Alpha King's Replaced Luna Bride

Alpha King's Replaced Luna Bride

By:  Fanny Brook  Completed
Language: English
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"We'll exchange your blood with your sister's. From now on, Jenna will have your scent. She'll go to the Blood Shadow Pack in your place and become Lionel's Luna." Mom said. At this moment I was tightened in a surgery bed. My face filled with disbelief. That was ridiculous! Jenna would replace me to marry my mate?! "No! Lionel is MY MATE!" I screamed. "What about me? What will happen to me?!" "Your father has made his decision. There's no room for backing out now," Mom said, "You're too ordinary, too quiet, my dear, you can't be a good Luna. Lionel will eventually get bored of you and abandon you, and it will also break the relationship between our two Packs. But Jenna is different. She's born a rightful Luna." Mod touched my face but I couldn't feel any warmth from her hand. "No!!!" Tears welled up in my eyes. "No... mom, please..." Mom sighed. She turned around and told the doctor to start the operation. No matter how much I cried or begged, she never looked back at me again. I felt the thick, cold needle piercing my veins, my blood was also draining out ... From now on, I lost my scent, my mate, and even my name...

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98 Chapters
"We'll exchange your blood with your sister's. Jenna will have your scent. She'll replace you and become Lionel's Luna." Mom said.I was tightened in a surgery bed. There were belts restraining my entire body. Two doctors in surgical coats were standing by my bed.One of them was holding a small, thick syringe while the other was applying medical alcohol to my arm. "No! Lionel is my mate!" I screamed in tears. "What about me? What will happen to me?!"That was ridiculous! Jenna would replace me to marry my mate?!"You're too ordinary, too quiet. You can't be a good Luna. Lionel will eventually get bored of you and abandon you. This will threaten to break the relationship between our two Packs. But Jenna is different. She's born a rightful Luna.” Mom sighed and stroked my head, “Rylee, just stay with me, okay? Mom will protect you and find you your second chance.""No!!!" Tears broke out from my eyes. "Please, Mom, just let me go! If you think I’m not good enough, I can change! Please
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Chapter 1 Jenna and Rylee
My first love with Neil ended up shitty when I turned 18.Now a year has passed. Today is Jenna's and my 19th birthday. Our Alpha father has prepared a big party.Of course, not for me, but for his precious daughter, Jenna. Jenna had not found her mate yet. So father invited all the young wolves from the surrounding packs, to see if Jenna can find her mate among these guys.As for me? Well, father hated me.Mom said I was born at midnight, with crows crying outside of the delivery room. That reminded dad of Vampires, werewolf’s arch enemy. Jenna was born after me at dawn. The moment she was born, the crows dispersed.So she was the gifted daughter, whereas I was the cursed one. And as the cursed one, I kept my head down at all times to avoid trouble. People ignored me so I haven’t met my mate since.Turning 19, Jenna was no different than usual. She was still as cocky and impulsive as ever, and she still loved bullying me.Jenna barged into my bedroom, rudely throwing open my clos
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Chapter 2 The thing. Our thing.
Everyone present rejoiced.Except me."No... That can't be!" My voice was drowned out in the shouts of congratulations in the hall.-"Brilliant! A perfect match!! Their union will definitely make the Blue Moon Pack and Blood Shadow Pack more powerful!"-"Yes! Lionel and Jenna are destined to be together!"The only other person not rejoicing was probably Lionel. His gaze was still fixed on me, puzzledly.Jenna followed Lionel's gaze and turned her head. When she saw me, the graceful smile on her face disappeared and was replaced by panic.Jenna bit her lower lip and wrapped Lionel's arm tightly.When the applause died down, father continued speaking proudly, "My daughter will soon become the Luna of Blood Shadow Pack. The wedding will take place in a month..."My mate was getting married to my sister. I couldn't breathe when I heard it.I couldn't help but shout, "Wait! I have something to say!"The hall instantly quieted down. Everyone turned to me stunned.I shoved my way through th
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Chapter 3 Rose Brooch
Lionel pushes Jenna away. He came up to me and took my hand."So, it's not Jenna. It's you, Rylee. You are my mate." "Lionel smiled.I struggled to control the emotions coursing through me as I trembled, and I saw Jenna turn pale instantly. Mom covered her mouth in surprise while my father's expression was heavily clouded."A-are you sure?" I stammered.Lionel nodded without hesitation. "I would never mistake the mate bond. I smelled the scent of roses on Jenna this morning, and my wolf told me it was my mate's smell, so I thought she was my mate. But the moment I got close to you, I understood what love was that instant. Rylee, you're my destiny."Jenna was about to faint."Alpha Lionel! We just announced that Jenna is your Luna! Everyone at the party knows about it!" Father emphasized."I don't care. I only want Rylee." Lionel said.Lionel paused for a second. "As for Jenna and the others, that’s my mistake. I will inform everyone and clear up that Rylee is my true mate."Dad tende
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Chapter 4 What about me?
I huffed as I pried open the window. My face was red from the effort it took.I jumped from the third floor, holding the rose brooch in my hand.I landed heavily on the lawn, gritting my teeth in pain. I tried to stand, but my feet gave out, and I fell back down.Damn! I broke my leg when I jumped!My ankle rapidly became red and swollen, and a stabbing pain crept up from it.The appointed time with Lionel was almost up. I gritted my teeth and got up, dragging my injured leg on my way.I did my best and finally arrived at the Blue Moon River. However, Lionel wasn't there. Looking around but I still didn’t find him.He didn't come... Or had he already left?No! He wouldn't!Perhaps he was tripping over some trouble, just like I was. I decided to wait a little longer...I waited up till midnight, but Lionel never showed up. I sat on the lawn, clenching my hands in dismay.I looked down at the rose brooch in my hand. I couldn't help but wailed.Had I been abandoned once more?Taking a d
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Chapter 5 Exchanged Identity
"No! Stop!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, struggling while trying to twist out of the restraints that bound me, which caused the needle to break off.The doctor quickly picked up another syringe and stabbed down at my veins as he pressed my arm down.The pain burned through me, and I blacked out for a moment.My leg twitched painfully, aggravating the wound on my ankle.My mother's choked voice rang above me. "Stop struggling, my good girl... you are hurting yourself. Just suffer a little, it will soon be over..."Someone adjusted the restraints, tightening them to the point I could barely breathe.I screamed again, but I could do nothing to escape.They pumped my blood out one tube at a time, and I felt my strength draining and my body going numb.My eyes fluttered shut as I plunged into darkness and finally lost consciousness.***I didn't know how long I was out.I only felt dizzy and my limbs were as stiff as stone.I was awakened by the faint sound of thunder. I opened my
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Chapter 6 The Wedding
"...We're going to exchange your blood with Jenna's...""...From now on, you'll be Jenna...""No... Stop! Please No!!" I screamed as I opened my eyes. I gasped sharply, trying to calm my racing heart, when I realized I was lying on a hard, wooden bed.I was in a log cabin, it seemed. A handsome young man was kneeling by the fire, giving me an astonished look while roasting a hare."You're awake!" The man said in surprise. He dropped the hare and approached me.I struggled to sit up when a wave of dizziness hit me. I couldn't help but muffle a grunt.The man reached out to help me, then gave me a cup of water."You're lucky. If I, the Great Franz, hadn't happened to be nearby, you might have ended up in the mouth of some beasts."After finishing the cup of water, I gave him a sincere thanks."How did you get to the edge of the Blood Shadow Pack's territory? Also, did you know you were running a high fever?" Franz asked.I was in the Blood Shadow Pack's territory?!"Could you take me to
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Chapter 7 I am Rylee
"Enough, Jenna! Stop this! Are you trying to ruin your sister's wedding?" Dad reprimanded me sternly. There was a strong warning laced underneath his voice.I ignored my father and turned toward Lionel and Jenna.I came to a stop before Lionel. Looking at him, I said firmly, "I AM Rylee. I know all of them call me Jenna now, but I'm not! Look at me closely. You can recognize me, can't you?"Lionel furrowed his brows, a hint of doubt flashing in his eyes.Jenna cowered and hugged Lionel's arm tightly before saying uneasily, "Jenna... I know you like Lionel too. I don't blame you, but you shouldn't lie. I trusted you so much..."I clenched my fist. My eyes were puffy and red, and my heart was pounding crazily in my chest.I was waiting for Lionel's answer.He would believe me.He surely would!Lionel took a step closer to me. He raised his hand as though he was about to touch me.I reached out to take that hand-And that's when Jenna reacted and pulled Lionel back and screamed, "Lionel!
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Chapter 8 Why?
Franz led me into a dark room while I was still in a trance.After he left, I sat alone in the darkness and wept silently.How did things turn out like this?Creak...I don't know how much time had passed, but someone opened the door and turned on the lights.Jenna walked in with a pair of sharp scissors in her hand."Why are you here? To laugh at me? Or do you want to kill me? It'll be easier to replace me if I'm gone, isn't it?" I struggled to speak. I could taste the blood in my mouth from my throat.Jenna didn't answer. She approached me, bringing with her the fresh scent of roses that once belonged to me.I felt a stabbing pain in my wrist. It was the feeling of blood circulating back after being tied up for a long time.Jenna had used the scissors to cut the rope binding my hands."Leave. Leave this place. Return to the Blue Moon Pack with Mom and Dad and never come here again. Don't ever meet Lionel again."Lionel...My heart twisted at the sound of his name. I stared at Jenna
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Chapter 9 Then who am I?
"Rylee!"Lionel approached me, undisguised concern on his face.My heart skipped a beat.Did he recognize me?"I'm here, Lionel," Jenna cried out from the corner she was in.Lionel stopped in his tracks. He looked at me and then at Jenna in confusion for a moment before he walked towards Jenna."Are you okay?" He asked Jenna.Jenna shook her head with a pitiful look and kept sobbing. Then, my parents also entered the room.My mother's eyes fell on the gash on my face. Just as she was about to move forward to check on me, my father pulled her back."What happened?" Dad asked.Jenna pointed at me in panic and choked out, "S-she tried to kill me! I was just trying to cut the rope, then she grabbed the scissors and attacked me! When I tried to resist, she accidentally cut her own face!"After that, she buried her head in Lionel's shoulder with a frightened look."T-that's not what happened!" I shouted, ignoring my still bleeding face. "She's lying! It's obvious she-"Slap!My father slapp
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