The Alpha's Epsilon

The Alpha's Epsilon

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He wasn't looking for love until he met her, only to discover she was the very thing he had sworn to kill in order to save his race. There's a secret she's keeping that's even far worse than the thing she didn't know she was, if found she possessed any of these abilities, she would definitely be sacrificed. A fight between what's right and wrong.

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6 Chapters
In 392 BC the clan of the Tagrans went to battle with the Ashatans and was almost defeated because of their small size compared to that of the Ashatans. No clan had been known to ever defeat the Ashatan's Vikings, the most ruthless barbarian clan. They were large in number and possessed a large amount of weaponry, rumor said, their king was one of the sons of the king of the underworld. The Tagran clan who had never gone to war and was known for their peaceful settlement stood their ground and fought with all they had, not ready to give away their land to the Ashatan barbarians. The harder dey push back the weaker they became, the Tagran's king "ODION" could not bear the pain of watching how his people were dying, this caused him to consult the powerful Witch on the mountain of Dhjara. The witch known to possess a great amount of dark magic, she was feared and whatever sorcery she made, came with a price. The witch helped the Tagrans by making use of one of the darkest magic ever k
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Chapter one
Lord Alpha The Ashatans, who were now called vampires, have been enemies to my people for many centuries. They want to become the only and most powerful supernatural being. If I had not gotten to the rescue of the northerner wolves in time, they would have eradicated them all. The Ashatans had bred more Day walkers by entering the human world, luring them with unimaginable powers and turning them against one another. Those who couldn't be lured were forcefully taken as false brides and this has led to the waste of more human life, their blood spilled by the Ashatan Princess in order to increase the daywalkers in the Vampire coven. We are always at constant war, everywhere I go involves several killings of vampires, sometimes wolf gone Rogue, and most recently Rippers, a group of wolf defying nature with the use of vampire blood and that of several supernatural beings. The constant change into my berserk wolf form is gradually reducing any form of humanity left in me. In replacemen
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Chapter two
JASMIN'S POV Even before turning, the rising of the hair on my back made me aware of the presence of something powerful but what I was expecting wasn't the biggest and most terrifying wolf in history. A wolf almost as tall as my human form was staring at me with eyes so deadly you'd wish the ground could open and swallow you before something like this devours you. The first thought that came to my mind was to run as far as my omega leg could take me, but I couldn't. Trying one more time, I still couldn't leave the spot where I was. The reason I'm unable to run from this terrifying beast called on my anxieties and every trauma I've been through. Even as I was trying to escape, I could feel my wolf pushing me to run to this wolf with open arms, that he'd rather protect than harm me. Moving out of the rivers, I could feel his golden predatory eyes watching every move I made. The moment I was completely out of the water, he threw his head back and howled like he was claiming his territ
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Chapter Three
Radulf's POVFighting these leeches is what I do and most times, I enjoy it.Cutting off two heads and removing the heart of my next victim, I scanned the area for any sign of more vamps. Counting them, it remained ten to go.I've always made it my mission to make the killing of leeches as quick as I can because the longer I fought; the more likely I was to go into a rage which I can feel right now even as I fight.A vampire screeched as the rest were racing towards me, aiming for my neck. With a repugnance far older than their age put together, I raced harder towards them. On reaching the first vamp of the group, I thrust my claws into his sockets, removing his eyeballs, using my right claws, I offed his head but hadn't had time to watch it roll off his body to the ground because just when I was supposed to be battling, I got distracted by the faint scent of the female I just met - as it's sweet aura drifted towards me.As I searched for her telepathically, I found her attempting to
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Chapter Four
Jasmin's POVThe minute I heard the gunshot, I was filled with urgency and a great sense of loss. The hold of his command broke immediately. I ran as fast as my feet could take me because the thought of this male dying almost put me into a rage. The strong emotion I feel towards this stranger still surprises me. He's new to this territory and a strong Alpha. No ordinary Wolf can single-handedly kill a dozen of vampires without sweat or help.Though I knew he would soon wake, I needed to get him to safety, before more leeches returned.The vamps were getting stronger and stronger, their force was terrifying. The vamps were attacking every clan in the south and kidnapping some wolves for experiments. Those kidnapped for this experiment were cut and tortured. The ones that survive were completely damaged, permanently assuming the wolf form unaware of their human state.With the use of dark sorcery, some of those experimented on had been used to fight the packs. It was said that the vamp'
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Chapter Five
The Mackenzie Alpha HallSitting at the head of the table is Radulf, next to him are his Beta and his enforcers while the Alpha's in the south occupied the rest."We are gathered here because the vamps have waged war with the wolves in the south. They have been attacking every clan in the south, taking some wolves at random for the use of experiments. These captured wolves are being manipulated by the use of sorcery and torture to attack their fellow Wolves even to the extent of killing their mates." Said the Mackenzie Alpha in an opening speech after taking permission from the Lord Alpha."This predicament occurred in the north; many wolves lost their lives including the only Epsilon we've had for the past five centuries. The Epsilon's mind was used to control the wolves in the North into killing one another.""One of our wolves from the Mackenzie clan, the only Wolf to have escaped the leeches trap made us understand that the Dhjaran Witch is responsible for the sorcery that is mani
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