A Taste of My Alpha

A Taste of My Alpha

By:  Kara Sin  Updated just now
Language: English
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(Daily updates)'A bastard omega'- I had no trace of past except for being found in a dumpster. And I hadn't thought I would have any future until one day, Alpha's son stumbled into the kitchen. Soon everyone thought that I was having a hot, sensual, forbidden affair with Adrian, the alpha's son. And then Adrian concluded that I must be unconditionally, devotedly, obsessively in love with him. None of them believed me when I said it wasn't the truth. Okay, maybe there's a little bit of truth. And I may have a little bit of feelings for his kind nature, stunning shimmering eyes, and delicious physique. But will he return the same affection? Will we be able to choose love over everything else?

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54 chapters
“Stop!” my heart sank as I ran toward mom to sheild her and take her place instead SPLASH! Drenched from head to toe in the dirty water in the middle of the kitchen, I tried to breathe deeper to calm my erratic heartbeat. And then the one thing I was dreading, presented itself. “God damn it! You stink!” Peter blasted, throwing the empty bucket of water directly at my face. It hit my head and fell down on the ground with a loud tumble. It hurt, but I did not dare to dodge. Peter is old and ugly and reeks of alcohol all the time, but he has power. The omega supervisor. If I offended him, mom and I will be doomed. “August, move.” mom whispered from behind, trying to shove me aside as her hands trembled on my arm. She was timid, and always remained quiet with her head down. She said as long as we did not offend anyone, we will be able to survive as omegas without getting harmed. I followed the advice. I remained like her, with my head staring at the ground without talking to anyon
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Lucinda stood at the door watching me and mum. She must have heard everything already. I heard repressed and low murmurs around the room, surprised that Lucinda is even more beautiful than looking from afar. She is the living definition of grace. She’s the gem, the princess. She is everything we can never be. With a small, gentle smile on her face she walked toward us, and bent down to say to mom, “Let me borrow your daughter for a while, will you?” The other omegas had scattered around to their works, but the wonder and astonishment on their faces still remained. What a lady, acting so politely even to an omega. Mom nodded her head, wiping the tears from her face, “Of course, miss.” Lucinda straightened, “August? Storage room.” and walked out of the kitchen, knowing I will follow. Just as I started standing up, mom grabbed my arm and snatched me back. Her lips moved barely, asking worriedly, “Why is miss Lucinda looking for you? Are you going to be punished by her too?” “No. No
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Adrian was caught off guard by the flour attack. I repeat. Adrian, the most popular, good-looking, and also the LAST werewolf I should be in the same room with, is standing in front of me. And I had just attacked him The door slammed shut behind Him. He jumped back the moment he spotted my pale, flour-covered face. To be honest, I was impressed that he didn't scream at the sight. He had balls big enough to not scream. But instead, he shifted! Clothes ripping off, flying everywhere, and his body shifting into a large, black wolf midair. His paws slammed down on the ground as he growled and jump at me dangerously. His fangs, the size of my whole palm, bared at me with a menacing roar. I Just screamed. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” No bars hold. No shame. You just can’t ask too much from a girl who hasn’t transformed yet! The scream brought his wolf back to its senses. When the moment of shock passed and he saw that it was just a half-sized girl who had thrown the bowl of flou
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I desperately searched through the drawer again but there was nothing else but aprons. There were no clothes in the other drawers. In the end, I just grabbed the apron and then turned to him. My face burning red in shame. “Th- this is the only thing I could find,” I mumbled, handing it to him. “Are you kidding me?” He said dryly. “I won’t blame you for your past behaviours if you just bring me a NORMAL shirt.” He thinks I am keeping him naked for my entertainment? “There is literally nothing else in this drawer, I swear on my honor!” I pulled the drawer open with enough force that it’s handle and hinges started to shake, “see! Aprons only. Or I can take off my dress and you wear it instead!” His eyes turned into slits. No dress then. He took a deep breath of frustration and then snatched the apron off my hands. My fingers shivered for a brief second when his skin touched mine. It was so hard to keep my eyes off him! I dropped my eyes immediately to the ground. He put the apr
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Gossips and whispers followed me wherever I went throughout the pack house. People were eager to see me and then make that face that says ‘are you serious?’ before turning away and engaging in more gossip. Even Peter stopped harassing me. He told me to go rest one day. REST! Can you believe it? Alarmingly, Lucinda hasn’t contacted me after that dreadful day, but I can sense her everywhere. She is like a spider hovering over me, playing with me, knowing well she can consume me anytime. Mom on the other hand believed my innocence immediately because she knew I had never crossed paths with Adrian before. She said if I could just lay low for a couple of days, people will forget about this. So I did. She was wrong. The rumour became stronger each day. Peaking from behind a pillar to make sure there was no one outside, I quickly rushed out of the pack house to work, aka clean up the ground. Just as I reached the ground and rejoiced my tiny sneaking out, someone tapped on my shoulder
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Adrian I rushed inside the room hastily. August was pinned on the couch by two men four times her size. She looked devastated. Her face was covered with tears as she fought for her dignity. She looked completely helpless but no one seemed to be bothered by her constant begging and struggles. “Back off!” I snapped and push away those perverts who are busy touching her naked skin.. She is an omega. But she is a girl, for fuck’s sake! “Adrian!” dad’s thundering voice crescendoed in my ears, “Do not interfere. You have already done enough.” I grabbed August’s clothes off the floor and tossing them to her, “Put them on.” She grabbed them immediately and rushed behind the couch to put the clothes back on. When I turned back around, I saw the same guards inching toward the couch, trying to look at her. “Hey, perverts!” their eyes snapped to me immediately, getting caught made them stumble and move away from that place. “Out of here. Right now!” I barked, “and remember to get ten wh
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AugustI have never met a more narcissistic person than Adrian! Just because he is the future alpha of the pack, and handsome and nice, and has arms that can wrestle an elephant, he assumes that every girl that sees his ethereal, divine face will fall in love with him?Are you kidding me? I’m not those girls! I don’t even think about his crazily beautiful brown eyes.Sure, Adrian was not as bad as I had thought him to be. He didn’t laugh at me when I made mistakes. He is much more reasonable than his Dad. He has a great smile. And most importantly, though we don’t know each other too well. He still did his best to rescue me from those messes. It would be cherry on top if he is wearing shining armor. Even better if I can be the lucky princess that will live happily ever after with….Wait. What was I thinking??????I’m definitely out of my mind. August, August, remember who you are!I started to sob. My heart aching terribly. And then he started saying soft words in that gentle voice
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Brady?I recognized that face. I had seen the redheaded, six feet bloke hanging out with Adrian a million times ever since they were little. They were best friends ever since I knew of their existence. His eyes immediately fell upon my naked form which was barely covered with Adrian’s shirt. His eyes widened for a brief second in shock but then he threw the omega working suit in his hand on me. It looks identical to the suit I was wearing before it turned into strips. My eyes dropped in shame and I tried to hide my body as much as possible.“Wear it,” Adrian muttered and marched over to Brady. Grabbing Brady’s neck from behind he turned him around to face the wall.I took a moment to collect myself. Standing up on my feet, and pinning my gaze on the both of them to make sure they don’t peek at me.None of them made a move to turn and look at me change like a pair of good boys.Grabbing the shirt off the floor, I clutched it tightly in my hand, and breathed deeply before walking up to
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‘Don’t tell anyone you have a wolf.’ - this is what Adrian’s note had said. My heart sank. Why did he say that? Is there something wrong with my wolf? But she’s not disabled. I ’d know when I shfited, right? Suddenly I couldn’t be sure of anything. Millions of possible problems rushed to my mind. But it’s not like I can just march over to the alpha’s son and ask for an explanation. I’m at the kitcen. It’s not a safe place to shift and check on my wolf. As much as it was irking me, I decided to focus on the one thing I CAN control right here, right now, and that is- making this cake that Lucinda asked of me.“Make a Tres Leches, she says. Make it quickly, she says.” I muttered under my breath as I preheated the over before making the batter for the cake in a baking pan. I grew up in the kitchen. But I’ve never cooked anything with a heart full of strange and warm feelings. The curves on my lips refuse to be straightened when I thought of him.I remembered the look on his face when h
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Immediately I shifted back. I rushed toward the window. Wasn’t it too soon to be attacked by wild animals already? At least let me get a nappy time before I get into trouble again.I looked out the window, saw something, and snapped back immediately.I wished it was a wild animal.I sneaked a glance out again. A man wearing an all-black outfit with his face covered in black cloth was right outside the window. He pushed his hand through the bars, forcing the window to open wide. And that is when his and my eyes met, and I opened my mouth to scream like hell.His hand shot up, his eyes wide in horror as he put a finger over his lips, “Shush it!”My voice got stuck in my throat. This voice was… familiar?“Adrian?” I called out hesitantly.He nodded his head, and pulled down the cover on his face a bit so I could see his face. “What are you doing?! And what are you even doing here?”He leaned closer to the window, “Did you tell anyone about your wolf?”“No.”His face visibly relaxed. “B
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