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HOW MUCH CAN YOU PAY FOR A SINGLE NIGHT... The only offense Emily Lee seemed to have committed was being a human among werewolves. As a result of this ominous hatred, Emily fought to earn the love of her family, especially her shady half-sister, Samantha, who despised Emily's beauty. A one-night stand with the powerful CEO, Don Nick, which was a clever plan of Samantha, cost Emily her relationship with Tyler. Emily was blackmailed into giving in to Samantha's cunning demands, and she paid a heavy price, which included losing her beauty and leading a deplorable life as luna. AGAINST HER WILL SHE BECAME A LUNA, BUT FOR LOVE SHE WAS MADE A MONSTER Emily's life as the luna was nothing like the popular fairy tales would have you believe. Samantha was the Lady of the Pack and Emily's young princess, Mila Xavier, lived in ruins. Emily Lee is currently a luna without the love of her alpha and a monster confined to a dungeon. In spite of this, Samantha hunted for the last drop of her blood. In Emily lies the answer Alpha Xavier sought, and she alone can bring Lycan Ryder, the vicious Dragon Lycan King, to his feet. However, Emily is held back by fear. What was worse was that she was ignorant of the power she possessed. One thing kept Emily going. And that was the hope that she would one day give her daughter, Mila Xavier, her most cherished desire, the love of her father.  

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65 Chapters
*Ring... ring...*Emily Lee’s phone rang for the third time in a row. She was still in bed and was finding it unappealing to open her eyes and reach for her phone, whose recurrent ringing sound was nothing but a disturbance to her sweet morning sleep.After some long seconds of inner struggle, she opened her eyes halfway, and a tiny sound escaped from her lips. "Ouch," she yawned. She adjusted her body a little and tried to stretch her arms while still in bed.At the moment, she was extremely weak, and for some unknown reason, it felt as if her bones had been mercilessly smashed by a sledgehammer the night before. "Oh... what time is it? I can't believe that I slept off," she soliloquized with sleepy eyes.*Ring... ring...* the phone rang yet another time."Now I better get that," she murmured, her eyes still feeling very heavy.With her eyes closed, she stretched forth her hands to grab her phone, but she winced at the pain she felt coming from her arms. She groped for the phone on
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Emily jerked immediately after she heard the strange voice, and she almost flew out of the bed in the process. Who is he, and what is he doing in her room? Her frightened mind raced through a lot of questions and possibilities.Even though the room was not wel- illuminated, she could still see his physique. He was just coming out of the bathroom and had a towel tied around his waist. She kept wondering how he got into her room and what he was doing in her house. She screamed inside her head as a result of the fear that had built up within her.Amidst her anxiety, the strange man looked at her with a blooming smile. "You have woken up; you have been asleep for like forever," he said indifferently."Who are... you?" She finally found her voice.As she questioned him, she watched for recognition to spark through his features, but there was none. She could swear that she had never met him before now. "What are you doing in my room? How did you get in here?" she demanded in a shaken voice.
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AT THE PACKHOUSEThe atmosphere was tense even as the cool early morning breeze blew across the gigantic structure of the Twin Sparks Island Packhouse. Of course, why won't everyone be filled with eagerness as they all await the outcome of the day? Of all people, Zanlagar, the great seer, has visited the Packhouse at this early hour of the day.There has been great tension in the Packhouse for months now. Lycan Ryder, the fearsome Dragon Lycan king, has sent a note to the Pack, and in it are words clearly spelled out. 'Drancudie Dynasty vows to invade Twin Sparks Island and leave it in shambles in the nearest future.'In the note, it is stated that nothing would avert this impending wrath. However, to escape from this, Alpha Xavier was given the task of presenting a gift capable of appealing to Lycan Ryder. But then everyone knows the Dragon Lycan king of the Drancudie Dynasty. He hated werewolves, and nothing could be more appea
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On hearing his accusation, a spike of anger surged through Emily. Sure, he is rich, and that is the only way they think. She told herself this."Plan..." she heard herself chuckle, even in her extremely angry state. Even the words were distasteful in her mouth.Emily could not help but imagine what he had taken her for. Did he consider her to be a gold digger, an opportunist who only sits back and waits to reap where she has not sown? If that were so, he must be a clown for thinking about her in such a degrading manner. She concluded.But what does she expect? She could only wish that she could turn back the hands of time, and then she would never have agreed to come to the party with Samantha. No, not the party. Of course, she will surely come to the party but will not have taken a single drink there no matter how alluring they appear.Those were alcoholic drinks, and Emily has never been allowed to take any even though Samantha has loads of them in the house. Thus, Emily should have
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Emily walked out of the gate of the magnificent villa, looking to her right and then to her left. She was completely lost and could not decide on which path to follow. She does not even know where she is yet, and she earnestly hopes that she is not very far away from home.It was late summer, and the sun was already so hot that it was scorching her soft and delicate skin. Even now, she still felt some pain in her middle, so she took her steps carefully, going one step at a time.Looking around her, she noticed that all the houses in the area were magnificent, but the gigantic two-storey building that she had just come out of seemed to be the most expensive among them. Truly, the house goes to show just how rich Don Nick is.On a good day, Emily would have taken her time to admire the aesthetics of this awesome neighbourhood but today is not a good one, or at least not for her. All that occupied her mind at the moment was getting back home and minimizing the tension at home to the bare
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In her distressed state, she started her long trek. But little did she know that someone had been watching her from the other end of the street all along. She had only been walking for about a minute when the young man on a bike stopped by her side."Hello, pretty," the young man said to her. He had seen her in distress and figured that he could be of help to her.She took a quick glance at him and continued on her way. She cursed herself for attracting handsome men, as all they brought her was trouble, starting with Don Nick. Actually, Emily could see from the stature of the man that Don Nick was nothing compared to him, but Emily did not give a damn about it. She was done admiring any man."Hold on a minute, will you?" he appealed.She stopped and replied kindly. "Good morning, sir. Can I help you in any way?"Looking at the way the young man appeared on his very expensive bike, Emily feared that he might be security personnel in this rich estate and was out to get her for wandering
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Standing in front of the door, Emily mumbled a silent prayer before reaching for the knob and grabbing it with all the courage she could muster. This was the first time that she would be spending a night outside her home, and she could not even think of the doom that awaited her inside.Within the few seconds that it took her to turn on the knob and open the door, her mind wandered around all that had happened from last night to this present time.She had happily gone to the party with Samantha, and there she had met the most sought-after CEO. She had so much to drink, and since it was her first time, she got herself drunk.Her day had ended with her spending a night out. When she was done reminiscing, she agreed that truly, so many things happened to her for the first time between yesterday and today. That is, in a span of twelve hours.For the first time, she went out with Samantha, attended her first real party, took alcohol, got drunk, spent a night outside her home, and had her f
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"Mo... ther" Emily stuttered."Yes, Emily, where were you all night, and why are you just returning home at this time? It is already midday," Elise Lee asked with a disdainful look fixed on Emily."Mother, I am sorry; I had just too much to drink at the party," the distraught Emily apologized.Elise Lee walked down the staircase majestically and came over to them. She looked at Emily from up to down and hissed. "Loser..."Emily cast her face downward and could not dare to look up at Elise. "I... I am... sorry," she muttered apologetically.Hearing Emily speak, Elise flared up. "Shut up, you nonentity; keep your forsaken apology to yourself and your useless mother."Emily knew that it would come to this, but sadly, she had not prepared herself for it. She knew where this was going, and she does not want to go there with it. Her stepmother, Elise Lee, is a bag of trouble; no, she is a truckload of it, and Emily must excuse herself."Ehm... I think I will be in my room now," Emily said.
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The terrified Emily drew back in fear and did not know when she let go of her dress, which she had been trying to cover with her hand."Oh, it has gotten to fighting with your mother. You have grown wings in my house overnight," Oscar Lee interrogated.Elise and Samantha both threw a satisfied gaze at themselves, and Elise winked at Samantha in the process. It gladdened their hearts to see Emily completely helpless before Oscar Lee, her father."No... no... daddy. It is not what you think. She was going to slap me even after she had ripped my dress apart," Emily explained in fear, now using one hand to hold her neck, which was already completely red.Emily can stand up to anything, but not to her father. She had grown up to fear him and had never dared to go against him for a day. So far, he has always tried to be compassionate towards her and has tried as much as he can to shield her from the evil duo of mother and daughter.Nevertheless, Emily knew what Oscar Lee could do if stepped
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Emily walked down the staircase and went over to Samantha, who was busy with her phone. "Hey Samantha," she greeted.Without saying a word, Samantha took a glance at her and continued with her phone. Emily ignored her silent treatment and went to sit on the sofa close to her."I just spoke to Tyler, and I think I owe you my appreciation," Emily began.Hearing her, Samantha giggled and mumbled some inaudible words disrespectfully.Emily went on. "He said you told him that I was tired and was still sleeping. Thanks a lot."At this point, Samantha took a sharp glance at her and responded. "Unlike you, I care about the image of our family. There was no way I would admit that you are a whore."Emily was hurt by her words, but she chose to ignore them. She had saved her relationship with Tyler, which was admirable. Emily really felt indebted to her."You see, Samantha, I feel so guilty. I wonder if I will be able to live with this guilt." She paused for a while. "I don’t know if I will be a
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