Surnamed Li, You're such a scum

Surnamed Li, You're such a scum

By:  Lhdjia  Updated just now
Language: English
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A short and sweet story just nice for bedtime. Guaranteed that no brain cells will be used. Might be illogical but.... Sypnopsis: Luo Jingli was brought up in a single parent family and his mother earns enough only to make ends meet. He was just searching for a job to feed himself and pay for his mother’s eye surgery, but life is not always as easy as you think, especially for Luo Jingli... However, he unexpectedly found more than just a job... Scum top Li Zheng that turned over a new leaf x thin and weak bottom Luo Jingli that fell in love at first sight.

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6 chapters
00 Introduction
Characters:Li Zheng -- 26 years-old, 1.89m. CEO of Li corps. Before he realised he liked Luo Jingli, he was a sumbag, hence the title of the bookLuo Jingli -- 20 years old, 1.78m. He comes from a single-parent family. His mother is blind and he is still in University. He fell in love at first sight with Li ZhengFu Yandong -- 25 years old, 1.80m. He is one of Li Zheng's freinds and secretly likes Li Zheng. L (one of the writers) does not like him personallyGu Ke -- 26 years old, 1.84m. He is one of Li Zheng's best friends. He grew up with Li ZhengXu YuAn -- 26 years old. 1.84m. He is another of Li Zheng's ebst friends, he grew up with Li Zheng as wellYu Mi -- 26 years old, 1.79m. She is also Li Zheng's friends and Yu Yuan's older sisterYu Yuan -- 20 years old, 1.75m. She is Yu Mi's younger sister. She is also friends with Luo Jingli. They've know each other since high school------------------------------------------Author's Notes (J and L):Hello! Thanks for reading our book.
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01 Relieving sorrows
~In a bar at city A~ "Hey, Yan Dong, when are you going to find someone?" Gu Ke asked, putting his arm on the shoulder of the person next to him. "Exactly, we’re not that young anymore, aren't we?" Yu Mi and Xu YuAn echoed and laughed by the side. Yan Dong's smile gradually faded, and he silently took a sip of wine. Then he looked at the man sitting opposite of him, who was poised elegantly and was slowly swirling the wine in his glass. Seeing that he didn't reply, Gu Ke shrugged and turned to Xu YuAn on the other side. When Li Zheng heard what Gu Ke said, he was lost in his own thoughts. Nobody knew what he was thinking, but he suddenly drank a few glasses of red wine in a rush, almost ruining his elegant facade and the wine. Who knows how much these two people drank during the whole party, but the two of them who usually held their liquor were both drunk by the end. Li Zheng stood up from the seat with difficulty, shook his head, and stumbled to his car parked at the fro
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02 Found a job
"Live-in housekeeper: includes food and housing, monthly salary of $2000 (can be discussed after trial). For more information, text..." Luo Jingli mouthed out the job advertisement on the computer screen, wrinkling his eyebrows. Luo Jingli grew up in a single-parent family. His mother worked hard to raise him, but she lost her eyesight completely about three months ago due to reasons including straining her eyes and fatigue. Because of that, she lost her job and they lost their only source of stable income. And at that time, he had just started studying in the best University of city A and he had to rely on his previous savings and part-time jobs after school and on weekends to try to maintain the status quo. Fortunately, he had obtained a scholarship by virtue of his excellent results as well as financial assistance from the government, both combined to waive off most of his school fees. But now, the course of the next semester coincided with the time of his part-time job, so he ha
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03 Luo Jingli and Mr Li?
~The next day~After Luo Jingli asked Mrs Wang who lived next door to help take care of his mother, he carried a backpack with some daily necessities and went to the mansion. Just as he rang the doorbell, he saw Aunt Deng coming out to fetch him."Aunt Deng, good morning!" Luo Jingli greeted her politely with a bashful smile."My dear, why did you come so early? Oh, come on in." Aunt Deng gasped in surprise, then she led him into the mansion."Good morning sir..." After Luo Jingli entered the door, he saw Li Zheng having breakfast at the dinner table and quickly bowed."No need to be so cautious. Here, this is the contract, you can take a look.""Thank you..." Luo Jingli immediately stepped forward to take the contract and took a quick glance.Here are some important points in the contract:…Party B’s working hours are from six in the morning to nine in the evening. The monthly salary is two thousand dollars which will be transferred to his bank account on the last day of every mont
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04 Poor Luo Jingli
~May 19~ After a month (since that one night stand ish incident), Li Zheng had already forgotten what happened that night, but Luo Jingli could not forget it. Instead, he started to fall more and more in love with Li Zheng. After all, it was not easy to forget about being raped, what's more by someone you love. Today, Luo Jingli couldn't hold back any longer and drank a little alcohol that he bought from a convenient store to boost his courage. When Li Zheng returned home, Luo Jingli immediately dragged him over, took his handbag over and randomly placed it on the sofa and confessed to him. "Sir, L-Li Zheng, I like you, hehe. Can you be my boyfriend hehe." The drunk little kitten boldly revealed his heart yet his posture remained shy and meek. Not hearing any reply from his crush, Luo Jingli looked up with puppy eyes and pouted as he swayed Li Zheng's arm from side to side gently, "Hey! Li Zheng, why aren't you replying? Hello? Li Zheng..." Li Zheng was taken aback and could on
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05 Green tea Fu Yandong
~14 July~ Today was Luo Jingli's 20th birthday. When Luo Jingli woke up, he received a text message from a number he doesn’t recognise. ‘Hello, this is Fu Yandong, we met before at Lizheng’s mansion that day. Can you come out and chat with me for a while? See you at 2 pm at the Dimension Café in Rising Mall.’ "Mr. Fu? Why does he want to see me? Forget it, let's go and have a look. Anyway, I have already asked for leave to see my mother in the afternoon." Luo Jingli muttered to himself after reading the text message. At half past one, Luo Jingli changed into casual clothes and boarded the bus, ready to meet Fu Yandong. When he arrived at the cafe, he heard Fu Yandong calling him as soon as he entered the door. Taking a look around, Luo Jingli found Fu Yandong beside the floor-to-ceiling window. Luo Jingli walked over with a smile on his face, and ordered a cup of hot water from the waiter before sitting down. After Luo Jingli sat down, Fu Yandong was straightforward and said
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