The Alpha's Flower

The Alpha's Flower

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My name is Rose Bailey. I am seventeen years old and about to start my senior year of High school. I have always lived a normal, boring, human life. Never believed in the supernatural or the love at first sight sh#t that others girls my age fall for. That is until I move with my mom and two brothers back to the small town where my mom grew up. My mom makes us stay at this house or should I say castle with a lot of other people living their. Imagine my surprise when I walked in on a man and two women that looked to be 20 or 21 having in a room that looks like an office. Imagine how surprised I was when I was froze in place, unable to move as I felt a sharp pain in my chest from seeing them together as he one from behind while she leaned over a desk from pleasure and the other women was him. The man froze in place and looked at me with a guilty look on his face. The pain got worse in my chest and before I  blacked out I swore I heard him say Mate! 

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132 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Rose POV "I can't believe you're moving!" Tiara, my best friend since kindergarten, said as she helped me pack the rest of my belongings. "I know I'm going to miss you," I said. "It's time to go, Rose. Are you ready?" my mother yelled from downstairs. "Yes," I replied, grabbing my purse and suitcase. As I walked downstairs, my older brother Jason took my suitcase and helped me load it into the car. "That's it," my mother said as we walked to the car. While we both cried, I gave Tiara one more hug and promised to call her every day. I'd miss her terribly. She was outgoing and energetic. She is beautiful with her caramel-colored skin and black braids. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a model body with a skinny waist. I always had her back, and she always had mine. We're closer to sisters than best friends. My name is Rose Baily. I am seventeen years old. My skin is light brown, and I have long black hair that falls to my waist. I am popular and get along w
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Chapter 2
Derek's POV (Earlier that day) "Welcome back, son! How did everything go at the Blue Moon's pack?" My dad asked. "Everything went fine. Took care of the treaty and left some warriors to help them with the Rogue problem." I replied. "Great, hopefully, everything gets taken care of, and the Rogues stop showing up. Come, your mother made some food." As we walked into the kitchen, my mom ran and hugged me. "Derek, I am so happy you are home. Kate, Come hug your brother and let's sit and eat." My mom said while kissing my cheek. My sister hugged me and told me she was happy I was home. Then, we all sat down and began eating. My name is Derek Smith, and I am 20 years old. I am the future Alpha of my pack, the Blood Moon Pack. Usually, when a future Alpha turns 21, their father passes the position down to them. The problem is I have not found my mate yet. Most find their mate when they are 18 years old, but I have not, and I am almost 21. It hurts to see others my age already mated a
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Chapter 3
Derek's POV I picked my mate up bridal style and exited the office. My mother and two others approached me as soon as I entered the hallway. When they noticed my mate in my arms, the lady asked why her daughter was in my arms. When I told her she had blacked out and I was taking her to the pack doctor, a guy around eighteen tried pulling her from my arms. "Mine," I yelled at him, ready to beat the crap out of him for trying to steal my mate. "Give me my sister, and I'll take her." The man grumbled. I growled at him and mind-linked the pack doctor, Sally, a forty-year-old woman. I told her what had happened, and she said she'd be there in ten minutes. "Meet me in my room," I said, and she agreed. My mother, my mate's mother, and my mate's brother followed me to my room. I placed her on my bed and sat next to her holding her hand. I couldn't take my eyes off her and her beauty. I just wanted to go back in time and not fuck those two she-wolves or anyone else. I wish I ha
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Chapter 4
I feel my mate's hand move and look up to her brown eyes staring into my blue ones. Rose's POV I woke to what felt like electric sparks shooting up my arm. I tried to move my hand but couldn't because something was holding it down. When I looked over at my hand, I noticed a large hand holding it. When I looked up, I saw the most beautiful blue eyes looking back at me with a smile on his face. "How are you feeling, Rose?" the man asked, his voice husky. I couldn't help but shiver when he said my name so smoothly as if my name was made for him to say. "I'm fine," I said. I was doing quite well. For some reason, I felt safe and at ease with him. He had a wonderful scent like pine and rain. It was so relaxing, and I loved the sensation of sparks. Then I remembered walking in on him with those two females, and I felt a pain in my chest and let go of his hand. The pain was not as severe as it had been previously, but it was still there. I couldn't figure out why I was feeling this w
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Chapter 5
Rose's POV "I would like to apologize for the way we met. I can only imagine what you think of me." Derek says with a frown. "There is no need to apologize. We hardly know each other. It's not like I'm your girlfriend or anything. I mean, it's not like you cheated on me." I said. For some reason, I felt that little pain in my chest from my response, like I was lying to myself. When I looked over at him, he had an expression I didn't understand and looked deep in thought. "Look, I know we just met, but I want you to know that your opinion of me matters a lot," He says. "As I said, you have no reason to apologize to me. You did nothing wrong." I replied. After that, we drove in complete silence to the restaurant. After dinner, Derek said he had to leave for an emergency trip later tonight. He just returned from one and had to go back because something happened. When we returned to the house, I went to my room to relax, but when I walked into my room, It was empty. "I had your th
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Chapter 6
"Can I please taste you, flower," He asked, and I nodded. " I need you to tell me I can," he said in a raspy voice. "Yes," I said, looking him in his eyes. The next thing I knew, his mouth was on my pussy. As he devoured me, I couldn't help the moans coming out of my mouth. He sucked me from my ass to my pussy. I couldn't help but move with him. Moving my pussy on his face as the pleasure built. His tongue went inside my pussy, and that was when I couldn't take it anymore. "Derek," I screamed out as I came hard. He didn't stop; he kept eating me out until I came again. My eyes closed as I tried to catch my breath. When I opened them, he looked at me with an expression I didn't understand. "MINE," He said, capturing my lips in a passionate kiss. Rose's POV(Three Days Later) It has been three days since my mom, brothers, and I moved here, and everything has been going well. Derek didn't only change my room, but also my mom and brothers moved to bigger rooms as well, though n
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Chapter 7
While eating, Jason called and told me he was in front of the food court. We all walked out to his car and made our way back home. Once we arrived home, I told them I was going to my room to rest and headed up the stairs. About ten minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. I went over to the door and opened it to see Kate. "Hey! Can I come in? There is something I want to talk to you about." She said, and I moved over so she could come in.Kate's POV " What do you think they said to her? Why is Vivian back?" Kayla asked through mind-link while Jason was driving us home. "I don't know, but I can tell you whatever reason she came back is not good." .My brother and Vivian have been friends since childhood. They grew up together and started dating when they were in High School.She's the daughter of my father's Beta, Jacob, and the twin sister of Jace, Derek's best friend, and soon-to-be Beta.Our parents thought Vivian and Derek would become mates when they turned 18. However, when
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Chapter 8
Derek's POV "I'm happy we get to go home sooner than expected," Jace said. "Me too! But it would have been nice to relax before we left. The unmated she-wolfs at Bluemoon's Pack are very welcoming. '' Landon said. We are in my private jet, on our way home from the Blue Moon pack. All I can think about is seeing my mate. After having the conversation with Kate about what has been happening while I've been away, I am even more ready to get home to my mate. I moved her to the fifth floor. My parents fixed it up when I turned 18. It was a gift for me when I found my mate. It is like our own apartment with everything we need: a family room, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. When I didn't find her, I couldn't go up to the room. It was like a sad reminder that I didn't have my soul mate. Now I can't wait to move in with her. I hope she wants me there too. "Here is your drink Alpha Derek," Samantha, the flight attendant, says. " Thank you, Samantha," I said while taking a s
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Chapter 9
Rose's POV I woke up feeling better than I ever have. That was the best sleep I've had in my life. Cuddling more to my pillow, I felt arms wrap around me. " Wait! Pillows don't have arms," I thought to myself I opened my eyes and was faced with beautiful blue eyes of Derek staring back at me. "Good morning, Flower! How did you sleep?" He asked me with a smile on his face. Then, he moved the hair out of my face. " I slept okay," I said, embarrassed by the position we were in at the moment. I knew my cheeks had to be the color of a tomato. We stared at each other for a while, neither of us speaking. The sound of a phone broke the awkward silence. Derek said something under his breath in annoyance before sitting up and picking his phone off the floor. "Yes," he said to the person on the other end. "Okay, I will be there shortly." He put his shirt and pants on before looking at me. "I have something important that I have to take care of. Do you have any plans for today?" "Yes!
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Chapter 10
Rose's POV "You want to go to the mall or something," Kate asked me. "Yeah, Jason will drop us off," I told her. "Your brother is supposed to take me out to eat at seven. It's already 5:30," "That's great! You two are perfect for each other," We were still sitting outside the school, waiting for Jason. He texted me he was on his way. James was outside with Nathan, planning on hanging out tonight. "Hey, beautiful," I automatically knew who it was. I turned around and couldn't help but stare into his beautiful, blue eyes. "Well, hello to you too, brother," Kate said dramatically. "Sorry, sis, I can't think of anyone else when I'm around the most beautiful woman in the world," He said, staring into My eyes. "You don't have to apologize, bro; I understand." I couldn't help the blush that crept on my face. Derek leaned down and touched my cheek, making me feel the sparks I only get from his touch. "So beautiful," he said. We both stared at each other, lost in the moment, until
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