The Girl He Claimed

The Girl He Claimed

By:  suzangill  Ongoing
Language: English
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She destroys whatever she touches, death befall upon those she loves, the last one left of her kind. She was a specie most hated and despised. Like many others, she has destroyed him. His family, his Kingdom, his perfect world. She ruined it all with a mere touch.Leaving him broken. But while the world expected him to hate her. Loathe her with passion. He left everyone flabbergasted. When he announces her not to be rejected and killed. What were his intentions? Why he did it? The entire werewolf world needed answers.But he answers them with only one line that left everyone silent. ‘ She is the girl I claim” .... She was a puppet used to commit the biggest coup in history of werewolves. She was a dangerous weapon used most skilfully. But now, 18 years later when this weapon was rendered useless and it's use worn out. Can she survive being the wife of the very man whose life she destroyed? Can the lifeless girl learn to live again and grow back the wings the world has once cut as her punishment. Can she fight against the entire werewolf species for her right and make things right ? Can she use her demonic powers in her for the right purpose this time? A puppet wife or a phoenix yet to rise? Stay tuned to find out in this unique tale of demons and werewolves. Marked in history as the greatest love story of the forbidden. " The girl he Claimed" * Could be read as a stand alone. Book 1 The girl he Banished Book 2 The girl he claimed.

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68 Chapters
The Lost Kingdom
The night of the tragedyRoyal grounds12:43 amChaos was all that one could see as far as one’s vision could take them. Thousands or countrymen have gathered outside the Royal door, banging on the doors. Asking for the culprit to be brought forward.With some mourning for the murder of the greatest king and Queen known in history while others burning in the fire of vindication.“ We want justice!”“ We want the murderer!”The very words they were repeating. Banging on the doors. Pushing on the great arch wooden door to break it off its hinges.Entering to fill the dreaded place with screams and protests.A figure steps forward, with eyes dead and head lowered. His mouth opening and closing ,not knowing how to announce this.“ Settle down my countrymen. I...I bring along a bad news.”Gasps echo with the men putting down their swords. Looking at the second in command to their Queen, Beta Charlie standing there. Their hearts thudding , as they await the most dreaded moment. Already knowin
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The new Rule
18 years later-A scene in the countryside took in everyone's attention. As a group of royal officers circled an old lady and her young daughter.. Staring at the women pleading at their feet without any emotion." ahh please! forgive us! we will pay you the taxes- ahhhh"The old lady couldn't complete as a whip strikes her back. Making her fall down with a scream." Momma!!"His granddaughter rushed to her. And before the officer could swing the whip again. She covers her grandmother's back with hers. Protecting her.Making the guard to stop. Looking at the you g girl in boredom." Move aside little girl. Don't you know what happens to those who don't pay taxes?"" They are locked in dungeons! Consider yourself lucky that I am settling the dues with just few whips. "The little girl of barely 16 turns around. Tears streaming down her blue eyes. Holding onto the officers leg, she literally pleads." Pl- lease my grandma is sick...she couldn't work this month. Give us time.... please...
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The detached King
" Your Highness...we...we weren't informed prior of your return."One of the servants speaks. While taking Noah's short.Bowing and Noah just sighs. Sitting on the mattress of his bed. Leaning back on his palms resting on the bed." Well now that you know. Prepare something delicious. I am starving."" Of course your Highness. I will just inform the cooks to prepare your favourite."With this the man turns around to leave, when Noah's voice stops him." Listen "" Yes your Highness."" It's been more than an hour since I came. Why isn't Uncle Charlie here?"" I am afraid, your Highness. Sir is busy with some urgent matter. He will be here as soon as he can."" Fine. Go."Noah dismisses the person. Running his fingers through his hair to lay back on his bed. 18 years. This place feels more foreign than home. But then he just had to close his eyes and the memories come flashing in." Slow down Noah! You will get hurt!"" Come catch me momma!!"His 7 year old self giggles and his voice ec
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The Claim.
Charlie walks down the stairs to the underground dungeon. Feeling a shiver run down his spine as the temperature of the place drops drastically. The security guards bow at him and he barely acknowledges them. Making way to the only cell in this special dungeon.Stopping outside the heavy metal door he takes in a deep breath. To find it slightly open. Was someone there already?His question is answered as he looks at the back of two doctors. To sigh. It's the time of the medicine. He guessed.Stepping in. He finds the two doctors getting up immediately. Acknowledging him.' Beta Charlie! Greetings!"Charlie just nods. His eyes finally take in the woman who was crumbled to a ball behind the doctor's. Her white rugged clothes ,the only thing visible in the dark." How is she doing?"Charlie asks and the doctor starts explaining. While taking out a syringe and filling it with a liquid." She is stable Sir. We were just going to give her the days dose. If you don't mind can I..."" Go ahea
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The lost soul
Noah's povThe girls body was shuddering in my arms. Her chest was heaving up and down and my hand was still placed on her lips. Silencing her.Her thrashing legs have seized now. Her neck submitted to a side as my canines finished their claim on her.No struggle from her side made it much easier. The girl was nothing but a lifeless doll now. There 18 years in the dungeon have already killed a part of her soul. I could see it quite clearly but if you ask I feel regret for treating her like this?The truth will be that no. I don't feel bad. Because she deserved all this and she knew this better herself. Retreating I see blood trail down her neck to reach her chest. My eyes take in my fresh mark on her neck. And I feel content.Well at least the first part was done. Now no one will question her position in the council.Removing my palms from her lips, I feel her hot breath hit my palms and I clench my hands. Her body leaning back on me, drained and tired.Getting up. I see her fall dow
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His hand drops immediately, yet those eyes. They darken more if possible. Making Elora's soul tremble.And next she knows.She flinches as he lifts his fists to slam them on the wall , just beside her head. Her body shaking uncontrollably." pl...ah... please....sorr...y.."The only words she stutters pathetically and he warns her. Slamming his fists on the wall again. More closer to her face this time. Drawing blood." Shut the fuck up DAMMIT! Don't open your useless mouth till I ask you to speak! Understood!"His finger presses on her lips , warning her. And she gulps. Seeing his controls struggle. Their eyes clashed when she decided to lower her gaze. Rubbing the bridge of his nose,staring at the thin petite lifeless girl. He fails to conclude what is to be done about her. His anger simming down a bit.His thoughts drifting to the task at hand. What has been done is done. He can't change it.But he can still bring his little sister back. He just has to show this girls face to entir
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Test 2
Noah's povI came back to my room after my meeting. Finding her still sitting there kneeling in the same position. And I feel content. 4 hrs.Well I got to admit. The girl was really obedient and submissive. Just perfect for her role. Stepping closer I see her blindfold wet with tears. Body trembling and sweat covering her hideous clothes.I guess this is enough for test 1.It was time for test 2 now." Get up."She flinches hearing my voice. But abide none the less. Resting her palms on the floor. She tries to get up. Her legs trembling. And before she could stand up straight. She falls down with a thud, her legs giving away." Ahhh"I do nothing to help. Folding my arms on my chest.I take in her struggles. Her breathing heavy and palms clenched." Again"I speak in a dangerous voice not giving her time to rest. And she gets back to the task at hand. Struggling to life herself up. She succeeds this time. Turning around to face to me." 7 steps to your left. Get
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The Lost Girl
Elora 's povLife has never been fair to me. Found near a creek wrapped in a blanket. I was a child not meant to be born. My real parents never wanted me. I would have died that day only if a woman had not saved me that night. And took me in her care. She was a witch. One of the strongest out there. With her one arm burned, she used to tell me the tale of her rejection.How the man she loved left her to die in a fire.Her mate...who rejected her and then burned her. But considering herself lucky she was saved that night.And since then she had only one purpose to live.Vengeance.I was just a tool she was training. A weapon she will use in her mission. She didn't love me but atleast she took care of me. Me being a little girl saw my mother in her, I considered her one. Despite knowing she will never considered me as her daughter.The day she came to know I had a demon's soul in me. She started loving me, feeding me more than before. And I was happy for once. Demons were considered
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The Unexpected
Noah's povI groan . Looking at the watch to realise it has been almost 5 hours since she left. Mindlinking the guard at the border duty. I ask impatiently." Any sign?"" I am afraid your Highness. No one has left the borders. I am hundred percent sure.I have mind linked everyone."What the fuc* is this now?She escapes my room but doesn't reach my borders. Maximum it's a 2 hour walk. She should have reached till now. Unless...Damn this girl. I have to find her.I am almost going crazy thinking about the worst case scenarios.Grabbing my t shirt and putting it on over my neck. I leave my room to search for the damned girl at 3 o clock at night.Not knowing where I was going.Shifting into my dark jet black wolf. I let him take control. Trying to sniff her scent. The Levander scent mild but distinguishable. Following the trail.I find us near the cliff. And for a second my mind went blank.Is she crazy? What was she doing here? Don't tell me she was busy star grazing while I was goi
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The Game
Noah's pov7 Tests.I am going to test that demon girl in 7 different aspects. And if she passes them all. I will announce her as my Queen in front of the entire werewolf council.I have conducted 2 tests till now. And I won't lie. She has passed them both.Test 1 was obedience. Which she showed in every aspect. And the second was Trust.Even though she left the room last night. But she didn't leave the borders. So technically speaking she didn't break my trust.She was still running. Ready for test 3.But before that I have to give her a little punishment for being stupid enough to think she could kill herself so easily and escape this.So here we were.Still in the jungle late at night. Her petite frame shivering from the cold. Hair and clothes all wet. Head lowered. When I order."Stand straight and press your back on the tree bark"She lifts her head slightly, eyes still lowered. Debating to follow my command or no. When I repeat. My voice laced with warning." Don't f
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