One Million Reais

One Million Reais

By:  Hellan white  Completed
Language: English
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On the day Louisa discovered that her boyfriend had cheated on her with another girl, a red diamond worth one million reais was placed into Louisa's coat without her knowledge. Before she knew what had happened to her, she and her roommate, Bernard, were kidnapped by a mafia leader, Ace. After the red diamond goes stolen, Louisa becomes caught in the crossfire between mafias. In the midst of the mayhem while searching for the red diamond, Louisa begins to develop feelings for Ace, something she did not anticipate to happen, but those sentiments were not reciprocated by Ace. On the one hand, she works hard for her love, while on the other, she assists him in finding the red stone. Will the mafia leader, Ace, abandon her after the stone is found? Will Louisa get heartbroken again by the newfound love? 

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54 Chapters
Chapter 1
I was standing in front of the door, breathing heavily, my chest rising and falling.I thought, 'He's not the person they described. He would never do this to me. He likes me. No, he loves me. They said he cheated on me with another girl. I came here not because I believed them, but because I want to show everyone that they're incorrect about my boyfriend. They specified this hotel's name and this room number, which I'm standing in front of, and that they observed him enter with a girl and enquired briefly about the room number before sending me a message. Even if they are my pals, the things they say about my guy are out of control. I must quit tonight as their friend after opening the door in front of me and proving them wrong.' I made up my mind and exhaled quickly. I grabbed the doorknob and yanked it open with all my might."...""I-It's not what you think, I-I can explain..." My boyfriend stuttered to me while nakedly lying on a bed with a girl.Tears began to fall down my chee
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Chapter 2
I opened the door to my flat, but it was still dark inside. My roommate seemed to be still partying with the girls out there or was he sleeping Inside? I turned on the lights and entered the apartment.I live with a man named Bernardo. I call him Bernie, and we both attend the same university but attend different faculties. I'm in the Philosophy, Science, and Literature Faculty, and he's in the Law Faculty. The university dorm didn't suit me, so I looked for apartments outside of campus and finally found one after a long search, but the rent was a little pricey for the money I earned from my part-time work. I thought splitting the rent could help, so I posted a notice in my faculty's bulletin board about the apartment I'm offering and asked them to split the rent with me, along with my phone number so they could contact me. I didn't get a call for an entire week.I got a random message saying that someone else is looking for a room and is ready to move in. I replied 'okay' without eve
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Chapter 3
I asked Bernie once more, "My coat had a stone in it. Did you happen to catch a glimpse of it?""Stone?" said Bernie.A man entered and showed him a photograph. Bernie nodded after seeing that picture, which I believe is of the stone. Yes, I leaned in and saw the picture. It's a drawing of the stone. In the photograph, it appeared to be a vivid cherry red stone shining."Where is it?" they inquired of Bernie."It's a forgery of Ruby. Are you here for the phoney one?"They gripped the back of his neck and said, "We're not talking about a forgery here. It is one million reais in value. What happened to it?""One million what?" I was taken aback."You slipped a million-dollar stone into my coat?" I asked Ace.Ace ignored me and proceeded to question Bernie "What happened to the stone? What is its current location?"Ace hit him again after he said something."What's the point of beating him? If he had known, he would have said it already. I had no idea until you mentioned it to me. What i
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Chapter 4
Louisa's p.o.v;I was looking at the guys in the front seat of the car as we were driving to the club. I made a count of the men in the car. The first is the driver. Two, Edgar, who claimed to be an associate. Following them were two men we'll name them bodyguard 1 and bodyguard 2. Behind them are me and Bernie, with two guys on either side of us. Diego on Bernie's side, Ace alongside me, and a guy in the back behind us who will be bodyguard 3. They numbered seven, including the driver. It signifies that the escape rate is less than 10%. I don't think Bernie and I can compete with the seven of them. And I'm not sure if the driver was recruited or a member of the mafia as well."Are you intending to bring us down?" Ace asked quietly.I whispered under the tape covering my mouth as I glanced at him. He signalled that he couldn't hear me and returned to looking out the window. How could you hear me? You taped my mouth! I turned to face Bernie... What the hell is happening? Is he dozing
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Chapter 5
Louisa's p.o.v;"Why are we here again?" I asked Edgar with whom Ace and others left me while Bernie was looked after by Diego. Diego ordered Edgar, "Tape her mouth." and he left the car to take a puff. When I looked at Bernie, he dozed off already.When Edgar tried to tape my mouth, I said, "Please don't. I couldn't breathe properly under it. I promise I won't yell for help. Don't tape my mouth, please."He nodded and kept back the tape inside and said, "You looked fierce before but you're pleading to me now. Is there any intention behind this act?"I smiled and said, "I don't think I can get away from here just by playing as a fool. You guys are retards already.""Your face and your words don't match at all.""Why is that?"He took a look outside and said to me, "Because you look beautiful even after getting hit by those guys on your face.""You are different from them. What's the reason for joining this gang?""What?""Yeah, I have read that people who work under these gangs will
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Chapter 6
Louisa's pov;I got changed into the outfit they gave me. It was a denim jeans with white tshirt. I laid on the bed thinking about what happened in the morning. I wonder what was Bernie doing now. Did they provide food for him as well? The door opened so i got up and sat straight. It was Ace who walked in. He looked at my outfit and said, "It fits. Your friend knows you well." And made a smirk."How's Bernie? Where's he?" "Far away from your room. Why are you asking about him? Do you want to see him?"Even if i said i want to meet him, it's not like you're going to take me there. I remained silent. He said, "I thought i would take you there if you nodded but looks like you don't want to see your…""Take me there. I want to see him.""You lost your chance. You didn't answer when i asked you a question."When he tried to walk away, i sat on the bed and said, "How long will you keep us here?" "Till we get that stone." "What if you don't get it?""You two will rot in here." And lef
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Chapter 7
Louisa's p.o.v;I felt pain in my stomach since I didn't eat for two days. Ace hasn't come to this room since he left that day. Was that stone important to him that much? Looking at the place I was in, I don't think he's chasing after the stone just for the money. It must be something else too. I'm not in a condition to think about any of the probabilities since I was starving here. When did he plan to give me food? Does he want me to die of starvation? I couldn't even walk around the room since I didn't have the energy to use it, so I crawled like a worm on the bed. The door opened. I felt a hand on my head while saying, "Why are you curling up like that?" I figured out it was Ace as soon as he talked. How will I say that I'm hungry even if it makes him mad? "Get up and eat." Did he bring food for me? I stood up quickly and looked around for the food but there wasn't any. When I looked at him, he looked mad and slapped me hard on my cheek. That hurts. It burns. He made me look
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Chapter 8
Louisa's p.o.v;"Do you know where we are right now?" Ace asked me while we're walking in the middle of the popular alleyway in Sao Paulo. Vila madalena and boco de Batman.I answered him, "Vila madalena.""Yes. Do you like graffiti Ms Louisa?" I stared at him when he mentioned me as Louisa because not many people call me that way. I bet he heard it from Bernie.I shook my head and continued walking with him. He nodded and led the way. While I was walking behind him, I saw Bodyguard 2 and Edgar walking behind us. I didn't know he's bringing them too. I didn't see Bodyguard 2 since he tried to r*pe me so it felt awkward around him. "How much do you know about Sao Paulo?" Ace asked me all of a sudden.I answered, "It is the 8th richest city in the world and a home to 40 million people. Statistics state that for every hour there'll be 10 people who come to live here. The economic capital is the reason attracting people from around the world. And it's also popular for having the largest
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Chapter 9
Louisa's p.o.v;The next morning, As soon as Ace left the room, I lifted the bed and checked whether the key was still safe under the mattress. I let out a sigh and after seeing the key where I placed it. Satisfied.Now, I should wait till midnight. When the maid brought me breakfast, I asked her, "Did you deliver food to anyone like me who was kept as captive in this house?"The maid replies, "I'll wait here till you finish with your breakfast, mam.""I'll give you money if you give me a tip. Please, help me." She looked stunned. Who'll deny the money? "I can't do what you asked, mam."I thought she'll give in but she's thicker than I thought. "Looks like they tamed you well."Suddenly Ace barged into the room and looked at me. He threw all the food on the floor and shouted at the maid, "Leave!" After the maid left, the bodyguards closed the door after her.Ace looked like he's really in a bad mood. What happened to him this time? He stared at me without blinking his eyes. I st
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Chapter 10
Louisa's p.o.v;"He's awake now. You can go and visit him. You can discharge him by tomorrow but that doesn't mean he's recovered from his injuries. He has to take medicines and should take bed rest for another two weeks." The doctor said and walked past me. I entered the room and took a seat beside the bed. "Thank you for saving me out of that shithole." And he coughed. I took a glass of water and fed him while asking, "How did you get caught by them?""I was investigating the drug to the club manager at X province, someone hit me from behind and when I got my senses back, I was tied up in a room and couldn't move a bit. I thought I was going to die until you showed up. Thank you for your help. By the way, what were you doing there in a place like that?""I was kidnapped by them too, along with my friend.""Your friend? Where's your friend?""I don't know.""Did he get out or Is he still there?"I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know.""I'll help you find your friend. I'm
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