He commanded, removing the wrist watch from his hand and putting it on the dressing table. When he looked at her through the mirror, he found her rooted to the spot. She was so scared that a simple task like moving became impossible for her. “Fucking do it, Alessandra!” He growled, making her flinch. She immediately started removing her earrings and necklace to put them near his wrist watch. Her feet came out of the heels as she was feeling pain due to them. He watched her, removing his jacket and throwing it on the couch. He slowly unbuckled his belt and her eyes widened when she turned around and saw him pulling it from his trousers. “I won’t use it tonight because my hands would be enough to keep you still.” He threw it next to the jacket. Her heartbeats quickened. “Y-you said you won’t do a-anything t-to me without m-my c-consent…” She started backing away when he started walking towards her. His eyes were still red, indicating that not even an ounce of
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She was getting late. She needed to leave for the hospital. Today, she had to attend a patient and the time was passing fast. She took her bag and left her room while running her fingers through her short straight black hair. When she dipped her finger into her high volume hair, moisture engulfed her fingers. Her hair was still wet. She did not dry them up because she was getting late. Last night, she received the report of her next patient. She was reading about his information when she fell asleep. When she got up, she found it was already 8 o’clock and needed to reach the hospital by 9. She took almost half an hour under the cold shower. Combing her hair through her fingers, she was taking long strides towards her car. Meet Alessandra Irad, a psychiatrist. Since childhood, she has been fond of studying the human mind. She wanted to read every decision of a human being about why he does what he does. Why a person is sad, why he is angry, why he cries, why he hates or loves—she
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ALESSANDRAAs I was completely lost in him, in his face and especially in his eyes, I could not find any way to come back. Yes, I was completely stuck in his beauty. Seriously? He does not even look like a killer, I swear. “Hi,” I said in a small voice but it was firm. Meeting such patients was my work so I did not find it difficult to communicate with him. He is a killer. I mean, ‘was’ a killer. But I was not afraid of him. Ahem! My subconscious utters and I want to correct myself. So, I am afraid of him a bit but that does not mean I will show him. No way, I was here to assist him, so I could help him in getting better. But by showing my discomfort and fear, I did not want to make him feel guilty. Also, he is a patient so my behavior has a great impact on him. I have to behave nicely and normally with him. He does not say anything but just gives me a curt nod. Excuse me? I am not your subordinate who will receive your curt nods for any damn answer of question! But I chose to
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ALESSANDRAThe time was over now and I was relieved. Thank God, I was leaving. Thankfully, today I was lucky because I was troubled by this person a lot but at last I was leaving. He is only beautiful in appearance, otherwise this person is very arrogant. Neither does he know how to talk well nor does he answer anything properly. Sometimes he does not even answer my question. I was dumbfounded many times. Literally many times. But I was happy that I was free now. “How was your day, huh?” Arabella asked me as soon as I came out. “Not bad.” I scrunched up my nose. “He’s kinda arrogant.” I added, shrugging my shoulders. Sorry, but I could not keep it to myself. If he is arrogant then I am going to tell everybody that my patient is arrogant and does not even reply to me. Sometimes he even insults me by ignoring my questions. “After all he’s got an Apollo face!” She giggled at her own joke. I rolled my eyes. It was not that funny, right? “Ah, did I say something wrong?” She stopped lau
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ALESSANDRA“So how was your day today?” Mom asked me as soon as I put my glass back on the table. “Berrer…” I sighed. She chuckled, “It’s better, not berrer…” She rolled her eyes and giggled when I did the same. But there was a difference. She did while pronouncing my accent while I rolled my eyes because I was a bit annoyed by this. She was teasing me. “So, how did your day go on better?” I saw excitement in her eyes. “He behaved nicely and normally today. I noticed that today he was not numb and even talked to me.” I shrugged my shoulders, behaving like nothing affected me but to be honest, I was so happy today. I was happy because once again I was successful in my case. “Well, I believed in you from the very beginning. I knew that just like you take care of other patients, you will heal this one too.” She grinned and I could not help but fall flat on her smile. Her smile is too young and beautiful. I love it when the skin around her eyes crinkle when she smiles heartily. It i
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ALESSANDRA“Why did you choose to become a psychiatrist?” He asked me as soon as I settled myself in front of him. Expected! Of course, he cannot get something private to ask because I think the man can guess there is nothing I have to hide. “I was interested in it. Human brain excites me with its thinking. It’s indeed a miracle for me.” I said and I was honest. He nodded and while doing that, his one brow arched. “Then what do you think about my brain?” He smirked and I was literally patting his bravery. Inwardly. Even I took some time to ask what he thought about me but this man asked me directly after just one question. Boy, if you wanted, you would’ve asked me more straight than that? “Ah…” I parted my lips to say something but nothing came out. God, he just trapped me badly. What should I tell him? That I think of him as a brutal murder who did not think twice before killing his parents! “Ah...what?” He cocked his brow as he reminded me I should complete it. I nodded and
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ALESSANDRATrust me, I was not fine at that time. I was a bit scared. Well, I say I am always scared around him but letting him not see my fear is another point.Today I left again without saying anything. Because my service time was over. I came home and went into the room telling my mother about my day. It was good. I know I am uselessly scared. I went into the room and then fell on the bed. I am tired. I am tired from today. The fatigue of the day, which was singing a melody on my shoulders, calmed down for a moment. As soon as I closed my eyes, my ears also fell silent, which were filled with sound. The honking of vehicles in traffic jams, people shouting from behind, dogs barking on the way, the full rustle of the moving wind, all these sounds had settled in my ears. In my ears, the sounds have become like a shelter, as if they are looking for a way to enter my mind. I am really tired. I am so tired that I have heard the voice even in the silent room. I lay in peace. The horr
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ALESSANDRA“No, I’ll come. I’m just leaving in ten minutes!” I used my voice low, looking down at Ara, who was sleeping, while her head was resting in my lap. After my work was done, she asked me to stay with her because she was all alone in her home. Her mother goes out to work and her father is no more. Her elder brother is a soldier in the army. Her mom comes nearly ten at night and that is why she wanted me to stay over at her place. After talking about Nate, who betrayed her, she kept crying and at last, slept like a baby. “No, sweetie, you should stay there. It’s already late at night.” She tried to convince me but there is no way I am letting her stay alone. “Mom, please! Don’t act like a child. You know I don’t want to leave you alone.” “And I don’t want you to travel at night.” She protested in my tone. “I will! And I’m coming, okay? You don’t have to wait for me. Sleep, because I’ve spare keys, okay? I’ll manage everything.” And without listening to her answer, I disco
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ALESSANDRA“What the hell is this! Isn’t it your duty to take care of the patients here? So how did this mistake happen? Are you kidding us?” “We are sorry but we ourselves do not know how this happened!”“Meaning you were not focused on your responsibility! Then there is no point in this for employees like you!”“We’re—,”“The fuck! Stop begging!” “Sir please, It’s not that they did this intentionally!”“Would you like to lose your job with them too?” “But sir, please listen to them at least? These people must have known something or the other.”“I fucking don’t care! Due to the presence of CCTV cameras here, we don’t need the eyes of these people! These people are lazy! They should die by drowning in—,”“Sir please?!” “What please!”I looked at Nathaniel from the corner of my eye. Ever since he came, he has been shouting in anger at the people working here. This person is unable to bear the death of his brother. And Nathaniel is not able to digest this thing at all that his brot
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ALESSANDRAToday was like the rest of the day. There was not much difference. Even today Hades spoke to the most of all the people he met. Seeing him, for a moment, I felt as if Hades did not need me at all. He needs me because he does not show what he is. We also went to the arcade where we both played many games together. At first he said that he is not fond of playing games. I thought that I would win because he never had any interest in playing, but I turned out to be wrong. That person is adept at playing such games. I thought that he would not even know how to run his hands on the machine, but he was moving his hands like a pro, as if running water. He beat me in all the games we played. “There is no need to make such a face now. You were the one who was jumping to play!” He said, walking with me, while his hands were resting inside the pockets of his pants.“You’re a cheater!” I gritted out.“How?” He rolled his eyes when I just glanced at him. He looked hot while doing tha
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