My Fabulous Girl Boss

My Fabulous Girl Boss

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As a favor to his mentor, Kayson had to travel into the city to fulfill a promised marriage. It did not occur to him that his bride-to-be was a stunning girl boss and that he would be offered $7,5000,000 as the betrothal gift…

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546 chapters
Chapter 1
“Hey, pretty, you have like $150 to spare?”“You… D-don’t come over. Stay away from me!”Kayson Yarde could not help an awkward cough as he looked at the pretty woman who was panicking two meters away from him.“Hey, you don’t have to be afraid. I really just want to borrow some money. I don’t mean harm!”Sadie Wolfenden turned pale. She pulled a wad of cash out of her purse, put it on the front of her car, and stepped back anxiously.“T-take the money and leave!”Kayson was grateful. “Thank you so much, gorgeous. The old saying rings true. Beautiful people are kindhearted. Mind giving me your number? I’ll pay you back after this…”“No need! Just take the money and leave!” Sadie was scared witless that the man would try something else on her.She had just come back from a business trip and was going to ask a famous doctor to treat her grandfather with her parents when this man suddenly popped out of the barricade and startled her. She had even imagined how she would die, but lu
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Chapter 2
Kayson was both bewildered and awkward. Well, great. He did not expect the slender, gorgeous woman who had lent him money on the way here earlier to be Hugh’s granddaughter.Like the old man had said, she was blessed in her looks. There was no flaw in her face and figure. In addition to her ample bosoms, she was a picture-perfect goddess.Sadie’s gaze was icy. When she saw Kayson, she remembered how frightened she was when the man stopped her earlier.“Sade! Don’t be rude to Kayson! He’s your husband-to-be!” Hugh glowered, unable to accept his granddaughter’s attitude toward Kayson.Sadie’s expression morphed into shock as she said through gritted teeth, “Grandpa, is this a joke? Him? My future husband?”Hugh snorted. “This is the best partner I’ve chosen for you. You’ll understand my intentions and efforts in the future!”Hugh would never forget the scene back in the years as if he had gotten to see a deity. Kayson’s mentor must definitely be an unimaginably great presence. Forg
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Chapter 3
“Dad!”Liam was appalled. Had his father lost his mind!? He was asking Sadie to marry this unknown young man!?He quickly spoke up. “Sadie’s marriage is the most important affair in our family. It mustn’t be decided so simply!”Hugh frowned. “Kayson’s the best person. Do you have an opinion?”Liam scowled. “No, I just think it’s too rash…”Hugh ignored Liam and looked at Sadie. “Sade, you’re not listening to Grandpa anymore?”“Grandpa, I… I…” Sadie felt wronged and wanted to refuse, but she feared hurting her grandfather since his health was already deteriorating.“It’s decided then. Don’t you worry, Sade. Grandpa won’t lie to you.” Hugh did not want to say more as he moved his legs, looking like he was going to prop himself up.The action caused the needle that Kayson had flicked to his calf to angle away from its position, thus causing Hugh’s expression to fall as pain consumed him. He paled instantly with fat droplets of sweat dotting his forehead.The change distressed Sad
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Chapter 4
Kayson looked at the proof of marriage in his hand in surprise.‘This is fake? The woman must be pretty influential to be able to achieve this then.’“Oh, okay.”He actually did not mind it at all. It was good that it was fake—it would save him the trouble in the future.Sadie was still scowling as she said, “Go back on your own. I still have things to do!”She left with a snap of the head right after that, leaving Kayson with a twitching lip as he muttered, “What a handful of a princess…“Never mind, it’ll take three to four months at most. Let’s just return the favor as soon as possible and go back to the mountain.”Kayson went to a nearby forest to pick some herbs, crushed them, and concocted them into dark inky medicinal balls. He smiled in approval as a unique medicinal scent wafted.‘Grandpa Hugh’s damaged organs will heal with these pills.’The affliction harming Hugh’s organs had accumulated over the years, causing his organs to sustain a certain degree of damage. Thus
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Chapter 5
Kayson nodded and replied. “I know she’s very kind. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have given a passerby like me $150.”“Haha! Good that you understand!”About ten minutes or so later, Liam led Zachary into the hall. The latter greeted courteously, “Kayson!”“Dr. Ewell!” Kayson quickly got up to return the greeting.Liam still did not look quite happy with Kayson.Sadie and Beatrice came out of the kitchen, and Beatrice greeted the physician. “Dr. Ewell, you’re here. Come, have a seat!”Zachary chuckled. “Mrs. Wolfenden, you’re too nice. I feel bad that you have to prepare such a lavish spread.”“You’re my father’s savior. These dishes are nothing compared to the favor you’ve done us,” replied Beatrice.Zachary waved in dismissal. “You flatter me. If it weren’t for Kayson—”Sadie was unable to hold back any longer. “Dr. Ewell, stop speaking so nice of him. This b*stard wanted to deceive my grandfather with sh*t!“He took a few goat droppings, claiming they’re pills, and wanted my gr
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Chapter 6
Zachary was cheery, while Hugh looked troubled during dinner.Fortunately, Zachary shared two medicinal pills with Hugh before he left, which cheered the latter up a little.Sadie and Liam had gone upstairs, probably still feeling embarrassed about what happened earlier.Kayson came to sit on the couch with Hugh and urged him to take the Panmederi pill.Hugh spoke up. ‘Kayson, I feel much better now. This pill seems to be very effective.”Kayson asked, “Grandpa Hugh, I can see that you’re well-trained. Who injured you when you were young to have caused this damage today?”Hugh sighed and waved his hand. “I was too young and cocky at that time. Let’s not talk about the past. One’s got to pay it back when they’re out and about in the world.”Kayson stopped pursuing it since Hugh did not want to speak of it. Hugh felt reinvigorated, so he got Kayson to play several rounds of chess with him.Sadie dolled up and came downstairs with a pretty purse like she was heading out around 2
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Chapter 7
Jeremy was stunned. He was already anxious and distressed that his father had fainted out of the blue. And now that an anonymous young man was disturbing Zachary, he was like a lit firecracker!“Young man, do you know who my father is? Bwell Therapeutics will close its doors tomorrow if something happens to him here!”Kayson glanced at him but did not respond. He trailed his eyes back to Zachary and told him, “First needle, top of the head.”Zachary pushed in the first needle without any hesitation.Kayson continued. “Second needle, top of the forehead.”Zachary pushed in the second needle.“Third, the belly button…”“Fourth…”16 needles later, the old man who seemed to have passed gradually breathed rhythmically as his eyelashes fluttered. Tyrone opened his eyes slowly, a clear sign that he had pulled through.Zachary got up slowly and sighed before bowing to Kayson. “Thank you so much for the help, Kayson!”Jeremy was shocked, hurrying to help his father up. “Dad, are you o
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Chapter 8
“Uh…”Kayson was a little startled and felt kind of strange. Beatrice did not seem put off by him. Why? Was it because he had saved Hugh?Thinking about it, he did not find it too odd. It would not make sense if he did not sleep at Sadie’s either.“I’ll head over then, Mrs. Wolfenden.”Kayson went to Sadie’s room and knocked. No one opened even after some time had passed, and there was no sound from inside either. He could only open the door and enter anyway since Beatrice was looking at him from the side.The sound of water running came from the bathroom. Kayson raised a brow. The girl was taking a shower—that was why she did not hear him knocking on the door. He took a seat on the floor without touching the heiress’ belongings.About ten minutes later, Sadie came out of the bathroom with a towel that only reached her mid-thighs. Her legs were long and fair. She had just taken a shower, and they looked soft and delicate like an art piece.As Kayson shifted his eyes up, he saw a
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Chapter 9
Kayson came to the project department manager, Sean Batley. The latter looked concerned as he said, “Go ahead to the office all the way at the back. You’ll be the assistant team lead of The Tetrad from now on.”“Okay, thank you, Mr. Batley.” Kayson did not suspect anything and went toward the office the manager mentioned.Sean shook his head with a sigh. “How did this young man offend Ms. Wolfenden to be assigned to the ‘royal’ Tetrad? He’ll be skinned alive there! Poor fella!”…When Kayson pushed the door open, the office stank with smoke. Seven people, all men and women, were dressed wildly as they played games, smoked, and drank. This was in the office!Kayson was rendered speechless. This was The Tetrad? Were these people really employees of Wolfenden Corp?A young man who looked almost like a Super Saiyan with his hairdo looked up at Kayson and asked with a cigarette between his lips, “You’re Kayson Yarde?”Kayson nodded.The young man with the strange haircut threw his c
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Chapter 10
Kayson got his bearings, but he did not expect someone to be this ruthless and drive into them directly. He pushed open the car door, and one man got out of the four cars that rammed into them, respectively.They did not look like they had good intentions, and it was highly possible that they were all thugs.The one who felt like the leader did not do anything but target Kayson.Kayson remained unfazed as he asked them, “You’re from the Gillete Group?”The man held a dagger in his hand, keeping his sharp gaze on Kayson as he commented darkly, “You’re actually fine.”It would be a challenge for him to stay so alert and conscious through that violent collision, but this young man before him was looking alright, like he was not even affected!“Bro, no need to talk nonsense with him. Get him!” someone else yelled and attacked Kayson.Kayson scoffed and dashed forward. Before that person could react, Kayson’s punch sent him flying.“Hmm? A trained man!?”The leader of the group was
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