The Omega For Sale

The Omega For Sale

By:  Kess   Completed
Language: English
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“Coming up next, Omega 36! Green eyes, blonde hair, curvy figure. A real catch! This one even comes with a bonus. She has a child!” The red curtain in front of us gradually pulls open. I’m momentarily blind by the glaring strong light up front. Yet I don’t even need to look at those men sitting down stage to know that their eyes are filled with disgusting lust. I can only hold the child in my arms and slowly move forward.

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106 Chapters
1. A Decision
The hallway in front of me seemed blurry. I blinked rapidly to stop the tears that were currently running down my cheeks, partially blinding my vision. I felt sore everywhere, my waist, my back and even down there seemed to be burningI pulled my shredded clothes tighter on my frame trying to cover my body as much as I could but it didn’t work.As I limped down the hallway, I caught sight of the large hand bruise on my thigh and that was the final straw. Leaning against the wall, I let myself slide down to the floor and the sobs that I had been trying to suppress finally bubbled to the top, tearing out of my throat in harsh bursts, I cradled my knees to my chest and covered my face with my long blonde hair.My skin was covered in sex marks, my entire body burning with pain, my legs felt sticky and I reeked of sex and blood. Tears and snot fought for a space on my face and the hopeless feeling that overwhelmed my frame was almost drowning. Four Months LaterI’m working in the kitch
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2. The Last Straw
Four Years AfterThe basket of laundry in my arms weighed a ton and I struggled to balance it in my hands, as I made my way through the courtyard. The sun beat down on me, making sweat run into my eyes and I had to blink rapidly to try to keep the moisture out of them but it was unsuccessful and it continued to run down my face, making my cheeks itch.My feet were killing me and I wanted nothing more than to take my shoes off and have them soak up the water. But I knew that I couldn’t do that, this full basket of laundry was the least of my chores today. As I made my way through the usually quiet courtyard, a noise suddenly caught my attention. It seemed to be coming from around the corner that led up to the greenhouse. A familiar gentle scent that I had grown accustomed to wafted through the air and my eyes widened in disbelief when I caught it. Jessy!“You’re nothing but a worthless bastard.” Said a little voice and I rushed towards its source. The moment I turned the corner,
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3. Escaping
“Jessy, Jessy! Come on baby, open your eyes. It’s time.” I whispered to my three years old.There was no one around and I knew that I didn’t have to whisper but it suddenly felt like the walls had ears and like there were eyes watching me in the dark of my room. Jessy moaned softly, sitting up in bed and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with her small hands, the action made me smile.Jessy brought so much joy into my otherwise sad life, and I would never regret bringing my baby into this world, she was more than I ever wished for. “Mommy is it time?” Jessy whispered back to me and I nodded my head in agreement, putting her into warmer clothes and making sure every inch of her body was properly covered, the night air could be brutal sometimes. “Put this on.” I whispered again to her, sliding a small backpack through her arms, adjusting the straps until they stayed firmly on her back. I had taken only the necessary things that we needed, the less bags we had to carry, the easier an
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4. Auction House
It had happened too fast, the moment that the man exposed my burned sign, the other two were rounding up on me, forcing my daughter out of my hands. A scream tore out of my mouth the moment that Jessy was ripped out of my hands, but the men only ignored me. Forcing me to the ground and placing a collar around my neck and bounding my hands. I trashed wildly in their grip, screaming at the top of my lungs to be released, I didn’t want my daughter taken from me, she was all I had! Panic seized my throat at the thought that I may never see her again and it felt like all the air in my lungs had been stolen. A heavy slap was delivered on my cheek and I gasped as my face spun to the left, the pain first erupted in my cheeks before moving up to my head, spinning my world for a second. “Behave.” Came the voice of the man that had invited us to join them for a meal.He sounded and looked much different from the person that had smiled to my daughter and had offered us food. My skin burned f
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5. A Price For The Omega
The fat man continued to look with lust at my naked body. “Put the dress on.” He instructed. My heart thudded wildly in my ears as I slipped the white dress on. As I expected the dress left little to the imagination. The high slits at the sides reached my waist and my entire legs and hips were on full display. The curves of my hips were too wide to remain within the dress and so they stuck out of it, leaving the dress to only cover my private area and half my butt. The sweetheart neckline of the dress was lower than I thought and my breasts were almost spilling out from the top of it. No matter how much I tried to place it within, the top part was just too small to squeeze my breasts in . After a while I gave up trying to adjust it. The fat man came forward again this time with a bottle of oil in his hands and prompting me to open my palms, he poured some of the oil into it.“Rub it over your chest and arms.” He said. I did as instructed and as soon as I was done, my light skin s
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6. The Gamma
“Two million dollars. Going once! Going twice! Gone!” The host slammed his gavel twice on the stand, sealing the fact that I had been purchased. The large room erupted with noise as the crowd buzzed with conversation. “Two million dollars? For a lowly omega? Isn’t that outrageous?” “Why will anyone want to spend that amount of money to acquire a slave and her child?”“Is she really worth it?”“He’s the Alpha King so he could spend any money he wants.”I kept my head bowed as the conversation from downstage floated into my ears. The look of disapproval on the faces of the customers made me feel even worse about myself and the situation. I couldn’t believe it, the Alpha king had just purchased my child and I for two million dollars. The owner waddled to the stage, almost tripping on his own feet. The elation on his face almost splitting it in two. He waddled over to me and shoved me downstage, leading me back to the scarlet room. Three girls now occupied the space and they seemed
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7. Alpha Greyson
The Gamma roared in anger at my words and he stalked towards me grabbing my neck in a chokehold, fully intent on dragging me away, but the Alpha raised his hand to stop him. Alpha Greyson lowered his head slightly to study my face and my breath seized in my throat at the ageless sort of beauty that he possessed. His hair looked almost golden and the locs, thick and wavy framed his handsome face perfectly. He had defined cheekbones and a jaw that looked like it could cut through steel. The sharp contrast between the soft curls on top his head and the hard line of beards that framed around his lips made him appear very imposing. The most striking part of the Alpha, were his eyes. His eyes were a piercing grey and they held such intensity that no matter how hard I stared at them, they never lost their focus or wavered even in the slightest. If anything the intensity seemed to increase the more I stared and they looked like they could burn me if I continued to study them. The way he h
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8. Familiar
Greyson’s POVOmega 36, as the host had announced walked onto the stage and my eyes fell onto her beautiful shape first, the curve of her hips catching my attention, but when she raised her eyes to scan the crowd of patrons, I caught her face and it felt like all the air whooshed out of me. She was beautiful; extremely so and the way that she held the child protectively in her arms even through the fear that trembled her frame was impressive. Matthew was stood by my side and when the omegas eyes roamed the cabinet that held us; with fear dancing in it, the Gamma perked up with interest and he whistled softly. “She’s young.” He whispered quietly and my brows rose in question, but I otherwise remained silent. “I really like them innocent.” He said again and this time I turned to face him. “She has a child Matthew, so I’m pretty sure that she’s far from innocent.” I said calmly and the Gamma laughed loudly at my words, like he knew something that I didn’t, but he didn’t offer up ano
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9. Purchased Again
As the staff pulled me in the direction of the Alpha’s private chambers, I couldn’t help the the slither of fear that ran through my spine. It bothered me to leave Jessy alone with the pervert Gamma but I knew I couldn’t exactly ask for her to be brought with me. The pain of my injuries were the last thing on my mind even as the staff held tightly the sore spots with no pity. They dragged me through the floor and the thin material of the dress I had been put in, wasn’t enough to protect me from the harshness of the wooden floors. “You’ve only been purchased for less than two hours and you’re already getting off on the wrong foot with all the authorities.” One of the staff said, cutting a look of disgust at me. “This one wouldn’t last the month wherever she’s taken. She will either be returned or flogged to death.” The other chipped in and I bowed my head in shame. Their words were true, I wasn’t sure what I had done to offend the Alpha but if I continued to be punished at the rate
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10. The Alpha’s Home
The car ride was mostly silent, with only the tap tap of the Alpha’s fingers on the screen filling the space. Emilia’s eyes never left my frame but I chose to ignore her for the rest of the ride. My mind was instead occupied with thoughts of what laid ahead of me within the claws of the Alpha. My former pack had traumatized me but I couldn’t help but feel like this was going to be much worse. Fate just always had a way of playing cruel jokes on me. There was a tingling sensation in my spine that had begun from the moment the Alpha had said he was going to take me and even till now I could still feel it and the closer we drove towards his home the worse it became. It felt like I was heading straight into my demise. Jessy felt heavy in my arms and my heart hurt for my daughter. The moment we pulled into the Alpha’s home, my heart fluttered in my chest before it began to pound heavily at the massive elegant mansion that we had just driven into. There was a large beautiful water fou
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