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How I went from being a poor orphan to becoming a magical princess of an enchanted kingdom will never cease to amaze me"----- AZURA ******** "Rosella had never really believed in magic. Not until she woke up on her 18th birthday as a different person. Literally. All she wants is a logical explanation for her sudden red hair and blue eyes. But with the answers she seeks, comes a whole new family she never knew about, magical powers, enemies, secrets, a crown and a mysterious werewolf mate.

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    12 chapters
    AZURA: Prologue
    Magic......Do you believe in magic and spells?Do you believe in supernatural powers?Flying horses, floating houses, curses.. you know, all those stuffs you read in books or watch in movies?Well I didn't, untill a few years ago.It all started a week before my 18th birthday, with dreams. Disturbing dreams, although not scary, no. Not at all.Disturbing because they never made sense ,and those dreams completely changed life.As I was saying, the dreams started on a friday night, exactly one week before my birthday. I saw myself..though not really me, because the lady I saw was a completely different lady. With long red hair, on a flying horse.Yeah I know...weird right?Well I was on a flying horse, four others behind me, but i couldn't see the faces of their riders clearly.I woke up the next morning with an odd feeling of total peace and joy.Of course the first time, I didn't take it seriously, not untill the dream kept repeating. Each one weirder than the last.The fourth time,
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    AZURA: Chapter 1
    I am Azura. The only goddess of two elements. Fire and water.Ooops...... Right introduction, wrong timing.****************"This is not gonna be a great day". This was all I could say to myself.Somehow deep down, I could just feel that something huge was gonna happen today.It was the same gut feeling I woke up with the day I lost my parents to a ghastly car accident.I was a hundred and one percent sure, that crazy things are gonna happen today. Was it instinct? Or maybe what I saw when I looked at my reflection in the mirror this morning?Or both?Oh well...I've always been that weird girl. When I was a child, I used to see things. Imaginary creatures. Although I stopped seeing them as I became older, so my parents and I would always joke about it. "They are just a child's imaginations"But were they really?I sighed.This isn't gonna be a great dayMy heart did a flip for the hundredth time that morning and I sighed again.As I walked to school, that feeling kept growing.I w
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    AZURA: Chapter 2
    "Come on"I grabbed Rachel's hand, dragging her to the dark closet behind our class room. When we got there, I locked the door leaving us in darkness."Okay Ella, what's wrong? Are u okay?. This place is very dark, so let's just go outside and talk"Ignoring her, I bought out my phone from my breast pocket and switched on the torchlight, so she could see what I was about to show her."Ray, I'm gonna show you some crazy stuffs right now, but promise me you won't freak out. Please, I already did enough of that.""What's going on Ella? Just spill it. I'm getting worried" And I could hear the worry in her voice."Well, remember the dreams I told you about?" Rachel nodded."The crazy dreams you have been having for the past few days. Yeah I remember, so what happened?" "I don't think they are just dreams." I said and shivered immediately at the thought of what I was about to reveal to her."What do you mean?""Well, I woke up this morning to something else Ray." Breathing in and out heavi
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    AZURA: Chapter 3
    I screamed, almost jumping out of my skin and stood up immediately, looking around the dark room.I thought I was alone.Of course I am."Who's there?" I whisper, my heart beating faster."Calm down and listen to me" The voice said again. Somehow it seems like it is in my head."Listen attentively princess. You can't see me because I'm not there. I'm home. I'm currently communicating in your mind"In my mind?Is this day going to get any worse?.However I decide not to freak out, to at least see where all this is going to.Because I really need answers. Desperately."Okay, so who are you? And why are you in my head?. Wait...better question. How on Earth are u in my head?""We share a bond Azura. I can communicate with you through that bond". The sweet voice said again.Is that really necessary?That happens in real life?"Well okay. That makes total sense" I said, sarcastically and very angrily."How about you pause your questions for later and work on that temper boiling in you. You
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    AZURA: Chapter 4
    EDWARD**********I woke up panting and sweating despite the cold temperature of the room.Son of a......Getting up from the bed, I switched on the light and went to the drawer to search for my phone. I'm very sure I left it here last night.... Yup, I did.4:35am.I cursed again. When was the last time I had this nightmare? They stopped years ago, so why today again?I picked up a polo to wear and shivered at the vivid memory of the dream I just woke up from.The image was still still as clear as day.A burning car.... The screams, still ringing in my head, as if it was just yesterday.Agonizing screams of my parents and the king, cries of a new born baby as they all burned to nothing, along the car they were riding in.It is 18 years already. But that experience is something I can never forget for the rest of my life. Not just me, but the four princes who lost just as much as I did. I picked up a little box from my desk and headed downstairs to the kitchen, knowing I'll find the
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    AZURA: Chapter 5
    Crazy.....That is the only word that I can use to describe this day. Just crazy.I stepped into my one room apartment and locked the door behind me, throwing my bag on the bed.I picked up the little picture frame on my desk and sighed, staring at one of the few pictures I have of my parents.The picture was taken one month before their death."I'm so confused right now. If only you two were here, I'm sure I'd get more answers. Like how and where u found me"I wonder if that question will ever be answered.Everything is still so hard to process, even at this moment.Lily had explained as much as she could, but with each answer to my questions, the worse I felt.Eighteen years of my life, all a lie. My life is a total joke.From being a magical princess, to having a family that I never knew about.Well at least I have their names now, thanks to Lily.My mum is Norah, my brothers, Micah, Tony then my twin brothers Jacob and Jason.I'm a triplet. Oh wow...A whole new family, and I can
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    AZURA: Chapter 6
    "Who are you?"The lady just smiled again before answering."My name is Annabelle, I'm your aunt. Can I come in?"My aunt?..... My aunt, like the good aunt Lily told me about? How did she find me?.Rachel was just looking at the lady with an opened mouth."Hey Romeo" I snapped my fingers in her face. "Your jaw dropped"That had her shutting her Mouth and smiling."I'm sorry for staring, it's are really pretty ma'am. You look like you came down from heaven"She said,The aunt giggled."Thank you my dear. You are very pretty too. I love your figure" that had Rachel blushing.I rolled my eyes and opened the door wider for her to come in. She did and I locked it."I never believed it when the boys called me" The lady began, staring at me with a wide smile. "Like, how is it possible? I never believed it. But look at you Melody... You are alive. You are alive after 18 years" taking out a white handkerchief out of....nowhere, she dabbed at her eyes sniffing dramaticall
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    AZURA: Chapter 7
    30 minutes later, and my bag was already all packed.Rachel and I had agreed that the apartment would remain because I would obviously visit once in a while. At least, I hope so."Are you ready?" My aunt asked, coming to my side with a smile."No I am not, but let's just get it over with.""So how's this going to work?" Rachel chipped in. "You know... the portal thing.""I just open a portal that should lead us directly to the Palace, which is usually impossible if I wasn't a member of the Royal family". Aunt Anna explained."Why is it impossible?" I ask"Well, because the palace is guarded by a very strong ancient magic. Outsiders can't come in unless they are permitted. "With that, she turns away from us, towards the wall, and just snaps her fingers three times. Suddenly there was light. Right in the wall was a bright opening... a hole of some sort, similar to the one Doctor Strange opens in Avengers."Oh my God." Rachel gasped excitedly..."This is awesome. So what you guys just ha
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    AZURA: Chapter 8
    Few minutes later, I lay back on my bed, willing myself to sleep but I couldn't. Maybe because I was excited, or maybe because I was scared that once I closed my eyes, I'd wake up again in my room...a normal orphan and all this would turn out to be just a wild dream.With a sigh I got up from the bed and walked over to the massive shelf that had my birthday gifts in it and smiled. What would it have been like to grow up with these boys?It doesn't matter though. I'm here now, with my real family.Somehow that brought close tears to my eyes. Real family.... What about my parents? If I was born in this enchanted world how did I end up in Nigeria? How did they find me?Surely there was a very huge part of this story that I was missing.My eyes caught a picture on the shelf and I picked it up. She was a very beautiful lady... She looked just like me, but with dark hair and although she looked tired, she was wearing a big smile as she stared down at the three kids on her lap.That must be
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    AZURA: Chapter 9
    Edward_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Running was something I enjoyed doing, maybe because it was the only time I can be myself and just everything free.....When I'm running in my other shape, I feel safe, and powerful and couldn't care less about the secret I had to protect every day.The moment I opened the door to the sitting room, the scent that hit my nostrils froze me in my tracks.WTF?My senses are always heightened after I change and it takes a few days to reduce if I don't shift again.The unfamiliar...yet familiar scent of a woman was so strong I almost staggered...It can't be...A scent that I've dreamt about....a scent that I've carried with me for eighteen years...a scent that I refused to let go of...Although stronger and purer and older now...but I could never mistake it for something else...I rushed...almost the kitchen following the scent and froze again at the kitchen door as my stomach clenched painfully at the sight before me.There she was.. her long red hair beauti
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