Hellbent~Denied Love

Hellbent~Denied Love

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Volume 1 ~Samson Vrs Hezron. Who will Alicia pick??! _____________ I can't do without you... you're my life. I love you so much, you will never be apart from me ever again. please accept me for who I am

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80 Chapters
Meeting My Groom
Alicia Wilson was left sitted on her bed, her eyes roaming around and about the room. She was going to meet her groom and his family today. Her dad decided to this marriage because he thinks she's suitable enough and needed to be with her in-laws. She had been a good daughter so far and needed to leave so that the rest of her sisters could take over. Alicia stood up as her hand gripped a handful of her icy blue dress. She walked over to the window and pulled on the pink tinted curtains revealing the vast of green grasses displayed on the outskirts of the horizon. What would become of her? will her groom be a good man? will her in-laws treat her well? thoughts ran freely through her mind. She had dreamt of finding her true love, she didn't believe she would get married this way, but she had to do it for the happiness of her family.Alicia actually had a really real connection with this big room of hers, and couldn't believe that in a day time, she would be leaving for good. Her dad Di
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What is your Aim?
"Him?" Alicia wondered,"why him?" She could only ask, although she couldn't neglect that bubbling feeling in the pits of her stomach that screamed of excitement. But again, she didn't want to think about him, his presence alone both attract and scare her all at the same time. She could also tell that with the way Samson glared at her, he was upset. Alicia couldn't help but think that he's probably seeing her as a clumsy lunatic. With the way he stares at her, one could tell that he hated her to the core. They both never wanted this, the strange alliance, and the quick marriage."Hey Samson! uh..." Diler started, a bit confused on how to phrase his statement in a way it wouldn't sound weird."...you probably need to know more about Alicia here. So you both need some privacy..." Facing Alicia this time, he said "...honey take him to your room"Immediately Samson stood up and darted off like he was the one asked to lead the way as Alicia gaped at him. Seeing how far their distance was
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It was a good day,Alicia was sitted by the makeup table after her wonderful and luxurious petal bath. Her skin was soothed already by that one bath, she felt an overall calmness within her internal body. Even her skin seemed to smoothen even more, her texture flooding with brass coolness. She stared into the mirror as her reflection appeared in it, her black as midnight hair was tied up elegantly in a bun so that the wedding veil would hang freely over her head. It was the day she dreaded the most, her wedding; especially to Samson.Her bridesmaids were getting her ready for the ceremony as they applied light make-up to her face making it more of a less beautification so that she wouldn't appear as a clown in front of her groom. She stood up to the elegant white gown bobbing out overly excited for the day at hand, it's color was a pure white. A part of Alicia wasn't satisfied with her looks especially when she knew that the man she was getting married to was a bitter type. She wante
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Argument and Anger.
Alicia sat beside Samson in the luxurious car. The seat, where they both sat together was sectioned meters away from the driver's seat and it was endowed with edible sound proof that not even the guards would hear what was been discussed from the other side. The car had long pulled out of the Wilson's mansion as they hit the road at an incredible speed leaving the couples in it at an uncomfortable silence."Well it's good, I don't want to talk to him, he's a pain... just please maintain the silence until we reach our destination" Alicia thought. Immediately she opened her phone as she ogled into it her eyes going here and there, her green orbs sparkling to the light emanating from the screen of the phone....."I hope you know what this marriage mean to our both families?"Samson's voice barred out making the noiseless place become noisy and Alicia raised her head to him."Well, yes but what about us?"Alicia asked back and Samson's silver orbed eyes glistened a little light of crimso
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Alicia Wilson felt the car screech to a halt. This ride had taken a toll on her because, her phone which she had used deliberately to busy herself with just in case it gets boring, was powered off due to low battery. Also, Samson just kept mute as if he was a kind of mime who had sworn to himself never to speak so during the rest of the journey she only felt bored and sleepy. So she was glad that the boring ride was finally over.She gently stepped out of the vehicle. Preventing herself from falling, with the thought of the kind of gown endowed on her. Obviously, she was cladded still on her wedding attire and the material was hiding all of her legs. It was large, busty and flowing elegantly that if she isn't careful and one mistake might make her tumble over. She might fall flat on her face because, the gown would give her no chance to improvise.Over that material, the material was made of a sheer lace that was embroidered with a mix of Swarovski crystal rhinostones, and diamantes.
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The Fool
"Hey!!...Don't leave me all by myself" Alicia shouted as she picked her full dress and started to run after the man. When after running a couple of distance, she was finally able to meet up with him. Her expression was grim with atom of anger and confusion contorted and twisted in it. She felt miserable with her indifferent panting. She felt the urge to slap him and call him foolish for abandoning her just minutes ago, but considering his status she couldn't. Although her anger and resentment got the better of her, she was still able to control it. Samson Bill was one hell of a brazen creature. He was dashing, extraordinarily ravishing and extremely rich. Infact, his wealth was quantum. It was deliberating. Another fact is that Samson was undeniably smart. His smart stances only gave away attention to the highest degree. His good looks was rather unpredicted, every contour of angle drawn was perfect, so definitely he was no fool.But still yet....His beautiful silver eyes which glo
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Mind Boggling
"Any problem?"Alicia's voice brought him back from his unceremonious worry that was plastered put on his face earlier which sank him deeply into the thick world of thoughts. She found his attitude somewhat strange because, someone like him who differ from any other man she knows is a type to not worry about anything. Infact his motto was anger and coldness, if you have noticed Samson did not only vent his anger and exclude his coldness to only Alicia but anyone who concurrently stands in his way without anything trivial to offer he unleashes. But now instead of his regular cold look and stupendous anger was replaced with atom of worry and self control disorder and the worst part was that Samson didn't hide the expression completely. It was overly visible to behold and that got Alicia worried in the time being seeing him look so worried. But after she had asked him if there was any problem, everything was gone. Every emotions suddenly vanished as if she had been imagining it all the w
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Samson rang the doorbell after their intense decisions went on rather complicatedly and they both waited... waited... and waited. The silence between them was obscure and insanely filled with threat and anger but still yet they held that devastating silence. Samson stared at Alicia and immediately looked elsewhere as if hiding the fact that he was looking at her to have his comfort. Her face brings joy and at the same time brings sorrow and anger to him. He couldn't imagine why this only happened to him. What was life going to have installed for them? Is it the reason why he was unknowingly admiring someone he despised with all his heart. Earlier she hid his phone even before they got married... Samson's thought, not mine. According to him, Alicia haven't seen a phone as classy as his that was why she stole it from him. But after all of this insane thoughts recouping from his inside, he began to wonder... Alicia would never do such a thing. He hated her yes! But my Alicia would neve
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Failed Attempt
"Please Annabelle, take me to Samson's room. Dismiss the maids because I won't be needing them, please." Alicia said trying to sound apologetic as Annabelle kept sighing."Fine..." Annabelle muttered, and just with the wave of her hands, the maids were dismissed and Alicia heaved. She didn't like the idea of wanting maids following her about, secondly helping her bath. Isn't that something everyone must do themselves, it's going to be a shame if maids bath her so Alicia shook her head. She began to wonder if maids do bath Samson, she started wondering whether or not to ask Annabelle that one question bugging her. So finally she gave in to the urge to ask."Annabelle, does Samson allow his maids to bath and dress him?!" Annabelle was rendered awe-stricken by the question and she coughed slightly, indicating the power merging of that question she had just asked. "Ahem..." Annabelle cleared her throat. "Well, Samson is just like you. He also refused to the fact of letting maids bath a
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Staring at her beautiful reflection hiding inside the profane glass of the dual mirror, Alicia smiled. She was so engrossed on herself and the beautiful lady she had turned out to be. She could vividly remember how timid and young she looked back then, so naive and shy. She couldn't even say a speech in front of her fellow course mates. She was overly nervous and had been fighting for ways to get rid of that behavior before it gets the better of her. But now look, she looked so mature and bold. Not only that, she turned out to be so smart herself. She was able to come out first class back in her college days and Alicia could tell that the person who took after her in smartness was Rauline. Rauline was overly intelligent just like her and that was why yesterday, she had dad throw a ball party due to her achievement and Diler himself couldn't refuse to do it. Speaking of Rosaline, she wasn't overly smart like them, she is always known for taking the last back in highschool. Dad even so
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