Becoming My Stepson's Wife

Becoming My Stepson's Wife

By:  Hope  Ongoing
Language: English
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Have you ever dreamt of becoming your stepson's wife? Of course, Jules never expected it, until she met him. * “Who is she?” he barked staring at the woman standing beside his dad with a cold gaze. “Your stepmom, Jules. My newly wedded wife.” his father answered, drawing Jules closer. Hero's lips twitched. Stepmom? He took in the young exquisite woman and sneered. She's more like a gold digger and as long as he's here, he would never accept her as his stepmom. Never!

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45 Chapters
Jules Verne a twenty-one years old girl signs a fake marriage contract with a wealthy billionaire old enough to be her father...."Miss Verne, you don't have to worry, everything will be fake. All you have to do is pretend to be my wife and help me. I want you to teach my children to be responsible. They should take life seriously, change their mindset, and view the world differently. I want them to be less cruel and arrogant. They should learn to respect and see the good in people, be it rich or poor, I want them to see everyone as equals, not look down on them. can you do that miss Verne?"Jules stared at the elderly man in front of her, he looked like someone in his late fifties, and old enough to be her father. what would people think if she claimed to be his wife? However, she needed money for her mother's treatment, and to pay the debt she owed. If she wanted to make money and make it fast, the man sitting in front of her was the answer. The hospital in which her mother was
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That night, Jules could not sleep, as she tossed on her bed. Although she was glad that Harris and Harley liked her, she was still worried. How would she cope with Hardin, and the other(Hero) whom she is yet to meet? she wondered how he would react when he meets her. If he would also react like Hardin.After tossing around for a long time, she decided to go downstairs to get water, because she was feeling tasty. Jules walked down the slightly dim hallway, heading toward the kitchen. She was grateful that Mr. Scott and Harley had given her a tour around the house, or she would have missed her way. Although the hall was dim, Jules could still make out where she was going, so she didn't bother putting on the light.Jules strolled into the kitchen, and grabbed a bottle of water, before walking out. When she was about to make her way upstairs, she felt a strong presence in the hall.Although Jules, could not see the person clearly, she could still make out that it was a man, because
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"Calm down Lord grumpy, she is our new mommy," Harley told him, rolling her big eyes.Hero still didn't understand what she meant, so he said. "What do you mean?"Hardin sighs, and decided to put an end to his confusion. He wanted to see how Hero would react, whether he would also like their gold digger step mom, or hate her just like he does."She is dad's new wife, Jules Verne.""What!" Hero yelled, making everyone on the table, tremble slightly."Dad is Hardin saying the truth? Is this dimwit, really your wife?""Watching it Hero, how dare you call her a dimwit? this should be the last time you call her something like that. You must show her respect as your stepmother," Mr. Scott reprimanded angrily."I will call her whatever I want dad. How can you tell me that she is your wife, when did you get married?""That's none of your business son. All you need to know is that she is my loving wife, and you must respect her, whether you like it or not."Hero scoffed. "That will never happe
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Hero arrived at his company in a gloomy mood. He walked into the building and all the workers trembled in fear. "Good morning sir," they greeted, but he ignored them, walking angrily to his office.Immediately he sat on his chair, he put a call across to his P.A. "come to my office right away," he said, before hanging up the phone.It didn't take up to a minute before a guy with blonde hair walked into his office."Good morning boss," he greeted.Instead of answering him, Hero said. "Bryan, I want you to find out everything about Jules Verne.""But boss, may I know who she is?"Hero sneered. "If I knew who she was, I wouldn't be asking you to find out everything about her, besides why do you need to know that, ?" Hero barked, making Bryan tremble in fear." not what I mean boss. I mean who is she to you, it might help me get the information faster," Bryan shuttered.Hero scoffed. That gold digger cannot be anything to me, although she's married to my father, we share no relatio
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Jules, shivered slightly at his tone of voice, then she said, "what's wrong with what I called you?""You have no right to call me that. you will address me as sir," Hero retorted, gritting his teeth."Okay, Sir grumpy," Jules said, teasingly, suppressing her laughter.Hero clenched his fist and gnashed his teeth, to suppress his anger. He felt a burning rage, as he glared daggers at Jules.Harley who was watching them suddenly remembered her favorite cartoon(Tom and Jerry), and her face lit up in excitement. "I might as well sit down and enjoy the show, Harley thought, before strolling to one of the couches. She popped on it, crossing her little legs, as she glanced from Jules to Hero."Listen very well you dimwit I don't like you, so you should do well to avoid me in the future," Hero rasped.Jules rolled her eyes, putting her hands on her waist then she said, "Well, I don't like you either. who do you think you are? you dipshit.""How dare you? who did you call a dipshit? you mon
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They all stared at Mr. Harper like he had gone nuts. "Darling husband, I don't understand why you would ask me to work for him when he clearly doesn't like me?" Jules muttered, casting a curious glance at Mr.Harper."Yes dad, why would I work with this money monger? besides you have your own company, she should work for you instead," Hero muttered, gritting his teeth. he couldn't imagine himself working beside her, having to see her face every day. yikes! he thought, wrinkling his face in displeasure.A mischievous smile crossed Mr.Harper's lips and he said inwardly, "it's because I want you two to become closer."Clearing his throat, Mr. Harper said, "I don't want her to work for me because, she's my wife and people might say I'm giving her special treatment, even when I'm not. That's why I suggest, she works for you instead."Hero scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Dad, I don't want to work with someone like her, I just can't."Jules also rolled her eyes, then she said, "it's not like I w
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Mr.Harper," Jules called."Yes yes," he answered immediately, sighing in relief."I agree to work for Hero."Mr.Harper almost jumped up in excitement but restrained himself."Thank you, Miss Verne," he muttered....The next day Jules had to wake up early to prepare for work.Knowing who Hero was, she knew he would not take it lightly with her even if she makes the slightest mistake. she also didn't want to give him more reasons to say mean things about her.After brushing her teeth, and taking a shower, Jules wore a white long sleeve shirt, and neatly ironed black trousers to go, tucking the shirt inside her pant. she also packs her hair in a ponytail, applying only lip gloss, then she put on a two inches heels to go. She didn't want anything that will disturb her, more than the fact that she is going to work in the lion's den.Walking down the stairs, Jules noticed that, there was no one in the living room, "Are they still asleep?" She thought, twirling in the direction of Harley's
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Jules was gobsmacked and glared at him in anger."Why should I get out?" she yelled.Hero scoffed, matching her glare. "It's my car, I decide who I want and who I don't want in it.""But you told your dad and Harley that, you would take me to the office.""Yes, I did, but I lied back then."You..."Don't say another word, Just get out," Hero said, cutting her off.Jules ignored him. "I won't get out," she said defiantly.Hero clenched his fist in anger, then he opened his door, walked to the other side of the car where Jules sat, and opened it.Jules immediately tried to move to the other side but he caught her, pulling her out of the car.Jules shrieked, as she landed right on the floor. "You vile man," she cried out, pointing at him, but Hero ignored her, going back into the car."You can go," he told the chauffeur, who watched everything from the rear-view mirror and sighed in pity. "Poor Mrs.Scott," he thought, before driving away.He wanted to say something, but decided against i
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Jules sat in front of Hero's door fast asleep... After waiting for over twenty minutes, for Hero to tell her to come in, Jules decided to sit in front of his door but dozed off...Hero stared at the woman in front of him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "How can this woman, sleep at this hour?" He thought.Luckily Jules was leaning on the wall close to the door, or she would have crashed into the fall, once he opened the door.Hero's lip curled up into a smirk as he thought of a way to wake her up from her slumber. He hastily went back into his office, grabbed a bottle of water, and returned to where Jules was."This is payback for what you did to me the other night," Hero mumbled, spewing the water on her.Jules jerked up immediately. "Where am I, and why is it raining heavily?" she mumbled, dabbing the water off her face.Hero scoffed, rolling his eyes. He couldn't believe that his father had married such a fool. What did he even see in her? "Stand up you fool, how can you sl
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When Jules arrived at the ground fall, the elevator beeped and she slowly walked out, due to the weight of the file she was carrying, and to avoid falling."Let me help you," someone said, taking part of the files from her. Jules glanced up to see a tall lean man with blond hair(Bryan), looking at her like she was some kind of goddess. Not just him, some of the workers who worked on the ground floor, also stopped what they were doing, and stared at her in amusement. some even took a quick picture of her to post in the group chat."Wow! The devil has a hot, beautiful, and young stepmom. If I were him, I'd be happy," Bryan thought.Jules cast him a grateful smile, but her smile disappeared when she saw the way he was looking at her. She also noticed that he was not the only one, but everyone else."What happened? Why are they staring at me, is there something on my face?" Jules thought, slightly embarrassed.She decides to ignore them, walking to her office, even though she could still
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