By:  Ami Paul  Ongoing
Language: English
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He was determined to kill her and she was determined to love him, their fate brought them closer but the world was always against them.

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Wolves are not real
Five-year-old Nyla was shivering with fear "Momma, what happened to daddy?" she asked in her shaky voice.Her mother held her hand with a strong grip and said "wolves, they killed your father, and soon they will find us" chills slid through Nyla's body and thousands of questions arose in her mind "momma, I am scared" words came out of her mouth as she looked at her mother with innocence."I want you to go to aunt Isla's house and never look for me again" her mother commanded but Nyla's mind was stubborn enough to refuse her mother's command "I am not going anywhere without you, momma" her voice was breaking as tears rolled down from her pretty eyes!Her mother frowned and she made her grip stronger on Nyla's wrist "listen to me at once, run for your life" Nyla's feet were still standing there and were not ready to take a step ahead."RUNNNNNNNNNN" her mother screamed her lungs out.18 years later..."Aunty Isla, I am late for work" Nyla shouted with all her force. Aunt Isla rushed t
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Chapter 2 - The strange house (Nyla's POV)
Chased by the wolf my feet stopped in front of a huge dark house!My body was out of breath and my legs were frozen, I was running for life and without giving it any second thought the situation made me knock on that house door.I kept on knocking on the door with all hand power while my mouth was shouting "HELP ME, PLEASE" My loud voice didn't attract anyone from inside but the wolf outside. The wolf was coming closer and closer to me as if he couldn't wait to hunt down his prey, scratching his paw on the ground full of mud he declared war on me, he was about to jump on my body suddenly, the door behind me opened and the wolf's paws stopped. Something strange happened at that moment, strange enough to force that wolf to run leaving his prey behind.I took a deep breath and turned my face towards the door, my eyes were awestruck at the sight. A beautiful man with light brown eyes was standing in front of me, his long brown hair was falling on his neck whereas his shoulders were bro
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Chapter 3 - Hiding in the woods!
Five Hunters came running to the woods wearing black clothes and carrying heavy weapons!All the boys hid in the basement and Nyla accompanying them whereas Ronan stood strong at the entrance guarding the door.Nyla's mind was confused, everything happened so fast that she didn't get the chance to understand the seriousness of the situation!"Why are we hiding?" she asked Jax with doubt, hearing her question Jax realized she is the only clueless among them."We're hiding from hunters" his answer made everything more complicated for Nyla's understanding and so she interrupted the silence again "what do you mean by that?" Jax looked at her and a heavy sigh left his mouth."They hunt wolves and since we're living here in secret, Ronan don't want them to find us" This time Nyla understood the situation to a certain point."Nyla, you never heard of hunters before?" kai asked with curiosity and the answer to his question was simple for Nyla, she smiled and said in her soft voice "I never he
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Chapter 4 - The red mark
Ronan was standing in front of Nyla as she opened her eyes, seeing him her fear from before was gone and a sense of relief ran through her heart."Ronan," Nyla called out his name expressing her relief, Ronan held her hand strongly and looking straight into her eyes he said in his deep voice "the wolf is gone" as his words reached her ears she took a peek behind Ronan's back and sighed because the wolf was actually gone!"The wolf seems afraid of you!" Nyla joked but for Ronan, it was the truth, he tilted his head to the left and asked: "are you coming with me or going back on your own?" Nyla coughed and put her ego aside, she chose the right path this time "I am coming with you!" On the other hand, Aunt Isla was furious and worried at the same time."Where is she?" Aunt Isla asked Julia for the 1000th time but Julia was as clueless as Aunt Isla."She must be staying in her friend's home as you know she can't come back because of the landslide." Aunt Isla frowned even more and tear
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Chapter 5 - Back to home!
Early in the morning, Nyla left as promised and Ronan accompanied her to the main Street of Town."You can go from here, right?" Ronan said showing his little concern toward Nyla. A warm smile appeared on her lips and words left her mouth "Thank you for everything, I can go from here" Ronan nodded his head and left without looking back.As soon as Nyla entered her house, Julia rushed to her and hugged her tightly with all her arms power "We were so worried about you" hearing Julia's cry, Aunt Isla came out of her room but the look on her face was scary rather than worried."Where were you, young lady?" she questioned Nyla looking straight into her eyes. Nyla was scared and so she took a step back but Aunt Isla held her hand strongly and demanded an answer. Taking a deep breath Nyla said in her guilty voice "I was staying at my friend's house, she lives outside of the town, so there was no network" Aunt Isla raised her eyebrows with doubt but didn't cross question anymore!!"Fine, you'
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Chapter 6 - Hello, again! (Nyla's Pov)
Ronan's deep voice echoed in my ear and a sense of tension ran through my body!He stood close to me and his gaze was fixed on my face, his eyes were screaming the hatred coming from him because of my uninvited presence in his house again."Come with me" He ordered and for some reason, I followed him without any hesitation, as I walked with him outside the house, others including Julia seemed worried for me!Upon coming out of the house, Ronan's feet stopped and he turned around to face me, taking a step closer to me he held my hand gently and pushed me softly to the tree behind me!As soon as my back touched the tree's rough outer, I felt the seriousness of the situation. Ronan placed one hand on the tree whereas his other hand was holding my shoulder, he fixed his eyes at me filled with anger, and spoke in his deep voice "Why are you here again?" he was biting his teeth with frustration and this was my first time seeing him in so much anger!"I was here with my friends to celebrate
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Chapter 7 - New bad neighbour!
Aunt Isla rushed to Nyla's room and screamed her lungs out "why are you still here?" Nyla turned her face towards Aunt Isla and with guilty eyes, she said "I am not going to greet our neighbors!" Hearing Nyla's words, aunt Isla's face frowned, throwing a sharp gaze at Nyla she commanded in her angry voice " Either you're going or not allowed to go anywhere!" Aunt Isla's condition made Nyla worried about her freedom and so she decided to face Ronan again with her heavy broken heart.As Nyla took a step forward, Aunt Isla stopped her and handed her a plate full of delicious cookies "give these cookies to them" Nyla smiled fake and nodded her head yes!Upon reaching in front of Ronan's house, she took a deep breath and gathered all her courage to knock at the door!!After a few seconds, Ronan opened the door and was surprised to see Nyla standing at his door. He slightly tilted his head to the left and spoke in his deep voice "It's you again!" Nyla was trying her best to avoid eye contac
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