Twin Alpha's abused mate

Twin Alpha's abused mate

By:  Veronica Black   Updated just now
Language: English
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The evening of her 18th birthday Liberty's wolf comes forward and frees the young slave from the abusive Alpha Kendrick. He should have known he was playing with fire, waiting for the girl to come of age before he claimed her. He knew if he didnt, she would most likely die. The pain and suffering she had already endured at his hands would be the tip of the iceburg if her wolf, Justice, didnt help her break free. LIberty wakes up in the home of The Alpha twins from a near by pack, everyone knows the Blacks are even more depraved than Alpha Kendrick. Liberty's life seems to be one cruel joke after another. How has she managed to escape one abuser and land right in the bed of two monsters?

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45 Chapters
Liberty POVThe deep booming thunder rumbles overhead and a static charge lingers in the air around me. Rain punishingly beats down on my raw exposed skin, stinging my torn flesh, every droplet sending ripples of pain through me. At least the pain will end soon. Another ominous rumble fills the sky. I lift my heavy eyes open to take one last look at the world before death sweeps me away. Two of the same face, blurred by the heavy rain, illuminated by the light of an electric blue lightning bolt, float in front of me. He has come back, come back to make sure I’m dead, to make sure nobody will find out the powerful Alpha Kendrick was refused by an insignificant orphaned she wolf. “I’ve got you little one, I've got you.” The ground falls from beneath me and two thick, warm arms lift my aching body from the dirt. Just let me die here, please, let the pain end. Darkness engulfs me before the words can escape and I wait for the only freedom I’ll ever know.Christian POV“My best guess i
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Liberty POVEverything aches, my whole body feels like it’s being crushed, like he is laying back on top of me, forcing the air out of my lungs. This isn’t what I expected freedom to feel like. I can feel my legs throbbing, and pain shoots through my ribs as I breathe. I’m breathing, I’m not dead. They found me and brought me back to Kendrick. He will surely try again, he will never stop as long as I’m alive. Nobody refuses Alpha Nick Kendrick. We aren’t free, we mustn’t let him see, Liberty. He mustn’t see we want to be free or he will never end it. Justice reasons as she whines inside my head. I’m not used to hearing her voice. I’ve felt her presence since I was a child but the first time she spoke to me was the night I turned 18. The night she came forward for the first time and I shifted into my wolf form. Justice is strong. So much stronger than me, she is the one who fled Kendrick’s territory, who helped take my mind away from the pain when his warrior’s hunted me down and to
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Liberty POVAnother Alpha. How does this keep happening to us Justice? We get so close and have it snatched away. What’s worse is the Black’s have a worse reputation than Kendrick. Everyone at home knows they are ruthless, their father fought the previous Alpha and tore his still beating heart clean from his chest. When he claimed the pack and added it to his own he trained his warriors to be nothing more than blood thirsty barbarians. Even rogues dare not step foot on Pine Lake territory. Now his twin sons have taken their place as joint Alpha’s, twins sharing a pack has never been heard of, Kendrick was always howling about how unnatural it is. How did I find myself here? Of all the places in the world, it had to be here.“Left you? What the fuck?” He growls behind me but I’m too tired to worry about what he will do. Hopefully his anger will pay off and he will finish what the others started. His warm hand sends sparks down my arm as it comes to rest on my shoulder. He pulls gentl
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Liberty POV Why do they keep calling us little one, it’s infuriating. Justice growls. It’s nice having someone to talk to. Justice is fierce, she tells me I’m strong, like her. She wants us to be free. Not kind of free I dream of, the kind that has the earth beneath our feet, nobody chasing us, living our life, far far away from here. Without justice I would never have gotten away from that place. The two Alphas have been sat beside me for hours. I daren’t look at them. Every time I do something inside me makes me want to make them happy, to answer their questions. I can’t give in, it will only make me weak, the more they know, the higher the chance of them sending me back. Kendrick doesn’t take kindly to people keeping his things from him. I accepted my fate when I refused him. Then Justice came forward and almost tore his arm off before he could finish his disgusting assault. Hearing his blood curdling scream was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I hope he is left disfi
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illusion of safety?
“Let us help you little one.” One of them says, as his arm slides behind my shoulders and lifts me to sit. The other holds a glass of water with a straw for me to have a drink. The cold liquid quenches a thirst I didn’t even know I had. When it hits my empty stomach it feels like icicles being plunged into me. I wince before I can think to hide my discomfort. I’m not a stranger to hunger pains, but this was sharp and unexpected. I can’t show weakness, weakness is not acceptable, Alphas beat the weakness out of the pack. Kendrick would tie pack members to the pole outside the pack house and have their family and friends deliver the punishment. It was brutal to hear. He never took me to the pole. If people knew I was there he might have to share me, “Do you want me to share you.” He would leer in my face, his putrid breath making my stomach turn. No, my punishments were private and sadistic. No whip for me, no cane, hell I would have rather been dipped in wolfsbane and had had my skin p
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silver marble
Zander’s POV“Why don’t you get some more rest, then when you feel up to it you could join us downstairs for dinner.” I let go of her chin and hope I’m not pushing our luck.“We can get some clothes brought here for you but for now, there is a T-shirt and sweatshirt here for you.” Christian hands her an item of clothing from each of us. It will be easier for her to realise she is ours if she gets used to our scent. She holds up my T-shirt as if checking the length and chuckles for the fist time. The sound is like honey balm for the soul, I want to hear her chuckle more often. My brother and I both look at her, wondering what’s funny.“Thank you, these will probably come down to my knees.” Her smile gives me hope. Whatever the asshole put her through might not have entirely broken her spirit.“Bathroom is through that door. Take your time.” I point at the door then Christian and I both stand to leave. I desperately want to kiss her, to smell her hair, scoop her off the bed and take her
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Zander’s POV“You are fucking terrifying her Chris, go for a run and calm the fuck down.” My unspoken words seem to pull him back. We are both beyond livid about the abuse she has obviously suffered, but Max is the wilder of our wolves and he is out for blood. The only way to calm him is to let him free in the woods.“I’ll be back soon.” He replies before almost ripping the door from the frame and shifting into his monstrous, pitch black wolf. He leaps from the back deck into the woods and disappears from sight in seconds.Liberty wobbles on her feet and I catch her in my arms just before she hits the floor. My heart races when she buries her face against chest and her silent tears soak my t-shirt. Caleb is beside himself with joy, only because she isn’t fighting me to put her down. “Let me help you little one.” My pleas seem to fall on deaf ears as I take the stairs two at a time, back to her bathroom. Christian and I have had this room ready for years. Since we realised we would sh
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“One second little one.” I step back and pull off my top before returning to where I was and gently pulling her back against me. Her skin hungrily drinks in my body heat, and she pushes herself closer to me. I have no idea where to put my hands. I don’t want her to freak out, we need to know what she has been through so we can help her heal and know her boundaries. As if sensing my thoughts, she takes my hands in hers and wraps them around her tiny waist so they both lay open and flat. One across her tummy, the other just above it, on her ribs. My cock throbs to life, straining against my jeans. Fuck, this is not the time. She looks up at me, panic flashes through her eyes as my stiffening length presses into her soft, forgiving cheeks.“It’s ok, I would never… not if you didn’t want me to.” The back door opens then closes with a crunch. Yet another door to be replaced. It’s the third day out of the four since Liberty has been here, that one of us has almost pulled it from its hinge
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reject me
“Little mate, you don’t even know the power you have over us.” Christian breathes through gritted teeth. He is fighting the urge to touch her, to reassure Max she is ok.“Mate?” she mutters. Yeah, I was wondering if she would pick up on that. We have both felt the connection, the sparks on the occasion we have physically connected, but she has never reacted. Probably the emotional trauma, her mind has to be less receptive to us, survival instinct kicking in for self preservation. Christian and I both lift our heads, our movements have been in sync since we were young. Our parents always said it was like we were one mind in two bodies. We spent our childhoods driving them crazy with all the usual twin tricks and practical joke. Christian was always more serious than I, but he followed my lead when it came to mischievous plans. Her hands both lift and cold, delicate fingers slide into our hair, her finger tips send sparks along my scalp and down my spine, tugging at my heart on their w
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Liberty’s POV Two mates. Are you kidding me? Two Alpha mates! How the… what… I…We are very lucky, two strong, handsome, Alphas. Justice purrs in my head. Just look at them Liberty, those muscles, the way they look at us, can’t you feel how much they want us? She is practically drooling in my head. That’s the problem, I can feel how much they want me, the last time someone wanted something from me it led to nothing but degradation and pain. I won’t put myself back in that position. I know what you are thinking, they don’t want that, they want to love us Liberty, touch them, feel the difference. Kendrick was a monster, you can’t let him take this from us. We need them as much as they need us. “I need to get dressed before we eat.” And I need time to process this. My tummy gurgles, loudly, and the Alphas stand. The tips of Christians fingers graze my ankle as he rises, sending effervescent tingles up my leg. Justice has a point. Their touch does feel different, it feels good, not d
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