My Alpha, My Curse

My Alpha, My Curse

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My Alpha Series Book 2 (Standalone) Adrian: This girl is everything I did not want in a mate. She’s vulgar, acts and speaks like a savage, refuses to comply to me as her alpha, challenges me at every turn, and worst of all…she comes from the most evil rogue pack in the whole states. That fact alone should have made me kill her on the spot, if only my wolf and heart would agree with me. Lennox: Come on Adrian! Just because she’s a little… different, doesn’t mean you get to throw the gift that the goddess sent our way after all that time waiting for her! Besides, do you smell that? My goddess, her smell is so mouthwatering! Rhea: I want nothing to do with this arrogant prick! His royal highness thinks I’m not good enough for him, well I say he’s not good enough for me! Walking around with that stick up his ass, reminding me every second that I should consider myself lucky that I turned out to be his mate! I may be a rogue, but that doesn’t mean words don’t hurt me. After all, I wasn’t exactly like the rest of my rogue pack. Hazel: It wouldn’t hurt if you would just give the man a chance to see the real you Rhea! We never belonged with those animals! He’s just trying to show us a better way of living, the right way. Besides, his attitude aside, I know you’re dying for a taste of him despite everything, because I’m dying for one myself from his wolf. Come on! If you two don’t want a taste of each other, at least set us free to do our own tasting!

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64 Chapters
Rhea’s POV“Please! Don’t kill me, please! I’m begging you!” The injured man pleaded with me heartily. He was so close to dying, his wolf gave up his form and made him turn into his human self.“I’m sorry” I said to him internally without letting him hear it, before I forced my wolf to bite his throat out and end his life.His animalistic, pain filled screams, tore my heart out, which subsequently caused me to wake up from my night terror.I sat up from my thin, ragged rug that I’ve been sleeping on ever since I can remember. My heartbeat was going crazy from the nightmare but I willed it to slow down to a normal rate. My breathing was fine, my face was blank. Good job Rhea. Perfect as always, just another normal ish, everyday nightmare, no big deal. I complimented myself.I looked around and saw everyone around me on the forest ground still sleeping soundly, and I felt better knowing no one was awake to hear my struggle and get suspicious that I was suddenly growing a conscience for
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Adrian’s POV“Dammit Alec you stupid son of a bitch!”I bang my fist hard on the surface of my desk, causing a huge crack to form there.“Adrian, calm down! You won’t do your brother any good if you keep punching stuff. We need to figure out a way to locate him” said Derek, my beta, grimly.I gave him a hard look and said sternly “There is no fucking way we haven’t tried Derek! They must have cast a spell on him to prevent us from locating him. Goddess only knows if he’s even alive right now!”“I’m sure he is. Why would they kill his whole army and kidnap him if he’s already dead? If they wanted him dead, they would have left his body with the rest of them for us to find” said Derek firmly.“Well, why would they kidnap him in the first place? That’s what I don’t get. The only thing I can think of is…” I couldn’t even say it out loud, but I’ve been thinking about it. And I can tell Derek was thinking the same thing.They’re torturing him. Maybe for information about the location of our
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Rhea’s POVI shuddered in my place when the whip brutally hit the man’s back, slashing through his skin and causing another cut to form on his back among the many cuts he already had. His back was full of them now. After two hours of non stop torture, the man was still surprisingly conscious till now, which is unfortunate for him.I was watching it all with a cold, satisfied smile on my face. To my fellow rogues, I appeared just as excited for his torture as the rest of them.Many of them lingered around the first day to witness his pain with their own eyes.It was day two now, and I was the only one watching him get whipped relentlessly. But still I had to keep my facial expression the same in case someone joins us.His agonized screaming has been hacking away at my heart, tearing it into pieces. Even though he was supposed to be the enemy, I felt extremely bad for him. I felt his pain as if it was mine, I felt the whip cut me just like it was doing to him, and I had to resist to kee
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Rhea’s POVI whipped him once more and threw the whip into the ground, my stomach was churning inside me and I knew I can’t whip him anymore unless I want to throw up.“Fine, pretend to be passed out if you hear anyone approaching” I said tightly.He looked at me in suspicion, not sure why I didn’t just knock him out myself or carried on with the torture when I didn’t get what I wanted from him.I was about to go rest my back against the nearby tree and pretend to be on watch when I remembered something.My humanity stood its ground and urged me to have more sympathy for his condition. They haven’t given him a drop of water or any food since they strung him up here. He must be thirsty as hell.I pulled out an old, used up, plastic water bottle from the pocket of my black hoodie, opened it, and brought it to his lips.To my surprise, he backed away and shook his head “I’ll pass” he whispered stubbornly even though I could see him almost salivating for a gulp.I furrowed my eyebrows “It
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Rhea’s POVHe was about to say something but changed course and said after a few seconds in a sober tone “The top row, third one from the right”I clicked on each number he guided me through until I finished the last number.“Now you need to write something, so he’ll know it’s from me and not a trap to lure him out” he said firmly then guided me through another set of buttons representing letters.I started sweating as this was taking too damn long and I was starting to get more nervous of being discovered before I was done.“Click that button on the top right side, yes….ok now it’s done. You can lock the phone by pressing the button on the side” he said in relief.I breathed out and went back to sit on the ground again.I was about to tie the phone back to my calf when Hazel alerted me that someone was approaching us.From the corner of my eye, I saw the alpha tense up, as he too heard them coming our way.I didn’t have time to untie the rope and then tie it back around the phone, so
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Rhea’s POV“No wonder the alpha here didn’t tell you shit! You hit like a little girl, Stefan” I said lightly.Another biting lash opened up a new gash against my back while I bit back my scream as my tears kept flowing freely down my face.My back was catching on fire, and I could feel my blood trickling down my back and drenching my already dirty jeans.The hoodie I had on was still on me, except the back was completely shredded now. It barely took ten of Stefan’s extremely vicious lashes on it to tear it apart. It was already ragged to begin with. After that, my bare back took all the still ongoing punishment.I had no idea how long it has been or how many lashes I received, but I could assume it’s been more than half an hour at least.I was making fun of Stefan the whole time, trying my best not to let him hear me scream in pain and give him the satisfaction.It only made him hurt me more.“Will you shut up and stop taunting him! he hits like a fucking beast! It hurts Rhea” Hazel
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Rhea’s POV “The mate bond will make me able to control your emotions, your way of thinking, and your human urges. I will be able to make you forget all about them the second we are connected. I can feed you all my emotions and overwhelm you with them. Of course because I’m an alpha, you won’t be able to push yours on me at all. My feelings will become your feelings, my urges will be yours. Your humanity will not stand a chance against me, Rhea, trust me. It will work” he said lustfully. It's the very first time I detect the hint of his lust for me. It made bile rise up my throat. Usually he ignores me and never bothers to look my way, unless I’ve done something wrong. But the look in his eyes made me feel like he truly wanted me for more than just to help me erase my humanity. He wanted my body, as well. I could tell from the way his eyes roamed all over me hungrily. Why the fuck did he pick me to get obsessed over? And how long has this obsession been going without my notice? I c
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Adrian’s POV As soon as we portaled to the location sent through my phone, I got hit with a scent so strong, it momentarily made my wolf sway on his four legs. Sweeter than honey, and yet spicy and sour all at the same time. I’ve never smelled something with this kind of weird, impossible combination before. Lennox; my wolf was taking huge whiffs of it, practically tripping up on that scent. I ordered him tightly “Focus Lennox, my brother’s life is only the line here! No time for a distraction” “But the smell Adrian! It’s calling me to it, it’s intoxicating me!” he growled in my head. “Alpha!” my beta Derek called to me through the mind link. My warlock portaled over three hundreds of my warriors to this forest, and they were all waiting for my command. “We need to follow the scent!” Lennox barked in my head while I fought to keep him in his place. Dammit! I was slowly losing my control over him, he was going crazy as the scent kept forcing itself into our system. I ordered
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Adrian’s POV“Why would she do that?” I asked tightly.“Because She’s not like the rest of them” he said confidently.I shook my head at him “She’s not”He raised his eyebrows and said suspiciously “That’s fast”“She’s the worst of them. Because she was able to fool you into making a promise you shouldn’t have made in the first fucking place!” I yelled angrily at him.Alec’s eyes glowed in anger and he said tightly “Adrian, I’m not an idiot ok? When I say she is different from them, then you should take my word for it. She made a deal with me to save my life by contacting you in exchange for her freedom, and she held up her end perfectly because here you are. Without her, I would have been dead and you would have never been able to find me in time. She earned her freedom”“You can’t let her leave like that! She’s our mate Adrian! Claim her!” Lennox growled in my head.“For goddess’s sake!” I muttered under my breath.My brother wants me to let her go, my wolf wants me to claim her and
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Adrian’s POVI’ve never had a problem with Lennox the entire time we spent together. We were always a team, always on the same side.There was never a moment where we stood on opposite sides before. Never a moment where he forced his control over me and shoved me back. Until now.I felt betrayed to say the least.“Well, you shouldn’t feel betrayed because you’re being a selfish bastard and I had no choice but to knock some sense into you, which is quite amusing considering I’m the animal who runs on basic instincts here and you’re the one known for his calm wisdom” muttered Lennox in my head coldly.“Hey Lennox, nice to see you don’t share my brother’s feelings about your mate” said Alec with amusement as he realized that he took over my mouth.“Give her to me” Lennox said darkly as he walked and stood in front of Alec, extending his arms for her.“Give me back control!” I growled at him angrily.“No, I can’t trust you with her in our arms, not when you’re being a dick about her” said
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