The Bully Love And The Nerd

The Bully Love And The Nerd

By:  Precious354  Ongoing
Language: English
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Raine Matthews was always getting bullied by almost the whole population in school since she was in the right grade. When she got to the eleventh grade, people started ignoring her presence except for three bad guys who saw happiness in bullying her. When a new kid Noah Flynn starts going to their school, he helped her out once and since then he wouldn't leave her alone, always making her do things for him and wouldn't let anyone else bully her. Raine was getting confused daily because she didn't know what he wanted and neither did Noah because he just saw the fun in teasing Raine. One thing led to the other and both parties started falling in love, mistakes are made and promises are broken and it all left Raine questioning one thing, is it love or is it just pity?

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32 Chapters
The Three Bullies
I back up against the locker behind me in fear as I stare at the three guys right in front of me. " It's the nerd," Dean says a smirk forming on his face as he bangs the locker beside me with his fists." Wha..what are you doing? " I ask with a shaky voice as I manage to look him in the eyes.He stares at me for some seconds before laughing out with his friends." Did you hear that guys, the nerd finally has the guts to speak " he says still laughing before moving close to me. " I... I " I whisper, my voice still shaking from fear. can't they just leave me alone, they have been bugging me every blessed day for more than three years now. " Will you go report us to your mummy " Elmer, the guy on Dean's left says, mockery evident in his voice." No, I promise I won't speak a word, just please let me go " I beg " I see you now have a voice, I kind of miss the old you, always hiding in fear," he says and I swallow my spit before moving farther away from himDean moves close to me and t
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Flynn The Hero
Flynn the hero" Here, you dropped this," he says handing my spray bottle back to me" Thank you " I mutter and collect it from him. I hurriedly put it back inside my bagThe moment I looked up, he was gone. I sight his bag on the chair where he was sleeping earlier and then picked it up and I ran after him" You forgot your bag " I yell panting, a smile on my face and he turns back " Oh yeah, bring it over here," he says with an emotionless expression and my smile falls and it registers in my brain. I just got saved from bullies by another bully......" How was school Raine ? " my mum asks me as soon as I shut the front door. I hang my coat on the cloth hanger and then bend down to pull off my boots before putting my legs into the flip-flops. As soon as I was done, I drop my bag on the sofa and then drag my feet into the kitchen where her voice had sounded earlier." Hey mum," I say and then walk to the fridge before pouring myself a glass of water." Another bad day ? " she asks
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Boring Old Me
That night, I slept like a baby. with my knees curled to my chest, cheek on my pillow, and my butt stuck up as high as possible and I have to say it's the best sleep I have ever had in my entire life and it's weird because I'm used to turning around in my sleep. I smile before stretching my legs and arms.The color drains from my face as soon as I remember that today is Tuesday and I also have school. school is a bitch I tell youYeah, I use cuss words too. I'm human after all aren't I?. I push the duvet cover from me, exposing my bare arms and legs to the rays of sunshine pouring in through the three large windows and the balcony of the wall to my left. Yes my room is big because my dad is very rich, he didn't have a specific business, he did a lot, he also has a telecommunication firm while my mum is a college professor.I have school in an hour and even though I love all the subjects, most of the people I have to share the class with hate my butt making it a not-so-happy experience
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The Fake Crew
" We both have geography. you? " Gen asks me " I have maths class first," I say" It's nice that you love maths or you would be dead now," Maya says holding my hands. I closed my locker and dropped the textbooks into my school bag, I put both my phone and my air pods into it and then hang them over my shoulder. " I'm fine besides I love maths, " I say with a smile." Oh look at you smiling. if I were treated the way you are being treated I would have beaten everyone up " Gen says " Well not everyone is like you. strong and mean " Maya says and I chuckle again." Did you get bullied yesterday again after school? " Maya asked me and I frown before biting my lips " Don't ask her that. you will make her feel uncomfortable " Gen says to Maya " It's fine, we are here for you " she adds and Maya nods her head. I give them both a smile but my smile fades when I see Johanne coming over to where we stood with her three minions; Cara, Joey, and Andy. " Oh look what we have here, it's the
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An Even Bigger Bully
" Are you asking me to do these things for you?" I asked him" Well yes, unless you want to get bullied by those guys I saw you with yesterday again," he says " I.. I... " I try to say. is he threatening me?. I didn't ask for his help yesterday when he helped me. he offered to help me and I thanked him for his help. but wait he was asking me to become his servant or get bullied by Dean and his friends."Let us start during lunch. don't be late " he says and before I could alter another word, he picks up his bag and leaves the class and I stay holding out the sheet and wearing a baffled expression.What in the world was that..." So I clearly stated the plans for my science project and he said I might have copied him, " Maya says in anger at the table. We were currently at lunch period and she is telling us how her day went. well, there is this smart guy that's always in all of her classes; Derek. And let me just say he and Maya do not mix well. they both constantly bicker and argue
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What do we do about Noah
As soon as I opened the back door, I am greeted with the fresh air blowing on my whole body. maya closes the door. it was easy to find Gen because she was sitting on the floor, a frown evident on her face. " Hey " I say and touch her shoulder as I take my seat right beside her. maya sits in front of us, still wearing a grin " I'm sorry " she says and looks at me. I smile at her and hold her hand." I'm sorry too okay. " I said squeezing the hand I was holding." I shouldn't have yelled at you or spoken to you in that way it's just I don't like that you take it all in " she says softly" I understand it's okay. I should learn how to stand up for myself I know but everything actually doesn't have to be violence " I say even finding it hard to believe." I just hope you know what you are doing " she says." To tell the truth, I don't know what I'm doing " I say and she and Maya both laugh, I hold Maya's hand too as I stare at the both of them." But that's why I have the both of you by
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The slave contract
I quickly turn forward and hold my book up halfway in my face, hoping to hide the blush that must have formed. why did he keep looking at me and the most important question, why am I blushing?" With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls, for stony limits cannot hold love out " he starts and even if I hate this book, I can't help but listen to the way he reads every word from his lips, they sound so soothing. " And what love can do, that dares love attempt, therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me " he continues reading and I give into the urge and look back at his face. now that I look at him, he was handsome and he reads well, I pictured him to be a dullard. his voice sounds so sweet that I want him to continue reading further, it was pleasing to the ears" Thank you Noah, you may have your seat " Mr Edwards stops him before he can speak any further, it saddens me.I should hate him but I can't help it, he helps me and then acts weird again. I glance over my shoulder once m
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It's Raine Right?
" You shouldn't lose it, it's pretty important " he says and moves closer to me, each step making my heart beat more faster." I... " I start trying to hold my chin up to act as if I am not bothered" Here, don't lose this one " he says and puts a paper in my hand, I hold the paper and wait on the spot. " Read it carefully, I only forgive once, if you lose it this time, then you will have to answer to me " he whispers into my ear and I nod." Good then that you understand. take your time to read and master it all " he says and then backs off of me. Relief actually washes through me, I had thought that he was going to give me his homework and ask me to do it too. " This is Cameron and Jasper " he says and points to the two guys with him. " They will help you if you get bullied according to the contract " he says What contract " The one you are holding " he answers my question and I look at the paper in my hands again before looking back to his face." Okay " I manage to say as I
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He always fails
I wonder why I had thought this year was going to be different from the other ones when I know fully well that it will just be the same. none of them were going to change anytime soon. Mum is still going to be focused only on her job and she won't stop telling me how many times I make mistakes, dad won't stop making money and just ignoring my existence and the kids are school are still going to keep bothering and bullying me. But on the bright side, I still have Maya and Genevieve too, they are by my side no matter what and that gives me assurance everytime and Noah promised to protect me from the bullies as long as I obeyed him. even this sounds so untrue in my ear now that I think of it. either ways I'm still getting bullied because I can't do anything. but at least I know that I would never be involved with Dean Elmer and Wesley. they give me goosebumps whenever I see them. Being an errand girl can't be do bad can it ?. I can get my mind off certain things and do just what he wan
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Two hot guys to the rescue
He put the smoke on the cigarette off and then tossed it into the dust bin behind the door before going into the bathroom to have his bath. one thing on his mind, if his father fails this time, he was getting his mother and brother out of this hell hole soon.〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️RAINEAnother annoying day in high school. just two more days and it's weekend. I just have to pass through this week with ease and then stay home for two days to gain my strength again. I make my way to the locker room to get my textbooks for today's lessons from my locker. oddly I haven't seen Maya or Gen today, I wonder why they were both running late to school because they are usually never late to classes because Maya was always trying to get to school before Derek gets to school so this is unusual.I opened my locker and then I took my geography history and mathematics textbooks out before closing it. as soon as I turn to leave the locker room, I am blocked by four ladies and their legs alone already clears thei
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