An Arrange Marriage That Went Wrong

An Arrange Marriage That Went Wrong

By:  A.K.Knight  Updated just now
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Paris Poppy is arranged to be married to a stranger she has never met. At the first sight she had fallen for him, however, her arranged husband, Archer Wealth, doesn’t believe in love and is only marrying her for the sake of a son. Paris is determined to make him fall in love with her, but secretly Archer had found himself falling for a beautiful blonde, he’s clueless is his arranged wife's younger sister, Everlee Sunflower. Everlee Sunflower never thought she could love a man so much the day she met Archer, she now desires to be his wife and mother of his children. What will happen when both sisters discovered they are in love with the same man? Will Paris let go of Archer knowing he’ll never love her but only loves her sister? Will Everlee end her relationship with Archer, for her love for her big sister or will she beg Archer to forget what they ever had, and kept what they had a secret, to remain to marry her sister, fearing Paris may never forgive her once she finds out?

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67 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Of all the females within my family, why I'm I the only one punish with this awfully looking hair?" protested Paris, as she held a loose strand of her long, curly, red hair, scornfully, gazing at it with great disappointment. She hated her hair so badly that her heart ached every day to look at herself in her mirror and to touch it. She wished she had another color of hair, instead of her red hair, she considered to look like a white mop utterly stained by blood or red polish. Paris thought nothing of her hair other than unattractive. Sadly, neither of her parents had red hair. Her father had brown hair, and her mother was blonde. She had her father's bright blue eyes though, but sadly that was only the physical feature she had managed to inherit from one of her parents. Her mother had once informed her she had gotten her bright red hair from her great, great, great grandfather. Paris didn't care and hated it even more. She considered it the ugliest color of human hair and there's n
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Chapter 2
"I've got to go”, Archer got out of bed, naked, reaching for his pant. "So early," Blair complained, as she sat up, holding the white sheet across her bosom, hiding her nakedness. "Yes, I have some family business I was told I needed to attend, I can't miss it," he told her as he started to button his shirt. "I wish you could stay longer," Blair pouted. Archer admired her disappointed face which looked so cute to him. He leaned to kiss her. "Your 1000 pounds is on the bedside table, and I promise I'll come to see you tonight," His rough voice that was pleasing to hear by all women whispered in her right ear. She kissed him happily. Blair is his first and only sex worker, a very attractive green eyes and dark hair 18-year-old, he found out was a virgin and it was her first time working at a brothel. He later learned her story, after turning 18 she had to leave the orphanage she grew up in, and not having any experience in the working world this was the only job she could get. "F
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Chapter 3
Paris's eyes opened slowly, and she found herself lying in her bed. "You're finally awakened," she heard her mother's voice. Her eyes searched the room and there she saw her mother sitting by the window. "It was not a dream," Paris said worried, realizing what had happened today was true. "Tomorrow, I'll be following you to get some new dresses to look beautiful for your soon-to-be husband and also a stylish hairstyle," her mother told her as she got up from the chair, leaving the room. "Mom," Paris jumped out of bed stopping her. "Who says once he looks at me, he'll want me to be his wife?" Paris asked worriedly. High school days Paris had been ignored and scorned many times by boys because of her hair and worst her face too, which was filled with freckles. Paris believed her face wasn't beautiful as well, she believed her face looked like a piece of stained white cloth. "He'll love you when I help you beautifully dress and showing a little skin, said Mrs. Rose. So, stop being
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Chapter 4
Everlee stared through the window of the carriage nervously. She wished badly; she didn’t accept to have lunch with Mr. Fredrick this evening. She should have been on the first train to Greenfield, but that was another issue bothering her. Leaving home without Mr. and Mrs. Poppy's knowledge after they had taken her in and raised her as their own when her mom had passed away, she felt so bad for disappointing them. She knew returning home today will not be easy facing any of them. She feared they will never forgive her, and she'll return to New York lonely, no longer having them within her life. Everlee wanted to regret what she did to them, but she couldn't. Leaving home to NY was the best thing she had done. If she never did, she would never be who she was today, an art teacher, an independent and ambitious lady. She just hoped they will forgive her that's if she does take the last and second train to Greenfield. Going out on a lunch date with Mr. Fredrick was a way for her to cancel
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Chapter 5
Last night Paris barely slept. She turned and twisted in bed, anxiously waiting to be rejected by the suitor. The morning she was so tired and barely had the energy to get out of bed to get ready for work. Today is the day I'll be humiliated by the stranger after he sees me, she thought sadly. Tears filled her eyes thinking about being shoved aside just as she had been treated in the past at her high school dance. Every girl had someone to dance with, even those who just came to the dance hoping someone would ask them for a dance. Paris thought she would luckily be in the same position as them, but no one asked her for a dance. The entire night she stood at the corner watching every female smiling happily with their dates and enjoying themself. It was the most painful time of her life. Paris fell to the floor crying, before she could reach the bathroom to get a quick shower. Her mom entered her room. "What is wrong Paris?" she asked worriedly. "I don't want to be rejected by him,
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Chapter 6
"I wish I had written in the letter as well for dad to pick me up," Everlee argued with herself for being so foolish not to do so. She was now standing at the train station in Greenfield having no ride to take her home with a heavy suitcase that was now hurting her hand. Everlee was so used to dwelling in New York and being able to get rides no matter wherever she goes, she totally forgot how Greenfield worked. Greenfield was a country area and had no transportation like, in New York. Everyone here had their own horse and carriage to go wherever they needed to go, which sucks badly for Everlee now. She was stuck at the train station with no transportation to go home. I guess I'll have to walk and hopefully, someone going my way could kindly give me a ride, Everlee thought as she pulled her heavy suitcase behind her. She walked carefully along the road trying to ignore pulling her suitcase in any mud. Returning to Greenfield made her appreciate the day she secretly left home. Greenfi
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Chapter 7
"Delilah, please be on the lookout for Everlee if she's here before anyone returns home," said Paris grabbing her purse to meet her mom at the clothes store. "Yes, Miss Paris," answered Delilah. Paris coachman was outside waiting on her. He opened the carriage door as he saw Paris leaving her home. The door closed as she entered, and the carriage drove off. Paris took a deep breath in and exhaled heavily, nervous that the time to meet the stranger she was arranged to be married to was drawing near, close for her to being rejected by him because of her unattractive appearance, she thought negatively. When Paris had reached the well-known clothes store in Greenfield her mom was already there waiting on her. Mrs. Rose grabbed her by the hand pulling her along. "Good day," an employee came over to greet them. "I want a beautiful white dress for my daughter," Mrs. Rose told the sales representative. "Paris you can go and look at dresses you might like while I help the sales rep find
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Chapter 8
Out of anger, Everlee was clueless about the speed she was walking due to the stranger who had upset her after she refused to ride along with him. She had arrived at her destination. She stopped at the gate breathing tiredly, staring at the large white house she once used to call home. She was tired, thirsty and her feet hurt. She couldn't wait to find a seat and rest her legs. Her bright blue eye opened wide as she saw the front door of the house opened, nervous to meet her parents after secretly leaving home and haven't seen them for 5 years now. She was too bit nervous about meeting Paris whom she took as her big sister. She held her dress out of relief seeing it was Delilah the housemaid but was still worried that she still will have to meet them since she will be at their home. She'll have to grow some courage to approached them. Delilah had been working at the house since Everlee was a baby, so she knew her very well. "Ms. Everlee," Delilah walked hurriedly opening the gate,
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Chapter 9
Before returning home, Paris made sure she bought a large bag of every makeup Carrie had used on her face to conceal her unattractiveness. Though the new make-over had made her feel a little confident in meeting her arranged husband this evening she still felt nervous. "What is wrong, you now look beautiful?" Mrs. Poppy inquired her seeing worries on her face. "What if he sees that I'm not that beautiful without makeup," Paris answered. "Make sure you're always wearing makeup whenever you're around him and when he does marry you it would be too late, for him to reject you," Mrs. Poppy joked. "Stop playing with me mom and I'm being serious here," Paris argued. "I know, I'm only joking to put you in a happy mood," retorted Mrs. Poppy. Paris's eyes turned to the carriage window staring at the road sadly. "Stop worrying, most men never see their wife's real face until after the honeymoon, Mrs. Poppy told Paris. Your father never sees mine until I was in labour having you." "Well, h
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Chapter 10
"You'll stay within your room until he and his father arrive," Mrs. Poppy told Paris as she helped zipped her dress from behind. "Yes,” Paris answered fixing her hair. "I'll be downstairs," Mrs. Poppy informed Paris leaving the room. Paris took one last look in the mirror and walked over to sit down on her bed nervously. She was so anxious for the dinner to be over with, it was killing her wondering if the suitor will like her or not. "Paris," Everlee called knocking on the door. "You may come in," Paris answered. "Wow, you look beautiful," Everlee complimented gazing at Paris at how stunning she was in her stylish white dress. Paris thanked her, blushing. "What do you want?" Paris asked curiously as to why Everlee wanted to see her now. "Are you sure about this, being married to a stranger you don't even know if he'll love you the way you hope he will?" Everlee asked closing the door behind her as she approached Paris. "I know you're trying to look out for me, but I can take
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