Rite of Submission

Rite of Submission

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Alexandra Lykos had lived on the fringe of the pack's territory her whole life, her family granted sanctuary but not actual members of the pack. She'd never even seen another lycan before, until after her 18th birthday, when the packs alpha came to collect her to be his mate.

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53 chapters
Caution Tape: Note to Reader & Prologue
Note to new readers:A word to the wise before starting this story. (It is a finished piece, but I will be releasing the parts/chapters/episodes here on a schedule to see how it does.) I've already started to write the next story for these characters, but won't be posting it until after the final chapter publishes from this one. I have not decided yet if I will post the first chapter of the next book on the same day or not. Some the the themes and scenes found throughout the story could be triggering to some people. Any kind of forced submission is never ok. If it is a fantasy for you to play out, then you should always negotiate clear terms before proceeding with your partner. Outline your scene, needs, limits, aftercare and always have a safe word in case things become too much. That said. If you think you may be triggered, this is not the book for you. Other triggers may include crude/crass/vulgar/explicit language and details. At one point there will be some discussion on suicid
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1: Debt Collector
The pounding in my ears was so deafening that it was getting harder to focus on more than one thing at a time right now. I just wanted to give into the rage churning through me and lash out at all of them. Scream, punch, kick, whatever chaos it took to get my point across. They all had played a part in this ludicrous declaration of lunacy and I didn’t know who I was supposed hate the most for it right now. The closest candidates were the muscle bound mongrels that had wrestled me down to my knees while restraining my arms behind me. They’d already failed to prevent me from cracking my knuckles against their ring leader’s jaw; right after he’d ordered me to kneel in submission before him. I was almost certain I’d have bruises on my knees from hitting the hardwood floor so hard, and up and down my arms from where their meat hooks clawed at me. But they were just brain dead drones following orders, incapable of producing an original thought on their own. I wanted to rip t
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2: Packaged and Delivvered
I knew it was futile, but I kept trying to go after him anyway. The grip of 12 large hands held me firmly in place, no matter how hard I tried to break free of their grasp. I’d already burned through most of the adrenalin that had fueled my earlier success, and without it, there was no hope for me. Eventually my body sagged in their hold, defeated. “Let’s try to get this done and over with quickly lads,” Nathan dropped the small duffle bag he’d been carrying onto the floor beside me. Kneeling in front of me I finally got a decent look at him so that I could commit his face to memory; I still owed him one for slapping me. The Beta was a few inches shorter than his Beta, but still taller than me. I’d had a hard time seeing his face as he stood off to my side and I was preoccupied. He had dark brown hair, cut very short on the back and sides, but long enough on top for it to curl a little. He looked me over with big, brown eyes the color of dark honey. Hi
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3: Inventory
Nathan gave his Alpha a nod, watching him walk up the stairs and out of sight. Pulling me from the cargo space, he held me cradled in his arms, like he was carrying a sleeping child. Leaning against him offered some warmth against the cold, and it felt less exposed than being ass up over a shoulder. It also let me see where we were going as we walked. What they called a pack house looked more like a Tudor mansion mixed with an old gothic church. Blake closed up the hatch, following close behind as Nathan carried me inside. “Warn the boys all to behave; it’s already been a long enough night.” He paused just before stepping through the double door entryway at the top of the stairs, “If you still want a chance to improve your position, be ready to speak up when the time comes.” “Of course, Beta,” with a nod, Blake jogged off ahead of us to do as he was told. Nathan moved inside, weaving through a series of rooms and halls until we got to
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4: Delta
It was easier to forgive Blake for tossing me up over his shoulder now that I’d had a moment to look him in the eye. He was about my height, and didn’t have the same bulky muscles as the others. It was probably just easier to carry me this way without dropping me. If I’d been fully clothed I wouldn’t even be as exposed as I felt. I lost track of how many turns we made and flights of stairs we climbed, but we didn’t seem to cross paths with anyone else as he carried me through the house. We eventually came to a stop in a long hallway that had 3 sets of ornately carved double doors at the far end. He opened and carried me through the black set, into a sitting room with large overstuffed black leather and dark wood furniture. After flipping on a light, he shut the doors to the hallway and carried me through another room that looked like it was set up as another office. We passed by the desk through yet another door that opened up into a bedroom. Blake, se
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5: Testing the Water
The sharp tap-tap-tap of a finger knocking on a door jolted me out of my blank gaze into the dark. My heart immediately started racing, as a new fear settled in my gut. The tapping came again, with the sound of footsteps coming close. Pushing myself up, I struggled to remember how to sit the way Blake had shown me. On my knees, sit back on my feet… braid back, was it palms up or down on my thighs? There was a muffled conversation just outside the doors to the main hall. I couldn’t make out what was being said. I could hear the soft lilt of a woman laughing and then Blake’s acceptance of his dismissal when the doors opened. “Goodnight, Alpha,” then the closing of doors. I could hear heavy steps as someone walked confidently through all of the dark rooms. He passed before me, disappearing into one of the closed doors I hadn’t been through yet, an adjoining bathroom. Finally, a light flipped on. The sudden brightness blinded me for a moment, so that I had to squint to see
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6: Luna
“You couldn’t hold your wolf in check for one damn night,” a woman’s voice shouted in the bathroom doorway. He had left me under the running water at least half an hour ago. “Dimi, you promised to give her time to settle in,” she called, turning the water off and wrapping a plush robe around my shoulders. “Don’t get your panties in a bunch,” he grumbled from the bedroom, “I only tested the waters a little bit.” He filled the doorway, towel still wrapped around his hips, “I sent for Candice, didn’t I? Speaking of, I’d like that gone before she gets here so that I can at least try to enjoy my distraction.” Removing the collar from my neck, she frowned up at me; I stood at least 6 inches taller than her. Her long hair was pulled back into a high pony tail, like a waterfall of dark chocolate waves. She had the same ice blue eyes as him, the same gold tan, same full lips. Where he was built of solid muscle, she was made up of soft curves and lean muscle. “
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7: Terms of Service
An ornate red garment box was delivered to her rooms and waiting for us on her couch when we woke up. Sophie had warned me last night to expect something like this. Inside the box was a long white, gauzy nightgown with long slits up each side of the skirt, a deep neckline and bare back. I was going to be naked without being naked in it as it barely covered anything. There were also white silk ropes to bind me with and an accompanying gag. She promised me that I’d never be bound as long as I was in her rooms, but he wouldn’t hesitate to move me to his rooms if I “misbehaved” in any way. Even as Luna she could only do so much. Today she was planning to play the little sister card to negotiate what she called a gentleman’s agreement with him. It wouldn’t be anything formal like the contract that promised me to him, but she was confident that he’d hold up any deal they made. My job was to just sit there like a decoration. I helped her drag the large tufted
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8: Silence is Golden
He led the way through his suite all the way back into his bedroom. He eyed me warily as I immediately made my way to the velvet cushion in the corner and sat in my new formal resting position. Sophie had been right about everything that happened during their short negotiations this morning, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to continue following her instructions. As long as I was sitting quietly, he was likely to forget that I was there and burry himself in his work. Sniffing his shirt he made a face and chuckled, “Sophie’s always right.” He pulled the t-shirt off over his head, tossing it on the bed. “Can you be a good girl like she claims,” he arched an eyebrow, “Or do I have to get you all wet again.” I gave him a small shrug but kept a mask of indifference on my face. “Then at least make yourself useful and let them know to change out all of the bedding,” he disappeared into the bathroom, partially closing the door. After a minute or two, there was a
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9: Blurring the Line
With a low animalistic growl, he yanked my hips forward, smashing our bodies together. My mind scrambled for a way out of this. His lips crashed into mine, in a rough and unpleasant kiss. He pressed too hard, bruising my lips and his tongue jabbed into my mouth like it was trying to spear my tonsils as his fingers tangled in my hair and pulled my head back. How did someone who could elicit reactions from my body with so much finesse not know how to kiss? A kiss! It had been one of his terms at breakfast, a real kiss of my own volition. It was an act of desperation, and it could backfire, but anything else would better than this unyielding torrent of tongue stabbing that could only lead to darker impulses. Surprisingly, he yielded as I gently pushed his chest back, forcing him to pull away. He looked down at me, his eyes dark and brooding. Forcing a small smile, I curled my arms up and around his neck, letting my fingers run through his hair. “Let’s try
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