Ruthless Alpha Hired Luna

Ruthless Alpha Hired Luna

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Ingrid Petersen is a 24years old, humble, beautiful single mother who lives with her grandmother and her 6years old daughter; In a small town in the outskirts of Demacia: Lonia. She is a hard working woman who remained strong, despite all odds thrown against her.  Her life changed drastically when she was hired as a nurse to take care of a crippled Alpha.  Only to realise a year later, when her contract expired, that she was hired as a 'Luna' not a caretaker. Will Ingrid be happy in the hands of a now walking, dominating, infamous ruthless Alpha ?

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7 chapters
The Alpha's Wedding
It was early in the morning. The sun rose glittering its light on the magnificent Castle. The birds were chirping, dancing to the melodious songs of their created lyrics. The castle was bustling with people. Going frantically and passing one another as they prepared for the big ceremony: 'The Alpha's Wedding.'It was time that the prince would marry and be crowned as the King.What a wonderful day!Many maidens envied her to be Luna. To marry in the Houston castle meant living your whole life twisting and turning in richness and being a luna had its advantages. Especially when an alpha was a handsome hunk. "Have you seen the bride yet?" one maid said, folding the sheets on the table."No, have you?" Another answered."No, but, I heard she is beautiful and kind," the other said. They have been busy making sure it was sparkling clean. This wedding has caused so many people to empty their pockets. Everyone wanted to be noticed. To be perfect in everything, even the gossip mongers of m
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A crippled Alpha, a runaway bride
The first wedding that happened was of Alpha Joseph. He wore a black tuxedo, his shoes shining. He possessed a calm aura. His bride, Charmain Sandows, was looking so beautiful and innocent.After the wedding rituals were done, Joseph and Charmain settled in their seats.After a while drums echoed and another bride came in. As the bride came closer, she was beginning to think that Joseph was her groom. But, that wasn't it when she saw Joseph with his bride."May the groom come closer please" the high priest said, preparing the scriptures of the wedding vows. When the groom came closer, the bride was stunned. She thought it was a prank."Is this my mate!" Bewildered, she asked, looking around."Yes, I am your mate. Any problem?" Pharrell asked, raising his eyebrows and looking up at her."No that's not possible…it can't be" she backed away from him."My dear, come forward so we'll have to continue the ceremony" the priest said, seeing the young lady back away."No, I can't be mated to
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Plan failed
"Queen mother please calm down! It's not good for your health…look you BP is rising" Marah said as fought the queen mother down. After what happened Yesterday she was acting hyper. She was pale and her blood pressure was rising."I told you that nobody will accept him" the queen was restless knowing that her grandson won't be married to anyone due to his condition. Everyone shunned him for being crippled. Not even unmarried girls wanted him.What will happen to the Kingdom and the pack now?Her other grandson was nothing but a loose rag…a greedy person with no goals and can ruin the Kingdom."You don't have to worry, Alpha Pharrell will find his mate. Now please calm down. I can't allow the Alpha to have my head" she was trying to calm her down but to no avail."Let me tell you a secret…Alpha Pharrell can…" she couldn't finish her words when the door was opened harshly."Marah…do you still want to live another day in the castle?" She shook at the sight of the crippled Alpha. This gu
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Found A Mate
"You don't have to be afraid of me dear, I'm harmless" The Queen said, smiling at Ingrid."Myself, Queen Alina of Demacia." I was so shocked. I mean I don't even know the Queen. How rude of me. I bowed in a way of respect."Hail the Queen!" I said, my head still bowing."I'm sorry your majesty… I didn't mean to be so rude" I apologise sincerely."It's alright dear, I'm sure you didn't know. But, I hope this is the first and last time being rude.And I can see You're very protective of these kids too." The Queen said. I nodded with a smile and got a chair for her to sit."Yes your majesty, these kids need someone to protect them and give them some education." I said. She looked so friendly. Most of the people in high places don't even care if the poor villagers like us are hungry or not."That's great work you're doing my dear, but how did you learn how to teach? Did you go to school?" The Queen enquired. I Was afraid of telling her anything. But, I guess I can't be afraid of telling
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It has been a year and some months since i found out i was not only nursing a crippled alpha but, i was his hired luna. I remember the day I found out about this matter. I was shocked as well as betrayed. And the rude words that Pharrell keeps on telling me."You're nothing but a worthless piece of human being who deserves to be hired""You mean nothing to me and you never will"Those are ear piercing words, especially when I love him. I fell in love with him when he was in that wheelchair. Not the man who is now a walking devil with two feet. I had listened to the stories that he was a ruthless monster in a wheelchair. And everything was proved when he stood on the day the pack decided to go against him. That day he had slaughtered a man."We're not going to be led by a crippled Alpha. Not at this age. Luna had died, so I suggest Alpha Joseph take over the pack." Sir Harry said. And most of the men nodded at his words.No one wanted to be led by someone who couldn't walk. How would
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Execution Day
I stared at the man in front of me. He had an unfathomable expression on his face. Like he didn't care…didn't want to be here.Who would? When the place was stinking."Did you call me just to stare at me?" He sounded pissed. I knew he had no patience whatsoever, so I had to cut to the chase."Pharrell I…""Alpha…Alpha Pharrell" he said,cutting me off rudely. I swallowed hard and prepared to talk when Frank interjected."What you're doing here is a waste of Pharrell's time." He scoffed. Frank was never fond of me. He was the beta and Brutus was the gamma. Brutus was more easy going than Frank. I knew if i had an opportunity to tell him everything, he'd have listened to me."Alpha Pharrell, I know you're a very busy person, but please take into consideration that I had nothing to do with the Werewolf Queen, your grandmother's death. She was a very good person towards me. Why would I do that?" I hope he will believe me. I was crossing my fingers…when I heard a deep laughter erupting fro
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The powers she has??
"What the fuck is happening?" Pharrell yelled. The agonizing smell wafted, depriving them of clean air.The dead birds started decaying, right there and then. The small white maggots came from the dead birds and formed a disgusting view."My Lord, we've never seen something like this before…" one of the men said as he approached where Pharrell was. "Find out what caused this… and untie her. We'll discuss her punishment later." he issued an order and stormed from there. This has never happened in the castle…so, what caused it? He should visit the prophet and find what went wrong.….Later that day, I sat on my bed…the council and the Alpha had decided that I should step down from my Luna duties until I proved myself, and one of them was to please the Alpha whenever he wanted… I was not worried about that, knowing Pharrell never liked having sex and will not touch me as he despised me…With myself not being executed, was a good thing because I'll get to spend time with my daughter.So,
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