The Alpha's Unaware Luna

The Alpha's Unaware Luna

By:  T.L. Dalton  Ongoing
Language: English
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Trixie is a 17 year old girl, typical teen, adopted out of foster care as a baby or so she thinks. She knew from a young age that she was adopted but never sought out to know more about her birth; family perfectly content with the regular middle class comfortable life they provided for her. Just weeks before her 18th birthday on a night out with friends she captures the Alphas attention at the big city's night club. Unaware that her and her friends had stumbled into the local werewolf's pack territory and their night club. Trixie will learn truths about herself and that she is also destined to be apart of the pack there and shift for the first time ever on her 18th birthday. Only she has no clue.

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42 Chapters
Chapter 1 Intro
Trixie POV It was just another day of Summer break for me. I was serving today at the local diner, and it was slow for a Thursday afternoon. I was ready to go home, shower and go out with some of my friends. We had managed to get some fake IDs from one of the techy guys at our high school and we haven’t gotten to make use of them yet and our plans tonight were to try them on a local watering hole here before going to the city about 20 mins away and actually getting into some night clubs and bars. Lost in my thoughts about what tonight might hold and wiping down the tables in my section I felt a tap on my shoulder. Slightly startled I jump and look to see its just Sam. “Hey, you alright? I called your name a couple times.” She asked me. “Of course. Sorry, I was just hoping to get my section clean and side work done so I could get out of here kind of early tonight since it’s been so slow.”Sam is short for Samantha, She was just a bit older than me around 23 or so but she was already
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Chapter 2 Fake IDs
Trixies POV Abby drove us all to the outskirt of town to a local bar called the Watering Hole. We all get out and go to take a quick picture together. All smiling the flash went off. I looked at the photo posted in the group chat, so we all had it. We all looked amazing! Jerica had shoulder length dark brown hair straighter with a black skirt and a tight beige tube top on she was just a little shorter than my at about 5’3 and her also pale skin. Janet was the same height as me with her long black hair and tight red dress on and her dark skin glowed tonight, beautiful as ever! Abby was the tallest of us- she was 5’7 and curvy like me but hippier with her brown hair curled tonight feel just to her chest. We all took a deep breath and smiled pleased with how we looked and headed to the door. It was now or never. I really hope that guy knew what he was doing when he made there. We got in line behind an older scruffy looking guy had to be in his 30’s already smelling of beer. This place
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Chapter 3 Girls just want to have fun
Trixie POV Morning came and since I was scheduled off today, I slept until almost noon. Mom and Dad gone at work I had no one to worry about being home. I made my way to the Kitchen downstairs and made myself some brunch, scramble cheesy eggs and bacon with some brown sugar toast and a glass of orange juice. It was wonderful. After breakfast I cleaned my room and did my laundry and took a long bubble bath shaving my legs and getting ready for a night out tonight, I packed up my make up and hair tools, clothes for tonight and pajamas and an outfit to come home tomorrow in. By the time I completed all of this is was about 3 pm and I decided a nap would be great considering I had no idea how late I was going to be out tonight. Set my alarm for 5 pm and sent out a text in our group chat. All my stuff is packed and ready for tonight in the city. Going take a nap until 5. See you guys soon!They all reacted with smiley faces or heart emojis and with that I was out. *** Hearing a slight
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Chapter 4 Jerica is a She-Wolf
Jerica’s POV Excitement filled me tonight as I was taking my human friends to my packs club in the city. I knew we wouldn’t get in trouble as the club was 18 and up, and the employees were all wolfs like me and with that in mind the bartenders let all the wolfs drink at 18 there. Being just a couple months shy I knew they would serve me without an issue, and since the club was public it wouldn’t be a problem that the girls aren’t wolfs. It was the best of both worlds. It was tough keeping it from them most the time. Especially when pack activities overlapped with regular stuff the girls did.Something was up with Trixie though. The older she got the more I could tell her scent was changing. She started to smell more like a wolf than a human; but that’s crazy right? She was adopted from foster care I knew that but there is no way any alpha would have let the state get involved and take a pup from one of our own. We were all hopping in the car when I asked Abby if she cared if I drov
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Chapter 5 Partying into the Alpha
Trixie POV We followed Jerica down the block to the Great Wolf night club. All of us bouncing with excitement as to what we were going to get into tonight. We parked close enough I could of wore heels without a problem. I will keep that in mind for next time if we decide we like it here and want to come again. Laughing to myself I still cannot believe Jerica gave the parking garage guy her number! Her was hot! Muscular and tall. I can wait to see if he reaches out to her later! We finally made it to the club there were two lines. But no sign directing how you should go. One line was empty and the other had a long one going to the end of the club. “Don’t worry, we will not have to wait.” She threw a wink at us but without question we followed her in the empty row to the front and the bouncer much taller here and built looked at her and just shook his head, handing her back the fake ID she just used to get in and grunted out “Go on in ladies.” Not even bothering to look at the rest o
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Chapter 6 Alpha Trevor
Alpha Trevor’s POV Looking at my betas daughter now I couldn’t be more furious. Why did she not want Trixie talking to me. We waited until they were out of ear shot before I began. “What the hell Jerica?” I spat at her. Jerica looking nervous but making eye contact. “She is my human friend from the high sch-““She is not a human Jerica, Can you not smell her wolf? She is like us. Where is she from? What pack does she belong to? I will need to make arrangements for her to join our pack?”Jerica looking frantic. “I noticed her scent change but that’s not possible. She – her – She was adopted from foster care and has human parents now. She is only 17 like me, so she hasn’t shifted yet if she has a wolf. She wont even know.” “Enough.” I cut her off again. “You are to report to me at 10 am tomorrow and you will share everything that you know about her.” Jerica nodded in agreement. “Dismissed.” Jerica turned and hurried to meet her friends at the door. I’m not even sure how they got in.
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Chapter 7 Girls Night comes to an end
Trixie POV Jerica stood there for a moment with Trevor talking. I was almost ready to go get her incase he was being rude when she suddenly turned around and sped walk aback towards us. “What was that about? Was he being rude?” I asked her. She shook her head and replied “I don’t know about you all but I am ready to eat something and head back to Abbys!”Abby interjected quickly “ I saw a waffle house just before the parking garage!”Something was off by the way Jerica acted. I will ask again later when it was just us. “Waffle house sounds good and greasy to me!” I added as we walked out of the club and headed towards the parking garage. Janet nodded and Jerica did to. The rest the night wasn’t as eventful as we made it back to the car and loaded back in Jerica drove out of the parking garage. The guy that was working It was no longer there and no replaced by another older man who wasn’t paying us any attention as we drove out and turned to the right. We made it to waffle house and
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Chapter 8 On the way Alpha
Jerica’s POV I got up at 9 am this morning. Just enough time to have all my things together. Alpha had already mind linked me that he was sending Joseph to pick me up He was our Gamma and third in command. He trusted him to deliver me safely so he could interrogate me about my best friend. I got all my things together and was waiting outside when a black Nissan centre pulled up with tinted windows. I assumed since it pulled into the house it was going to be Joseph. Only to see the window roll down to see that it was Jake with a sneaky grin across his face. I could help but chuckle back and roll my eyes.“You are clearly not Joseph. He is much less annoying. “ I call out to him as I into the car. He chuckles and say “After your outing last night I was very surprised to find out that you had pissed him off enough to ask my brother to come retrieve you this morning. So as a gentleman thinking about texting you today and thought it would be much more polite to show up in person and take
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Chapter 9 Where is Trixie from
Jericas POV Pulling into the pack house Jake took his hand off my thigh. The tingles I got from it finally stop and now I found myself missing his touch. Glancing over at him as he parked, he gave me a small smile to let me know everything was going to fine. Heading in the pack house, it was quite granted it was a Saturday Morning so there wasn’t really any business for a lot of the pack to handle and they were off with their mates or on patrol. But not me and not Alpha Trevor. We headed down the corridor to where Alpha Trevor office is to find him already waiting on us even though we were 10 minutes early for the meeting. He looked stressed and tired like he hadn’t gotten much sleep. Serves him right for making us get together this morning but I guess I understand if we had a strange wolf in the area, we needed to know what was going on but it was just Trixie she didn’t mean us any harm; why couldn’t he see that?“Thank you, Jake.” Alpha Trevor nodded at Jake. Jake didn’t leave me
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Chapter 10 Lets go for a swim
Jerica POVLeave it to him to keep giving me mixed signals and confusing me. I run after him to try to catch up; I get pretty close but not enough to bet him. Without my wolf he is strong and faster. He will not get to keep that advantage for long with my birthday just a couple months away. After a moment the stream comes into view. I see Jake slow and strip off his shirt and his short, leaving only his boxers when he jumps into the stream. Nudity was not a big thing in wolf packs but since I had not shifted yet I had not been exposed to it as much. I knew that’s why Jake kept on his boxers, If I had my wolf he probably would have shifted to get here faster. A little out of breath I come to the edge of the stream. Panting I laugh at him splashing around in the water and shake my head at him. “Let’s go Jerica, get in the water!” He shouts and splashes at me. I can only smile and roll my eyes at him as I slide my t shirt over my head and expose myself in a sport bra. I don’t miss the w
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