Rising Of The Luna

Rising Of The Luna

By:  edanladi831  Ongoing
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In life, we do not always get what we want. Alpha Kelvin, the Alpha of the half-moon park has always wanted his descendants to remain the Alpha hence he had always wished for a son to succeed him as his enemy and rival, Damien, a wicked wolf had always wanted the throne for himself. After a long fight, Damien and Kelvin both got married and had children. Unfortunately, Alpha Kelvin had a daughter and Alpha Damien had a son. What lies ahead for Half-Moon Park?

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    8 chapters
    Chapter One
    Another year, another day, another generation, yet it did not seem to pass by. The story has always been passed from one generation to another, one child to another, father to child, grandfather to grandchildren yet the story seems to be as fresh as it had initially happened.“And that is how it all happened." A young wolf who seemed to be in his mid forties smiled at his son on his laps, with the head of his son to his shoulder.They were both in the Royal Garden of the Half Moon Park with few guards behind them even at the dead of the night. The gentle breeze blew the hair of the wolf to whatever direction it pleases as his hair was unpacked.Occasionally, the wolf brushed the hair away from his eyes when the wind blew it to his eyes."That is how Half Moon Park came into existence?” The young boy raised his head quickly to behold his Father's face.The little wolf was just fifteen years of age. He was young and handsome and looked even more handsome as his Mother had braided his ha
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    Chapter Two
    “Reign” I could hear my mother's voice as she called out to me. I covered my mouth, trying to suppress the laughter as I hid under the table right in front of her. She had gone to the living room and even my room but could not find me. . It was Father’s throne anniversary. It was the 13th year he became the Alpha of the Half Moon Park. I had informed my mother I did not want the red bow she had picked for me nor did I want the dress she got for me but she did not listen. “Reign, where are you?” Mother placed her hands on her waist as she turned. She looked at the plates on the table in anger and was about to call out the maids for not cleaning it. “What is the matter? Where is Reign?” I could hear Father’s voice from afar? His voice interrupted her action as he walked over to her quickly. I was gripped with fear because if there was something Father never liked, it was me troubling Mother or making Mother shout. Not wanting to face Father’s wrath, I came out from where I was hid
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    Chapter Three
    Father’s words bruised my heart and my soul. It pierced into my heart like a two-edged sword. Did I just hear him right? It did not seem so.I could not control the tears that fell from my eyes. It fell slowly and softly. I raised my head as I heard the clanking sound of the sword.“Father!” I called in shock as Father raised the sword like he was going to murder me with it but then, he drove the sword into the floor, right by my side. I sighed in relief although there was still a hint of fear in my heart.“At this point, be prepared to die…” He paused and combed his hair with his hand as he turned his backk to me. “If you are not ready to fight and destroy your enemies”I had so many questions. Who were my enemies? Why would I even have enemies at this tender age of mine? Why would I need to train at this tender age? Why would I even have to train at that time of the morning? It was still dawn! But I could not dare to say a word.“So, I have to start grooming you now” He turned back
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    Chapter Four
    The ArgumentI turned back to look at them and I saw their faces, my father’s face was filled with anger and rage. I had never seen him that angry in my entire years of existence.I didn't care about the jar anymore, I just wanted to leave there that very moment. If wishes were horses, a beggar would ride one. If it was possible, I would have definitely played back time and start the day all over again but how could I? I couldn’t even move after hearing such words from my own father.My mother was worried and scared, I looked into her eyes and she knew I had heard everything they said and talked about, the continuous argument they had had always been about me and just me. How would I continue? I cannot bear mum always being hurt like this. My father loves his wife so much but because of me, they fight every day and every time, I feel so bad for my mum."Your mother asked you to leave, didn’t she? So what are you doing here eavesdropping? Is that what you are good at now? To just show
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    Chapter Five
    Chapter FourThe Tell-Tale Spirit. My lunch and dinner were sent to my room, I didn’t have a reason to step my foot outside. I knew something was off. I decided to sneak out and run away, packing my things would mean I want them to know that I am running away, and that isn’t the best advice, or is it?”It would be rather obvious that I decided to disappear, writing a letter won’t be nice either. I was hoping that soon if I heard their voices that I would at least change my mind and stay with my parents but the house was quiet, it was said that there was still some bad blood in between and I would guess that the entire staff is walking on shells.It became awfully quiet, an hour to midnight, the moon shined so bright and it had a soft breeze, I closed my windows and I took some of my pillows and clothes and stuffed the bed to make it seem like I was still there, it is a trick that I had learnt in camp, although when it was to test how good the stuffing was, I didn’t do too well, I was
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    Chapter Six
    The Search for Reign.Reign's point of view.I was in the midst of the flowers and the grass. It was really comfortable and quiet. I looked around and it looked like a hidden garden. I spotted an orange tree and a very tall apple tree. I felt relieved, I mean spending a week here and eating fruits wouldn’t be so bad.I played and twirled in the garden, for a while I started feeling hungry, I opened my bag and I brought out my snacks to eat but it was barely enough, I knew I wanted to eat the apple, it is so red, plump but there was one problem, the tree is so huge and tall, climbing it would mean either an injured leg, a broken rib or a twisted ankle, and neither any of those options would work, and I wouldn’t want a broken body part.I sighed as I needed to think of other ways to get that apple, but how can I?” I pondered for a while. I tried climbing the tree. Maybe it was just because I was far away from the tree but then when I got to the tree it became way taller and I knew it real
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    Chapter Seven
    The search for Reign 2: Reign comes back home[Alpha Kelvin and Luna Sophie] Author point of view“Sophie? Please, you need to eat, this is already past nine, it is late, you have searched for her and you are drained, you will fall sick, you have barely said any word, please Sophie.” The Alpha said to his wife that is weak, Reign had been gone for a whole day and her mother hasn’t been the same, she is so pissed at her husband, she believes he is the reason why she ran away, the Alpha has been looking for her but she hasn’t seen his care and pain that she is missing.“We haven’t seen her sir, we will go to the other clan tomorrow and search” Beta Elvis said as he walked into the room where Luna Sophie was, she was right in front of her mirror.“I will go to bed now, keep searching for her” The Luna said in a quiet voice as she went to the bed and covered herself with the duvet.The Alpha signaled Beta Elvis, it meant “we need to talk outside”The Beta understood and went out.“Sh
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    Chapter Eight
    Finding out about each other.“Kelvin, I heard your daughter ran away from home because she was is scared of facing my son, afraid of losing too, I mean how could you lose your own daughter but it’s given, you are very in competent and you have been that way since we were kids and now, why would you pass down your incompetence to your unwanted daughter and more so, if I was her I would run away from you, any way my son will be at the games this year, he will participate with your lazy and scared daughter, I will tell you this, I assure you, she will be back after the whole competition. Alpha Kelvin received a letter from Alpha Damien, the last time this happened was when Reign was born, He made sure it clear in his letter that Reign, being a girl would never match up to his son and never will, and Alpha Kelvin would make his daughter practiced and practiced hard just to prove to Damien.His mood suddenly changed as he looked over to his wife and sick daughter, he took the letter and he
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