I Know How You Taste, Mr. CEO

I Know How You Taste, Mr. CEO

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She is a walking block of ice, while he is the fire between every woman's thighs. Both were bound by so-called friendship and the forgotten passionate night. A night that she surrenders her everything to him. Body and soul. A night of ravenous passion she will never forget, but he hasn't remembered. He is a player, a one-night-stand guy. Strictly one night. He never does relationships except for a quick rumble under the sheet. Unrivaled in his game, he dares set his ravenous eyes on her. However, he was surprised when she matched his game. For someone indifferent, almost frigid, she is unexpectedly a ravaging fire of desire. Unknown to him, it was just a rekindled fire. She already knows how he tastes and she is willing to play his game. Was it really just a game between them? And once it's done it's goodbye. Can they forget how each other tastes now that they are addicted? Or fate has a different plan. Will they still call it a game when they start to fear uncertain of their future without each other? When they dreaded the time that it will be game over. Will they still be willing to play if their hearts are already at stake? Or just like some games, they will end it in a home run.

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89 Chapters
Graduation Ball. And as the most wealthy family in Belmont City, Timothy Steel hosts the party at one of their family-owned hotels. Timothy Steel, her best friend since freshman year and the youngest heir of a multi-billion company, Steel Corporation. "You're enjoying Arah?" he asks with a lopsided grin. He is drunk and it's obvious by his slurring. "I am, Tim. Don't worry too much about me. Go and mingle with your friends" she tries to send him away for she doesn't know how many times. He has quite a lot in his circle but he chooses to stay by her side. He has been sticking to a nerd like her since the start of the party and only leaves once spotting someone who interests him. But he won't be gone long, before he will be missed he is already back. Timothy is the life of every party. Not to mention a girl magnet. With his family's wealth and his beyond words handsome face, he is a total package. A playboy, in fact. "Want another fill?" he ignores her and instead offers to pour
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Chapter 1 One Million Dollar Appointment
Rechner Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology, situated at the center of the progressive City of Belmont has been the household talk among elite and famous personalities of the upper class. Established and managed by the very meticulous and brilliant Dermatologist Dr. Amara Rechner, a twenty-eight-year-old daughter of the well-known Neuro-Surgeon Dr. Rene Rechner. A fruitful seven years since she started the clinic right after passing the licensure examination. The company has been paving its way as the top aesthetic and dermatology clinic frequented by well-known personalities, including the infamous Steel family of Steel Corporation. And today is one of the days the clinic has been in an uproar from the impending arrival of a very important client, CEO Luther Steel. Watching the convoy of several black vehicles entering the vicinity of Rechner Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology, waves of hushed and discreet giddiness erupted. It becomes louder after the door of one of the vehicle
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Chapter 2 Dangerous Man
Staring at him, the room becomes eerily quiet. Both were gauging each other. "That's the only way I could stop mom from pestering me" he shrugs."She loves you as a daughter, so better make it legal" he added."I can't believe you are falling into this kind of trick. For goodness sake Luther, you are not a high schooler to be bothered by such a threat" she chuckles while shaking her head in pure amusement. "She happens to be Chairman Helen Steel of Steel Corporation. The most arrogant woman, well, aside from you of course" he sarcastically counters.Unamused, she smiles sweetly."Then find a suitable woman who would jump into your bed and make her pregnant. Problem solve. Simple as that" she snickers before standing up."Where are you going? We are not done yet" he glares at her when she was about to leave."Your time is up, I only entertain clients for a maximum of thirty minutes" she casually mumbles before going to the ensuite bathroom to wash her hands."Wait, I paid one millio
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Chapter 3 Married
"I really can't believe you two have betrayed us like this" Helen glares at Arah and Luther who are both speechless the instant the older woman starts her tirades. Helen has been ranting for almost an hour and no one could counter her, even her husband. She has been unstoppable after the two announce their supposed marriage. "You were married for two days without us knowing. I can't believe this" raising her hand in pure frustration, she huffs her every breath. She is angry...furious actually. "Mom, we are two consenting adults. We don't need permission" Luther spoke for the first time after the entire time his mother has been ranting their heads off with her anger. "Yeah, of course, I know that. But we are your parents! Your family! And it is Arah you married, idiot! Why do you have to do it in secret? She is almost a daughter to us!" Helen angrily counters. "Mom, we are so sorry. I got so busy with my patients and I only have that two hours to spare so we just seize the opportu
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Chapter 4 Right One
She entered a quiet apartment and she assumed Luther is yet to return. They have been together for two weeks and they seldom see each other. Just like they usually were. It was late and she was exhausted. She was about to enter her bedroom when a figure appeared at the door of the balcony. "How's your day?" Startled by the sudden voice from behind, she nervously flinches. "You startled me" holding her chest, she exclaims. "Sorry...I didn't intend to" "Have you eaten?" he continues. "Yes, I had dinner with Tim. He had his usual procedure and we went out together to grab some late dinner" casually she explains. Instead of going inside her room, she walk to the couch and took a seat. "How about you, have you had your dinner?" she heaved a relieved sigh after her back touched the soft backrest. She placed her bag beside her while she tries to relax her sore muscles. "I had it with some associates" he softly replies without leaving his spot. He could freely watch her from wh
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Chapter 5 Invitation
As planned, they had dinner after his procedure. And though they had an awkward moment earlier, it was all forgotten when they are heading to the restaurant Luther reserved for them."I don't know if I will be alarmed by the way those women look at me. Perchance, have you canceled a date tonight to take me to dinner? Those looks could kill me anytime" playfully she whispers after slightly leaning towards him as they walk to their table. "Don't mind them and for the record, I didn't just squeeze you into my schedule tonight if that's what you're thinking. I don't set a date and cancel it after something came up. I'm not like that" he casually responded while carefully holding her by her back. Amused by his defensive response, she chuckles while glancing at the ladies she was referring to. She usually doesn't mind Luther's whereabouts, especially with his one-night stands. However, tonight she feels different. No matter how hard she convinces herself this is just a usual dinner betwee
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Chapter 6 Rarest Gem
"It's seldom for you to ask me for dinner. What happened? Are you sick?" Tim suspiciously asks after they both got settled. Arah called him earlier to have dinner and since he has no other plans for the night, he readily agrees. "Funny, Timothy Steel. I'm tired of eating alone in my clinic, that's why" she smiles while browsing the menu. "How about Luther? Aren't you supposed to be eating together? That's what husbands and wives do after a long tiring day of not being able to see each other" he teasingly persisted. "Nah, your brother is a busy bee as I am. Our schedule doesn't seem to fit these days" casually, she mumbles. Tim has been staring at her, ignoring the menu book. There's something in her that he couldn't figure out. "How are you? How is it being married to a jerk?" playfully, he asks before turning to the menu in front of him. "Hmmm...I think I'm fine. Nothing's new, still busy. And the marriage thing... Actually, I sometimes forget I am married" chuckling and amusi
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Chapter 7 Not The Right One
"Oh, hi. Good morning" Arah was startled by the figure sitting at the breakfast nook. She thought she was alone. Since she got home from her dinner with Tim earlier, she hasn't even blinked and she wasn't aware Luther arrived home. It was past midnight and she got thirsty from trying to sleep so she went out to grab a drink. Clutching her silk robe in front, she faces him. Aside from her flimsy champagne-colored night dress beneath the thin robe, she wears nothing. With his presence, she feels naked. She hasn't mind being decent since she was not expecting to find him at home. Usually, he would spend the night at some hotel together with his 'takeout'. Luther is resting on the nook but looked up upon hearing her. "Good morning" though his voice is hoarse and slurry, he musters to greet her. "Rough night?" she playfully asks. Looking at him, he looks like a mess. She doubts if he is even sober. She got no response but a drunken chuckle."You rest now, Ther. It's almost morning"
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Chapter 8 Making A Point
After all the awkward incidence of their so-called marriage, they become more estranged. Avoiding each other. If there are instances they meet it would be fleeting. Like passing by each other while on the way to the office. Both are avoiding repeating the awkward incident in the kitchen a few weeks ago. Though they had set it aside and acted like it never happened, it already affected their affinity.Nonetheless, there are situations they need to be together like today. If not for the dinner banquet she needs to attend to heed Helen Steel's invitation, she won't be stepping inside the Steel Corporation building. But Helen is a dangerous adversary. Her coming days will not be in peace once she dares defy the old woman. Clad in a white long-sleeve soft chiffon blouse tucked inside her perfectly fit tailored cream trousers paired with three inches stiletto, she steps out of the elevator to the admiring gazes around. "Good day, Dr. Rechner" Greetings together with the rising tension f
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Chapter 9 Unloved
"You got to be kidding me" though soft, she heard Tim mutter under his breathThey are having lunch after he had bombarded her for she doesn't know how long and eventually succeeded in taking her out of her clinic.But the relaxed meal they are looking forward to is disturbed by the arrival of the two figures, Luther and Claire.Their eyes met but no one initiated a greeting aside from the slight nod they shared. The two went straight to the table reserved for them. Claire looks like wanting to approach them upon seeing them, but Luther guided her away. "Such absurdity. A husband dating someone else in front of his wife" he chuckles while gently shaking his head. "What's between us is just a silly agreement, Tim. He doesn't owe me anything" casually, she counters. She is so tired of battling with herself that she almost felt numb. Luther cannot hurt her more than she is hurting now. She can no longer feel another pain topped to the excruciating pain she has been enduring since the
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