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She needs money. He needs a wife. The situation is a win-win for Anastasia and Caleb. To save her family, Anastasia signed a contract to marry Caleb for a year. Starting from a contract marriage, will it end up in a real marriage? Amidst the challenges, will they break a rule from the contract to survive in this marriage? or will they end up losing each other?

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130 Chapters
Chapter 1
(Anastasia's POV)I wake up swamped in my light blue covers, and I rub my eyes as the bright sunlight hits them. I look over at my clock which is marked 8:00 am. Oh shit, I am going to be late for my work! I stand up from the bed and walk toward the bathroom. I adjust the water to my liking before I strip out of my pajamas and enter the bathtub. The warm water cascades over my body and brown hair. I hastily wash my hair and scrub my body before I rinse out one last time. I wrap a towel around my body as well as my hair. As I exit the bathroom steam flows out. I walk to my drawers and take out my white plain T-shirt partnered it down with denim blue pants and black converse. I apply a powder and lilting to my bare face before I brush my hair and tie it into a neat bun that rested on top of my head. I grab my bag and exited my apartment while my sister and mother were still asleep. I hailed a cab and head straight to the Latte Cafe where I am working as a cashier.Once I arrived, I
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Chapter 2
(Caleb's POV)It was finally the night of the most awaited annual Carter charity event. Unfortunately, I have been feeling under the weather since this morning after waking up from a killer headache. Because of this event, my workload is packed more than ever and I had been traveling back and forth from the Carter main headquarters to several branches to handle management matters personally without a day's rest. I may love working but I also know how to appreciate rest days once in a while. And right now, spending some time alone in my penthouse with a cup of coffee and a book sounded good. I casually fixed my tux while looking at my reflection in the glass window of the library.A part of me is relieved that Lucas is handling the problem regarding my father's Will. Of course, I trusted my cousin. Josh is clever, smart, and an overall good kid. He's a Carter after all but I can't help but worry about him. Sometimes, there's a look on his face that spells trouble. I just hope that th
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Chapter 3
(Anastasia's POV)I followed Mr. Carter. to a private parking lot where all the VIP vehicles are. He unlocked the trunk of his car and took out a brown leather duffle bag, opened it, and pulled out a white cotton towel."Dry yourself first. I don't want you to catch a cold." he handed me the towel before putting the bag back in the trunk. He then unlocked the driver's seat and motioned his hand at me to get on the other side."I'll dry myself first. I don't want to ruin the seats. They look expensive."He rolled the sleeves of his dress shirt to his elbows, "It doesn't matter, you can do it here. Now, get in before someone sees you."Reminding her of how scary reporters can be, I hurriedly got inside the passenger seat of his car. He started the car and moved out of the parking lot with ease. "So, what's this important thing you were going to tell me?"I looked outside the windows as they go past building by building. "W-where are we going?" I also noticed how the rain seemed to have
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Chapter 4
(Caleb's POV)After she signed the contract. We headed to her place to pick up her mom and sister. Since she said earlier that they must move out, Josh can't find a vacant apartment near my house or company, so ended up with a condominium for them to stay in."Turn left..." I followed her instruction on which way is their home. This place looks like a low residential area, you can see a crowded neighborhood and in a messed situation. Somewhere a dog barked, I could hear the risings and fallings of a conversation being held on a porch near the corner, chatting and yapping and playing and shrieking; a car passed on the street, the roaring sound of a motorcycle revving on the other side of the cemetery intrudes like a profanity. How can they live here peacefully?"JUST LEAVE THIS INSTANT!!" "S-stop the car, sir." she unbuckles her seatbelt and was about to open the door, adrenaline rushed through me as I stepped on the brake. She jumped off the car and run toward the crowded people. Is
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Chapter 5
Anastasia's POVI stare up at the ceiling in deep thought. What the hell did I get myself into? My life is going to take a drastic turn from this point. Did I make the right choice by accepting this deal? I just signed my life to a stranger himself. I let out a long sigh before standing up from my bed. Enough thinking, I don't want to think anymore. I grab my grey sleeping robe and put it on without tying it. While walking to the kitchen, I tie my hair into a messy bun and start making breakfast for my mom and sister. I crack some eggs and pour them into the pan. I grab the spatula and move it around. Once the scrambled eggs are ready I place them on a plate and grab the hotdog from the fridge. I clean the pan before frying the hotdogs. Once it's ready and at my liking, I place the hotdogs next to scrambled eggs and turn off the stove before placing the pan in the sink. I am about to walk towards the room of my mother and sister when the doorbell rings. I stand up and open the door
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Chapter 6
(Caleb's POV)The sun rays that peeked through the window collided with my face causing me to bring the covers over my head. I rub my eyes and sit up before realizing that it's already morning.I lay back down on the bed with a sigh as I place my arm over my forehead. I am exhausted from my paper works as I need to finish reviewing the important documents before my wedding this week.The grumble of my stomach distracts me from my thoughts and I decided to go find something to eat. I walk out of the bed and head to the hallway. I walk straight and come out at the main staircase. I walk down the stairs as I let my nose guide the way. I could smell eggs, bacon, and best of all freshly made pancakes. I enter the kitchen to find the cook and a woman. Her back was to me, the only thing I could see was her light brown blonde tipped wavy long length hair that seemed to shine in the light. She was wearing a red patterned flannel shirt dress and a pair of black boots. The woman had turned aro
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Chapter 7
(Anastasia's POV)Today was the day, the day that I have been wishing throughout the week not to come, the day I would be joined in a marriage I never asked for, a marriage that came without a choice.The wedding day.I was already in my wedding gown which mom and aunt Susan helped me into and was currently retouching my make up which I didn't find necessary but Angelica insisted.After the family dinner at his ancestral mansion, everything went very fast, since Caleb had decided to push the wedding to this Saturday, for reasons best known to him. "Okay, pretty bride it's time to go," Olivia said when she walked in with Trina. She is the organizer of the wedding, as she is very close to Caleb's family. I wonder why they didn't date."You look beautiful." mom said with a loving smile. One thing that gave me joy, was seeing my mom and sister smiling and not having worries in life, they look so happy. Tears formed at the banks of my eyes.We exit Olivia's building and drove to the church
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Chapter 8
(Anastasia's POV)I was woken up by a tap on my leg as I yawned and shielded my eyes cause of the light coming in through the windows.The tap on my leg continued, and I could hear Rosalinda's voice calling my name as slowly regained consciousness."Good morning, madam Anastasia," Rosalinda said, smiling at me.I did my normal yawning and moaning waking-up routine until finally, I was fully awake as I rubs my eyes to fully see Rosalinda beside the bed wearing a worried face."Good morning, Rosalinda." I greeted yawning."The boss said I should inform you that you should eat breakfast with him""Oh really, sorry I...."I wasn't able to complete whatever I was about to say as the door barged open, and an unreadable Caleb came in.He was still in his PJ trouser and a black top, his hands were in his trousers as he stood at the door with a straight face looking at me who was still on the bed wearing only an undergarment underneath the blanket, I wrapped myself with the blanket. I was usual
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Chapter 9
(Caleb's POV)After our wedding, we were the talk of the country. Our photos were printed in every magazine and newspaper, and the paparazzi followed everyone and everything related to us. It was getting on my nerves, but thankfully the spotlight would go away in a few weeks.I would be meeting some of my investors at the event, so I worked the entire afternoon in my office.After hours of working, I stretched my arms and opened a drawer to take some painkillers. But as I was about to get it, the phone suddenly ring. "Yes?" "Mr. Carter, the charity event will move by two hours earlier, as requested by the investors." it was Kent, my secretary on the other line."Okay, ready the private chopper." I ended the call as my attention is still outside my office. I don't remember that someone was waiting for me outside.My door was slightly open, that's why I heard a soft voice as if he or she was startled.I slowly take a few steps to the living room and there, I saw Anastasia sitting on a
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Chapter 10
(Anastasia's POV)He went back to ignoring me from the next morning onward. He didn't even look me in the eye and ignored me the entire day. I only saw him leaving the house since he came home after I slept. And then he ignored me the next day also.I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen watching Fernando cook as he slightly sway his hips to the music banging from the radio. I knew he was doing all this to brighten my mood and I find that very sweet and kind of him.Caleb was a box full of secrets. His entire life was a mystery full of misery and unhappiness. His glare was enough to knock someone to death. Especially that someone is me since he had been doing that a lot.I sigh and strode my feet to went back to my room, and enjoy my horrible life watching movies. I miss mom and Alice. Should I visit them? But Caleb warned me not to wander outside without his consent.Everything has been boring lately and I haven't spoken to Caleb since that dinner. His life was very confusing and sad
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