Mirfield's Darkest Secrets

Mirfield's Darkest Secrets

By:  yummy_graham  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ivana Monique "Ivy" Ortega is a 17-year-old girl who moved to a town called Mirfield. Her parents couldn't afford to send her to college so she took her aunt's offer to finish her studies at Mirfield College with her financial support. Here's when she meets a student named Zion, a mysterious man who loves books as she does. Whenever Ivy crosses paths with Zion, she always feels something different towards him. Later on, creepy things happen to Mirfield and to Ivy herself. She discovered that Zion isn't a normal person at all. On the other side, even though Ivy knows that Zion isn't like her, she eventually fell in love with him. Ivy discovered that Zion needs to marry a human to get his abilities back. His abilities were kept from him by the spell casters when he killed a man in the woods who happens to be the one who tried to hurt Ivy a few times. Will Ivy agree on marrying Zion to get his vampire abilities back?

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24 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Moving to MirfieldIvy.The cold breeze blew on my face as I walked towards the front door of my aunt's well-built house. Rumors about this town being cursed kept crossing my mind. Back home, mom and dad used to tell me that they once lived here. They couldn't get over how spine-chilling it was for them to live in such a creepy town."Let me help you with your things," aunt Rosie said as she offered me a hand for my luggage. After her, I walked and observed inside the house. The aquarium with a dead fish caught my eye and if it wasn't for my curiosity, I wouldn't have gone to it."Is that fish dead, auntie?" I softly asked while looking at the greenish aquarium in front of me."It's just a toy, Ivy," she told me as she walked upstairs with my bag in her hands.I followed her and as I took the stairs, my hand was sliding through the wood railing of it. The door on the terrace was open, causing the cold air to enter which made me cross my arms to prevent shivering. The quietn
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Mirfield Diner"You like that, huh?" I heard the man's voice whom I saw with the girl."Yeah," she then chuckled which made me so confused. I was still in this other man's hands, making sure that I won't make a foolish move. I could feel him breathing from my back. When we heard the fading footsteps of the couple, he then let go of me.Oh, it's Zion. The man who helped me earlier."Why did you stop me?" I immediately asked him, maintaining a low voice. I already had enough attention on this day."From what? From crashing a romantic moment? Or from helping a girl who doesn't need help?" Zion sarcastically asked, fixing his shirt leather jacket.I scoffed before leaving him. I visited the library before I went home. Before I could enter my room, I heard a scratching sound in the other room. I dropped my bag on the floor before walking toward it. I thought it was locked but it wasn't so I entered and I coughed right away when tons of dirt welcomed me.Oh, this is Abbie's room.
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Party“What were you doing outside?” Lizzy asked me instantly. When I sat down, I accidentally spilled my drink on the table so she asked for some table napkins.“Nothing,” I shortly answered. I calmed myself by taking a deep breath.“Thank you, Jace,” Lizzy said when he handed her the napkins she asked for. “Oh, and by the way, this is my friend. She just moved to Mirfield a few weeks ago.”“Hi.” He flashed a genuine smile. “Ivana, right?” he asked, offering a hand to me.“Y-yeah,” I agreed, not asking why he knows my name. It’s not like not everyone talks about me the time I stepped on Mirfield College. “Just Ivy,” I said as I shook his hand."Well, it’s very nice to meet you. Jace, Jace Remington," he politely introduced himself. "Uhm, do you guys wanna go to a party?""Yes, of course!" Lizzy exclaimed as if she was already invited by him."Great. There will be a thanksgiving party tomorrow at our house because my mom became the mayor of Mirfield. Both of you should come
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Dream“You saw me in your dream?”Zion didn’t say a thing when I asked. He kept silent and didn’t even bother to look at me. If he saw me in my dream, is that a reason for him to follow me? Or to avoid me?“There you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you—Oh, you’re with someone. Hi,” Lizzy greeted Zion who was still quiet.“Hey,” he greeted her too with a serious face. “Excuse me,” he said before walking away. We watched him as he walked and I saw the smirk on Lizzy’s face.“I didn’t know you know the word ‘flirting’,” she said to me.“I don’t. I was asking him something and he just ignored me.” I sighed heavily and crossed my arms on my chest.“He’s hot, though,” she said, teasing me. I just rolled my eyes when she said that. “Who is he, anyway?” Lizzy asked me.“His name is Zion. He’s Jace’s uncle,” I answered.“Oh. It’s not surprising. They have good genes.” Lizzy chuckled.___I was still at school, walking downstairs when I saw someone on the balcony. I know it
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: We Aren't Friends"How's school?"I was breathing so fast. I couldn't calm myself after I had some clues about Zion and I don't think that he's what I thought he was before. It was a good thing that mom called me, a way to get off the tension I was feeling."I'm doing great, mom. Mirfield College is a really good school, I can tell. How are you and dad?" I asked, changing the topic to avoid a conversation about how I am in 'Mirfield' itself."Well, we're still having trouble finding a stable job. But don't worry, once we save up, you can come back home and we'll be the ones to handle all your school fees," she told me, loving the idea of me going back to our home."Mom," I sighed. "We've talked about this, right? Aunt Rosie has already given me the opportunity plus, I promised her that I would be staying with her until I graduate college. And also, I wanted to watch over her, now that Abbie is gone. She needs someone right now," I explained to mom."I know. But your dad and
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Dear Diary "Wow." The man who had me laughed sarcastically. "Look who's trying to be a hero." Zion looked at me, maybe trying to figure out if I was okay or if I got hurt. I was trying to be brave but I couldn't. I was so afraid of what this man with sharp teeth might do to me if I don't stay still. Tears were falling on my face as I look at Zion, begging him to help me. "I'm sure you heard what I said," Zion told him. "Let her go," he repeated. "Or what? Do you think I'm scared of you? If I were you, I'll leave and let someone enjoy their meal," this man answered. Is he pertaining to me? How can I be his meal? "You don't know what I'm capable of, James. You broke the rules. Now, guess what's coming for you," Zion said in a dark voice. I didn't quite understand what they were talking about. All I know is that I need to get off of this dangerous man and go home because aunt Rosie must be worrying about me already. "Even if you run away, you will need to pay the price
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Dungeon Zion. Ivy is related to Abbie? I went to the balcony of my room and put my hands on the railing, feeling the fresh air because I need a whole lot of it. I get that this is a small town, I just didn't expect it to be smaller. I went inside my room and picked a book from the bookshelf to distract myself. As I was reading, I didn't notice that something fell from the pages. Oh, it was a picture of me and Abbie at school. ___ I was looking at Mr. Coleman even though I wasn't paying attention to what he was teaching to the class. Ivy was sitting next to me and I can feel her eyes staring at me, probably getting a reaction from me after how I acted when I drove her to Rosie's house. The class ended and I went straight to the library. I saw Ivy entering while I was looking for a book on the bookshelf. It looks like she was following and looking for me when she entered. I didn't bother to hide. Instead, I showed myself but didn't make any eye contact with her. I can h
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8: The Town IssuesIvy."Have you spoken to Zion?" Lizzy and I were walking home. I invited her to watch a movie and have dinner with us as my aunt said when I told her that I already have a friend at Mirfield College."Yeah. But he seems so cold to me these days," I answered Lizzy.Zion and I didn't have a proper conversation since that day when he drove me home. I know that something is wrong and I'm guessing that aunt Rosie is involved."Wait a minute," Lizzy said and stared at the house of my aunt. She seemed confused and surprised."What's wrong?""This is where you live?" She arched a brow and I slowly nodded, also getting confused. "You live with your aunt, right?" She asked and I nodded again. "Is her name Rosie?"That was when I got my eyebrows furrowed. I don't recall mentioning aunt Rosie's name before but silly me, I just remembered that it is just a small town and a small village."Yeah, you know her?" I asked before opening the door and giving her a signal to co
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Search Party"Where the hell did he get my number?"I was walking back to my room and by the time I said that I saw the look on Lizzy's face. At that moment, I knew she was the one who gave it. It looks like she was guilty of not asking permission from me."He asked for it," she said. "I didn't have time to ask you because he said it's urgent. Sorry," she apologized."I'm not mad at you, Lizzy. I'm just confused right now," I assured her."Did something happen? Why did you suddenly close the windows?" she asked curiously.I wanted to call Zion again but he said he'll be out with someone to look for James, the one who tried to hurt me. I wasn't so afraid when Zion said that he escaped but I'm not at ease either."Zion asked me to do it," I told her.I sat down in front of her, hearing the movie that was still playing on the TV. I never believed in supernatural things, never. But what I'm experiencing right now kind of telling me that I am blind in all ways.I saw Zion's eyes
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Kyran Mansion"When are you planning on talking to me?"I was getting furious when we were inside the car. He wouldn't even say a single word since we left the house. I packed up some of my things as he told me but here he is, ignoring me.Even though Lizzy agreed to sleep in the house because I told her I needed someone to be there and comfort aunt Rosie, I was still worried. She already suffered severe anxiety when Abbie died. Another reason for her to feel lonely is that uncle Paul, his ex-husband, wanted a divorce after what happened to their daughter. He's now currently with his new wife and they are living in Holbeck.After minutes of him driving, we arrived at their mansion. The last time I went here, there weren't a lot of people inside. Just the maids and gardeners. But now, I assumed that his family is there because of the cars that were parked in their big garage.Zion helped me with my bag but still, he was avoiding eye contact with me. I sighed before walking
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