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" Yes!" Cassio's dad shouted happily. "That's the spirit, everything is going just as planned" he smiled mischievously as he walked out ordering his men to clean up the mess that has just been made. The death of Skylar has untamed the monster. He had become ten times worst than he used to be few years back after his pregnant mum died in an attack by an unknown Mafia. The few years Skylar had been with him , people had experienced peace unlike before when they were usually agonized and always had to live in fear. There are a lot of secrets to uncover as Cassio seeks nothing but revenge. In her drunken state, Bianca has just being disowned by her father and has also caused her mum's death. She had to flee from her angry dad. Not knowing where to go, she boarded taxi to the nearest train station but instead she was robbed and was left in a lonely dark road. As she staggered, she fell on the floor hitting her head so hard that she became unconscious. When she woke up, she found herself in an unfamiliar environment. She later got to know that she had been in the house of her father sworn enemy for three days and wasn't allowed to leave. Going back to her father was a big no to her, staying here means keeping her identity a secret if she wanted to live. Circumstantially, Cassio get to meet Bianca, together they uncovered lot of secrets. Secrets that had hurt them right from their childhood days. Unknown to them, they had caused pain in each other lives. Would Bianca be Cassio's new tamer? Would they be able to forgive each other? Would Cassio fall in love with Bianca?

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Bianca got home late and was heavily drunk as usual she stood at the door acting weird. Unlucky for her today her father was having a meeting with his friend, whose supposed son was she to marry. On a regular day when she get drunk she always drank to her limit and always know how to control her self when she get back home. But today she was dared by her friends to drink 3 bottles of vodka, which she did just to prove to them that she was stronger than them in taking alcohol, but she flopped. She also wanted to forget about the fact that her dad wanted her to marry a stranger against her own will, just for his selfish benefit, without thinking of his daughter's happiness. Today was just an unfortunate day, she wasn't informed about her dad meeting with her fiance's dad. She staggered while walking to her room, mumbling some words which were not audible. She was immediately noticed by her dad who was in the dining room with his friend." Ohh, there she is. That's my angel, Bianc
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Bianca who was in shock with her jaw dropped as she saw her mum lifeless body on the floor, had become a bit conscious and aware of her surrounding and what she had been doing. She ran to meet her mum but her dad kept on shooting raging with anger. She had to flee, she kept on running until she was sure that she was out of sight from her dad.She boarded a taxi to the nearest train station, not knowing where she was heading, she just needed to leave this town far away from her father. Instead of taking her to the train station the cab man took her to a lonely place, robbed her of all her properties before leaving her on the road. She was still drunk but tried her best to stay alert and aware of her surroundings. While she was walking at the end of the dark lonely road, she kept crying profusely. It was difficult for her to admit that her mum was dead. She was in a woebegone state."I'm sorry mum, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean for all these to happen. I never wanted you dead mu
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END OF FLASH BACK " I warned you, not to come along Skylar. I had a feeling that something was definitely going to go wrong, this people are dangerous, heartless monsters who cares about money and power putting their family last in everything they do" Cassio said a loud angrily with a hoarse voice. " I won't allow you speak like that, you had better mind how you talk"" I have had enough, dad. I have had enough of always listening to you, being so obedient to all your evil instructions. Cassio interrupted his dad, talking back at him for the first time. His dad was speechless not knowing what to say. " Stop the car, I said stop the car before I burst out your brain" Cassio shouted at the driver with tears rolling down his cheeks, out of fear the driver had no option but to stop the car. " What are you about to want to do? " His dad asked without getting any response. Cassio looked at him and opened the door without responding. " Cassio where the hell are you going to?" His d
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Cassio got up to leave again but was held back by his dad men out of annoyance he punched of them on his face and it resorted to a fight, his dad didn't ask them to stop, instead he stood there watching them like he was hoping for something to happen. Cassio saw a gun on the floor, he picked it up immediately and shot three of the men while the other two tried to run but he still shot them. The doctor had hid himself under the bed when the fight began. Cassio look at his dad with rage, hatered, anger, his fist shaking as he tried to control himself, his dad stood there looking at him with his two hands inside his pocket. Cassio threw the gun on the floor and left, he had become hard hearted to anything and anyone, unlike before the only person that calms his nerve was Skylar and now she is dead, not just dead she was murdered. The only person he loved and cared for was murdered. Now nothing can stop him from killing anybody that get in his way or even bother him, he just wanted
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"Are you feeling better today? " Ma'am Benita asked sitting on the egde of the bed, running her hand through Bianca's hair gently." I have questions to ask, if you don't mind answering me because everything seems confusing " Bianca said looking at the ceiling. Ma'am Benita looked at her, smiling again. " I know you have questions dear and I am going to honestly answer all your questions. Firstly you were brought in here three days ago by our boss, the leader of the most dangerous Mafia in Italy they are called the Red Dragons. I don't mean to scare you though" She said and the smile on her face vanished. The name kept on ringing bells in her head, never had she thought that she will end up in the house of the Red Dragons, her father's greatest enemy. " You were left to die after, we found out that you were bleeding internally but I saved you" Ma'am Benita continued. " Okay ma'am , thanks for saving me. I really appreciate but can I go now? " She asked knowing that she might not
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By the time Bianca and the other maids were done with the clean up it was already daybreak. Bianca and elvis had been talking talking all through and now they left together. Bianca noticed that Elivis never said anything about ma'am Benita which she wanted, she was curious to know why she was being treated differently from other maids and what made her so special to ma'am Benita. While they were leaving she took up the courage to ask Elivis. " How about ma'am Benita? She is the only person you didn't talk off" Bianca said as she turned to look at me and shaked her head. " You will find out yourself, all I can is that you should enjoy the treatment you are receiving now" Elvis said and increased her pace, making Bianca to also increase her's. Immediately ma'am Lauretta saw Bianca, she came to give her a tight hug, leaving her two hands on Bianca's buttocks. Elvis give her a shreak before leaving the kitchen, Bianca noticed that ma'am Benita with some other maids were preparing b
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Ma'am Benita was surprised when she saw Bianca running back towards her with tears on her cheek. She left what she was doing immediately and ran to meet Bianca, when Bianca finally got to her, she couldn't talk instead she kept on crying . Although ma'am Benita knew what must have happened, she wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth. "I..I..I hm" Bianca wasn't able to speak because she was still in shock, she couldn't believe she watched her colleague get raped and was almost raped herself. Ma'am Benita thought it would be wise if they go to the room, she held Bianca's hand while the walked slowly to the room. Some maids who were not doing anything at that moment were in the room discussing but she sent them out and they left immediately."Bianca, what's wrong? Talk to me" Ma'am Benita said to Bianca, who was resting her head on ma'am Benita shoulder. Ma'am Benita kept on patting her back gently assuring her that everything was going to be fine, and it was helping because Bianca
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Bianca had run to hid in the store, she didn't even know where the others went because of the way in which they scattered while running for their dear lives. For some minutes, the whole place was calm again and no further noise were heard. She turned the door knob slowly, opening it to see if the others had come out from their different hiding spot but she didn't see anyone so she closed the door and remained back. She rested her back on the door though she was restless and afraid of what might be going on or what will even happen next.She wrapped her arms around herself and left the door, walking round and round on the same spot, by now tears were close to dropping but she was resisting. Bianca was still wondering what was happening when a flash question pop into her head, the tears she had been holding unexpectedly began to drop. She began to hear footsteps and ran back to hid behind a large cupboard which was ever to help her frim being seen. "Oh, has Cassio and his father found
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Bianca kept on calling on the guards to change her cell, but they shouted at her and threatened to kill her if she doesn't keep her mouth shut. Out of fear bianca restrained from shouting, instead she took a step back again this time biting her lips, she moved slowly and sat in one corner of the floor, her eyes had become moist but she tried as much as she could to fight the tears which was close to dropping. "Why does my life sucks" She whispered and hot tears dropped on her cheek, she tried to cleaned it off immediately but more kept on dropping and all her efforts to wipe them in order to stop crying, was futile. She turned to look at the man who had being quiet since he had been there. From the look of things, he had been in here for long as his body was so dirty. One thing Bianca hoped for was to be release soon. When she was tired of crying she began to sniff loudly, mumbling some inaudible words. " Can you stop ugh? You are disturbing my peace please. No matter how you cry, you
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" Where did they take you to?" Bianca asked him but he didn't give her any reply and Bianca didn't bother to asked him again because, it seemed like he doesn't even want to talk to her but she was only trying to make the place more lively. Bianca didn't even know when night came because the whole place was dark, but when she began to feel cold and she noticed that everywhere was quite she knew that it was night already. Some people were already fast asleep and were snoring loudly which infuriated Bianca who couldn't sleep because of the blood suckers called mosquitoes hovering around her, making some bugging noise in her ear, while some of them were biting her. Sadly there was nothing like blanket in there so she could cover herself so she kept on clapping her hands, slapping her self and scratching her body all because of the horrible mosquitoes. " This place is hell" She whispered and tears began to drop from her eyes rolling down to her ear. She tried to know if Thomas was also sle
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