The Hunted

The Hunted

By:  A J Taylor  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Grace's mother is brutally murdered by her father, her life is flipped. Sent to live in multiple group homes for four years before she is finally adopted. A Human girl adopted by the most ruthless Alpha what could go wrong? Can he keep her from knowing the truth or will it cause chaos? Will she become part of the Hunted too?

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2 Chapters
IN THE BEGINNING May 21st, 2010It was around five thirty in the evening when he reached the diner, the clouds clustered in a blur dark grey, the rain bounced off the windscreen as the whipers swished side to side in an attempt to see clearly. He switched the engine off, stepping out of the large black pickup truck. Authority radiated from his tall, muscular frame, his slicked his dirty blonde hair back as the rain soaked it. His hazel eyes held a hint of anger, a human had come into his diner and held a gun to one of his sixteen year old waitresses. The police had to get involved, there were two police cars out the front of the diner. Ducking under the police tape, Damien stepped into his diner, he was feared by everyone, humans, wolves and vampires alike, he was known as the Blood Alpha and that was not just because Blood is his surname. Her sent hit him sending him into a short sense of euphoria, he had finally found her his mate after, eighteen years of searching he had finally f
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Chapter 1
PRESENT DAY"Grace!" Papa's voice boomed from downstairs, "Hurry up, you're going to be late." She danced round the room, as she dressed herself pulling on her skinny jeans along with a black and red floral top. She quickly slid into her boots, she did not want to tie her hair up today, leaving it curly and loose. Snatching her bag from the bed, she raced down the stairs taking them two at a time and doing a small but excited jump at the bottom two steps. The smell of bacon fills the air, and a smile finds its way onto her face, it was her birthday breakfast. Walking down the hall she stepped into a large kitchen, seeing a plate full of food on the counter, with sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, beans, black pudding and my favourite papa's fried bread with a ketchup smile, her stomach instantly growled. "Happy Sixteenth Kiddo." A tall man with dirty blonde hair, muscular arms and hazel eyes, picked up a plate and placed it on the dining table, his smile caused the corners of his ey
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