Arabelle and The Cursed Kingdom

Arabelle and The Cursed Kingdom

By:  Roasted Cashew  Ongoing
Language: English
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Arabelle Virgata an adoptive daughter of a rich couple who has been slaughtered by the thieves who looted their mansion. She has been chased by one of them and almost got hit by a truck but unexpectedly a Magical Portal appears and absorbs her. She was teleported in the other dimension and there she met the most distant, vigilant and introverted Prince Aegolus Flammeus who had been cursed and turned into a huge predatory bird called "Owl" by a wicked Guardian Mirabela. Arabelle was declared as Priestess, to be able to go back to her world she must complete her task; break the curse and defeat the evil guardian. The two joined hands, together with their new found friends. But… After facing lots of difficulties they've been through and possibilities of prospering romantic feelings, will Arabelle choose to go back home and leave everything including her friends and Prince Aegolus?

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8 chapters
The skies let loose an extremely loud boom and torrential rain and due to the extremely strong wind, some trees also fell.A powerful storm arrived late at night. The sleeping Arabelle seemed unconcerned. On her forehead, big droplets of sweat started to form. She attempted to move her body but she couldn't . She tried to open her eyes but it seemed something was weighing down her eyelids."S-stop it," Arabelle said, who was now having a nightmare."Ngh," she moaned.The wind was so strong that the window suddenly opened. Arabelle's dark room was lit up like a camera flash whenever the sky emitted a bright lightning.The maiden continued struggling to wake up from her nightmare, who had now started breathing heavily. "What are you doing?" Arabelle asked as she slept, tears running down from her cheeks."This is for your own benefit," an enigmatic woman proclaimed from her dreams. It had no face and the entire surrounding was fully blurred, making it difficult for her to see who it wa
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Chapter 1: Looted
"A sharp pointed arrow aiming at a white as snow Scandiaca Owl Bird flying across the pantone cerulean blue sky, it strikes into the bird's right wing lesser coverts, causing it to drop like a stone.The young man hurriedly rode his horse in the area where the bird had crashed, only to be startled by the sight of an injured young woman holding the arrow he once used to hunt the bird. "Are you the owner of it?" her tone was full of hatred. She showed the arrow before snapping it in half with her left hand alone.The young man quickly rode off to his horse and grabbed his handkerchief and ignored her words. "My apologies,I didn't mean to hurt the Guardian of Birds… Scandiaca," he expressed his regret.The young woman's rage was replaced by astonishment as a result of the concern shown. The man approached him and bandaged her right arm wound with a handkerchief. "I hope you don't mind," he said politely. "My name is Aegolus, second son of King and Queen Flammeus." "Could you tell me wha
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Chapter 2: Cast Of Hawks
Arabelle's entire body aches and she feels disoriented as she half-awoke to the sound of wings fluttering and birds of prey chirping. She was finally jolted awake by a loud snap.She found herself sprawled out on the muddy ground. Arabelle sighed and rolled her eyes at the entire section. She discovers she's inside the dead branch pile. There is darkness, and only the moonlight acts as a source of light.Arabelle was confused as to why she was there. The sudden rustling of the branches surrounding her as if someone or something had purposefully cut them off with a sharp object was one of her wonders. Her gaze followed every crackle, and the quicker her heart pounded on twitter. She could hear a noise coming from behind, in front, on both sides, and above her. Whatever creatures were outside seemed to be surrounding her.As the crackles abruptly stopped, Arabelle exhaled a sigh of relief. She clutched her chest and took a long breath to calm herself down. However, the crackles reappear
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Chapter 3: The Curse Kingdom
"It's been three days since she got here but she still hasn't woken up, it's bad for her health to stay in this kind of environment." Arabelle heard a conversation from outside when she regained consciousness. The beauty sat on the bed and looked around, seeing only an old wardrobe and a wooden window. She cautiously took off the blanket and lowered her feet to the ground. Her eyes widened as she noticed that the wounds and scars on her body were all securely bandaged."Grandpa, sh—she's already awake!" a voice yelled from nowhere, causing Arabelle to look at the door right away. Her eyes grew even wider when she saw a creature that resembled a chick having huge wide eyes and had a fluffy body, covered in thick gray feathers and as big as a 10yrs. Old child. It ran outside in a hurry.Heading in the direction of the room where she was, she heard both sprinting and strolling footsteps. "Slow down Gretel, you might trip!" an elderly baritone voice warned.The footsteps suddenly stoppe
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Chapter 4: The Vigilant Prince
Grandpa Mago and Gretel looked up at the flying clamator (Owl soldier) carrying Arabelle, Ulula was also flying with them. It took two days for the prince to respond to their request letter, in which the citizens wanted Arabelle to temporarily live in the palace to protect her from the evil Guardian."I will miss the Dear Priestess grandpa," Gretel sobbed as she hugged Mago's feet."Don't be sad, Gretel; we will all miss the Priestess, and don't worry, we will visit her at the palace the next day," Mago said as she stroked her granddaughter's fluffy back.Gretel's sadness was alleviated by her grandfather's words.**************************Arabelle, on the other hand, forced herself to open her eyes, despite her fear, to see the beautiful scenery below; even though the entire community is covered in darkness, its beauty cannot be hidden, the lights that come from the market, homes, and other infrastructure in the entire area look like fireflies, and the overall capacity of the commun
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Chapter 5: Playing Hard to Get
"And what do you think you're doing here?" an enormous feathered creature with flaming enraged eyes asked, his voice deep and terrifying.It let out a terrifying squawk, accompanied by a flash of thunder from the sky. Arabelle screamed in terror. The fear on the beauty's face is indescribable. The atmosphere of the entire surroundings changed when the creature's earlier angry squawk was replaced by chuckles. He couldn't stop laughing at Arabelle's terrified expression; he had planned to scare the beauty from the moment she entered his room.The monster laughed at what he was doing. "If you could only see the look on your face... Ahhhhhh!" he screamed like how Arabelle screamed. He was holding his stomach from laughing so hard.The young lady was taken aback by the creature in front of her; her heart was pounding so fast with fear that she almost peed when it squawked so loudly. Her knees were still trembling."You're so scared," the creature teased, laughing.The floor shook as a resul
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Chapter 6: In to the Woods
"A tuberose represents arousal, lust, and obsession with another person; it may indicate that the person who gives it is struggling to let go of someone or experiencing stronger emotions than she/he had anticipated," Aegolus explained as he examined the flower in his left claw."I thought she wanted to be friend with me? But it appears she wants something more," the Prince thought seriously to himself. "Maybe she was fascinated and fell for my charm when we first met, which is why she wanted to make out—" He didn't finish what he wanted to say when he felt his entire face heat up and hurriedly covered his beak in shame with his left wing.*****************************Arabelle, on the other hand, nearly passed out from embarrassment at knowing the flower's unpleasant symbol."I admire your bravery, Dear Priestess; you gave His Highness the tuberose, which symbolizes intercourse," Vaste said astonishingly, admiration on the bird's face."Vaste, watch your mouth!" Ulula admonished."It'
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Chapter 7: Guilty
"Aegolus," the wind whispered from the direction of the woods, stopping Aegolus from speaking.Alfindi, his interlocutor, was also baffled."Your Highness, what's the matter?" inquired the louse."Did you hear that?" the Owl asked solemnly."Which one, your highness? The loud pounding of your chest?" Teasingly, the louse rested his head on the Owl's neck, as if listening to the bird's heartbeat. The creature's words caused Aegolus' brows to furrow."Would you like me to pop you? You seem to have forgotten what kind of creature you are," the Prince cautioned. The louse quickly removed its head from the neck of the bird."I'm sorry, Your Highness...hehe!" Alfindi laughs awkwardly.The Prince was about to say something when he heard a distant scream. He moved his gaze to the window, which overlooked the woods."Arabelle," the Prince said.The creature's calm orange eyes had been replaced by alert ones. Chills spread quickly throughout its body. The bird's previously suppressed concern was
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