Billionaire's Revenge

Billionaire's Revenge

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After walking in on her fiance and sister in bed together and then getting abandoned and disowned by her own family for exposing her sister's nudes, Sarah Lane doesn't see any value in living anymore. But then after getting herself run over by a car she meets one of the wealthiest CEO of the country, Hayden Smith who offered her a chance to get her revenge. A contract marriage. But what is in it for the handsome and mysterious billionaire who seems to be harboring a few secrets of his own? Will love be able to heal up the burning fire in his heart.

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30 Chapters
Chapter 01
“Are you going to sign it or not?" I could feel his heavy eyes on me as he spoke, my fingers grip the pen I was holding as my eyes fell on the contract scanning it for the millionth time. ”This is absolutely crazy, you know?" The words escaped my mouth before I could even think it over, and my fingers shook with hesitation. I expected him to snap at me again but he just shrugged his shoulders. “It is...” “Why me?... I have literally nothing to offer you wouldn't it be better if you give this to another woman?" There was silence for a moment then in his usual calm,monotone voice he said. ”It's exactly because you have nothing to lose that makes you perfect for this job.“ He was right, I thought as I finally placed the pen on the contract and in a few moments my signature was looking back at me. What had I done?I had just made a deal with a monster. If someone had told me over a month ago that I would be in this situation I would have laughed in their face but that was becaus
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Chapter 02
Ma'm the CEO wants to see you," I carried my eyes away from my laptop, to my secretary as I cooked up my left eyebrow. "My father wants to see me?" she nodded. "Don't worry, tell him I'll be there in about five minutes. I have a meeting right now." "Actually he told me to cancel your meeting, and that you have to come and see him right this minute" I wondered what was so urgent that my father would even have my secretary cancel my meeting. I guess there was only one way to find out. I got up and then made a beeline to my father's office and all along the way I could hear whispers from the cubicles of the officers that I passed by and how their eyes were on me. I had expected them to talk about my wedding that had been called off, but I didn't understand why they were doing it so intensely. Finally when I walked to the office I saw that my mother was also there. I went to both of them and saw that their eyes had become cold. Those were not the eyes that my parents often used to lo
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Chapter 03
Sarah's POV As I was walking on the road a car zoomed past me splashing puddle water on my body, then I rushed in after the car yelling loudly and pouring curses on the driver. Just then I heard the horn of a car and my head snapped behind me. The lights of the car were getting closer and the horn was about to make my ears explode but my legs were not moving a single inch at all. What was the point? Suddenly the blinding light turned off like a switch that had flicked, for a moment my whole body was numb then I could suddenly feel everything. The pain gript my entire being when my eyelid peeled open, the metallic taste of blood was in my mouth and I could not even twitch a finger. The driver that had hit me only parked for a few seconds, then suddenly the door was flung open but then nobody stepped out. Suddenly the door slams shut again and the driver just zoomed past me. When the hit and run driver abandoned me to my fate, I didn't even curse him... There was no point in
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Chapter 04
Sarah's pov “Marry me?” I laughed so hard that my ribcage began to ache,which did not really take longer because the car that had hit me had obviously broken some of them. “Are you done yet or do you want to keep on going?" ” Actually I think I'll keep going because this has to be one of the funniest jokes of the century...“ Hayden Smith, one of the most notorious Playboys of the country, wanted to settle down and of all people he chose the rejected heiress. It was really worth cracking a few more ribs.” Is this your way of mocking me?“ ” Do I look like a man that plays around? I am being 100% serious right now?" I tried to sit up but my body ached too much to allow me so I just lay down again, blinking at him with utter astonishment. “Your reputation aside, we don't even know each other!”I said to him and he just sighed. “Are you saying that you don't know THE Hayden Smith?" Wow this guy is really full of himself wasn't he? I had thought. ” Well I know who you are from th
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Chapter 05
Hayden's POV“So, the first phase of your plan is now finally complete, congratulations man...” My best friend said sipping his glass of whiskey, the hotel bar was becoming stuffier by the second I knew we should have reserved this place but my best friend had insisted that we didn't because he wanted to find some cheap girl to pick up for the night. “It's hardly time to even begin celebrating, I'm still very far from what I actually want, Ray.” “Well the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step my dear friend...” he said as he signaled the attacks will refill his glass again.“But why did you lie to her that you were going on a business trip?" I knew that he was eventually going to ask this question. ” There's no need for me to be around her if she isn't going to be of use to me yet.“I replied the same glass of whiskey that I had been holding while my friend was on his third. ”True, true...“He nodded. ” But that doesn't really answer my question: why did you have
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Chapter 06
Sarah."Hello…" My voice echoed again, but instead, I got no reply. It immediately dawned on me that he ended the call seconds ago.Taking a deep breath, I fell down back on the huge bed, while facing the ceiling and rolling my hands around to feel the emptiness of it.What was the essence of sleeping all alone in such huge bed, when I have no one by my side, and even now my contract husband keeps acting weird and pushing me away.My thoughts suddenly drifted off too Clark, and my grip on the bed spread tightened. I found a tear escaping through the corners of my eyes, as I recalled what he did to me. Most especially my sister Becky. I trusted her, and spoilt her so much that I never imagined she would ever betray me this way.Suddenly, I felt my throat dry up, and I instantly sat up back on the bed. Reaching for my crutches, I got up from the bed and started towards the door because I needed a glass of water.I could have easily just reached for the bell on the table close to me and
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Chapter 07
"What?" I asked Kira, dumbfounded with what I had just heard now.She smiled at me, nodding her head again to confirm that it was all true."How? I don't even understand.""Mr Hayden gave the order, Mrs Sarah" Kira replied.I was still trying to process what I had just heard. Just how powerful was Hayden, and just how mysterious is he. One more important thing, why is he doing all this when he knows absolutely nothing about me.I watched them all leave one after the other, and that was when I realized my sister was standing just a distance away from me.The look on her face wasn't pleasing, and I was quick to guess she was quite surprised to see me in a stunning outfit as well as in the same shopping mall with her.Part of my face was covered with a white handkerchief, and I wore a long black pop sock as well in order to cover part of my bruises, but I was sure Becky recognised me even with all that.Feeling thankful that I left my crutches back in the car, I let out a smirk, startin
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Chapter 08
HaydenEyes fixed on my laptop, my phone started binging like I was expecting it to."Greedy set of fools." I whispered, and picked up my phone."It's just like you expected sir, what should we do?" I remained silent for a few seconds, thinking of what next to do."Make it false, and ensure the rest does the same as well." I replied, and hunged up the call immediately.Staring back at my laptop, I could only think of one person. How was she? And most especially, how did she feel seeing her sister so suddenly.My hands went to my phone again, but then I dropped it back. I should just concentrate and leave Sarah out of my mind.But within 2 seconds, I found myself dialing her number."Fuck."The call ended immediately, when I pressed the red button, and one way or the other I fell back on the bed roughing my hair.My eyes closed, it was opened back by the ringtone of my phone."Hell no."I stared at it for a whole minutes before deciding to pick up the call.Placing it on my ear, I he
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Chapter 09
HaydenA knock was rasped on my door, making me raise my head to stare at it."Come in." The door opened the next second, and I saw my private investigator walk into my office." Have a seat."He sat down like I had offered, and brought out something from a leather bag of his."Here it is sir, everything you need to know about Becky Lane." He said, dropping a file as well as a tab on the table.I took down my glasses, and then picked up the file first."Look into her husband next, and find out the minor places he goes to.""Yes sir."I was still busy checking out the pictures of Becky, as well as some minor infos about her, but then I raised my head to stare at him."What about my wife?" I asked."Nothing to be suspicious of for now, she's absolutely fine, and I have my boys keeping their eyes on her just in case of any attack. No need to be worried.""I'm not worried, I am just being careful for certain reasons.""Good. You can go now." He rose up on his feet, striding towards the
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Chapter 10
SarahMy entire body shivered as I walked in along with Clara. I felt uncomfortable, and I could feel the heavy, hard stare people gave me as I walked past them most especially the men around.Their looks only made me wonder if I went too far with my dressing. I was on a crop top, with a pink tight mini skirt, long black heels with heavy makeup. My eyes went round the bar to watch out for Hayden, but no matter how much I looked, there was not even a sight of him anywhere."Let's go order Sarah." I heard Clara's voice, as my eyes kept searching for Hayden."Huh?""Sarah, are you alright? You're literally shaking right now." Clara said, sounding so worried.Her words made me take in deep breaths, that would keep me calm, but nothing was working. Never have I been to a bar before, and it creeps me out especially with the gazes of countless people on me."I'm fine Clara. Over there!" "There's a spare seat over there, let's go." I said to Clara, although my eyes were still desperately s
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