Love Resentment

Love Resentment

By:  Hanstrawberryyy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ava William, one member of The Alchemist. A famous band where she is the vocalist of the group. Ava does not believe in the word ‘love’ because of the unpleasant experiences she had five years ago. To her, the meaning of that word was not good. She never used to be like that, but because of the man she loved but only hurt her, she changed her look at the word with bitterness. Liam Browns, the man Ava met and loved, but hurt her and leave. Liam traded her for money for his own benefit. He loves Ava, but there are only things that really need to be sacrificed just so as not to ruin Ava’s career with the rest of her band. Ava doesn’t know Liam’s real reason, because the young man prefers to keep quiet. He persevered abroad and when he got up; he returned to the country to talk to Ava. Will Ava allow the two of them to talk? No matter what Liam has to say, will she listen to such intense anger and hatred she feels for her ex-boyfriend? What will Liam do to restore Ava’s trust? Is there any hope for the two of them to get along and get back together? Will anger and hatred prevail over the love that Ava tries to hide and deny for Liam?

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6 Chapters
THE applause and screams of the people watching us with my band were loud. Even though I’m so tired of singing and sweating so hard, I still give it my all. I feel strangely happy now and I know my colleagues are the same. I cannot see the tiredness on our faces even though we have performed since the afternoon. When we like what we do, we really don’t notice all the tiredness.“Thank you, Texas City!” I shouted into the microphone before bending slightly and waving at everyone. To the people below the stage, on its side, as well as the people upstairs in the mall. They all waved at us and called our names. Their shouts sounded like music to my ears. They were even holding posters with my siblings’ faces on them.“This is great!” Avana whispered to me–one of my sisters.I nodded and smiled at her. I tapped her arm and then went down backstage and went straight to our dressing room. They will still take advantage of the fans who support us. I picked up the bottle of mineral water and d
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I RUBBED my eyes as I awoke from a long sleep. I stretched my body lazily. Because it was so tiring last night, and I was lying on the soft bed, my body almost cannot move. I can see the light coming from the sun passing the windows.“Good morning,” Avana greeted me. She sat on her own bed while holding the guitar and streaming softly. The room we occupied was large and had three enormous beds.“Morning. Where’s Avery?” I asked with a smile as I stretched again. I yawned more and lightly combed my hair with my fingers. It was tangled, but I patiently fixed it. I took a deep breath before sitting down and picked up the bottled water placed on top of the nightstand.“She left earlier. I think she has something to buy.” She stood and leaned on the side of the nightstand of her favorite instrument. “Eat your breakfast. Avery and I ate first because you had a good night’s sleep. It’s embarrassing if we disturb you. Where did you go last night after our gig and you vanished? Mommy and Manag
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“SHIT!” I cheaply once slapped the steering wheel of my car. I bent down and closed my eyes tightly.I never thought before that I could get stuck in traffic. Well, I will find a way — hopefully. The problem is, I’m missing out. I have not memorized this place. Yes, there is no traffic, but why, instead of reducing the number of trees, they are increasing in number and becoming more mountainous?‘Where am I?’I tried to use Maze and Google Maps but I was confused.‘Argh! Ava, look at it again!’I pulled over and stopped my car on the side of the road first. I will keep asking questions about how to get out of this place to myself even though I really don't know the answer.Carrying my sling bag, I started walking. Good and I still see houses. There are even stores of goods and souvenirs. I approached the fruit shop vendor, and asked, “Excuse me, Ma’am. Can I ask a question?” I asked the aged woman.“What is it, young lady?”“What place is this? I think I am missing.” I smiled and laug
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“WHERE am I? I think I’m even more lost,” I said as I stood on the side of the road. The houses and shops around are less frequent, so I am nervous. It’s because I’m no longer familiar with the place I’m going through now and the nervousness in my chest is doubling. I looked up because I noticed that the sunlight was fading a bit.‘It’s still shady. Please don’t let it rain.’I was holding my stomach when it hurt. I ate a little earlier at the hotel before I left.‘I haven’t eaten yet. Haist! What time is it!?’I leaned on the car and forcefully turned on my useless cellphone now. Even the power bank I stocked in my car was low on battery as well.‘Annoying!’I almost jumped in my seat when someone blew a horn somewhere. I organized myself.My eyebrow rose when I recognized the blue Mercedes Benz that was in front of me now. Moments later, Liam came downstairs.‘He's still handsome. That's real talk! Nothing changed. Hey!’“Need help?” he asked.I folded my arms and raised my eyebrows
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THE ROOM we got was huge, but it only had one bed. The paint and theme of the entire room complement each other and make the entire room aesthetic, so it’s pleasing to the eyes to look at. It’s interesting that we seem to be in a Five-Star Hotel now. We are on the 5th floor, so I know the view up here is nice if the weather is good and if it’s early.I took a deep breath and turned to Liam when he spoke.“Take a shower. There are new clothes in the bathroom. You can use them according to the receptionist downstairs. I have also ordered our food so we can eat.” Liam directly said that. Until now, the wrinkles on his face are still visible. He can’t even look at me directly, which is why I’m curious.‘Well, I don’t care. Whatever his problem is, it’s up to him.’I looked at him, who had just come out of the bathroom. He was still wearing the same thing as before, so it looked like he hadn’t taken a bath yet. The eyebrows are still frowning.‘What’s wrong with him?’I simply followed Lia
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I don’t remember how long I slept, but I woke up when I heard someone groaning from somewhere. I opened my eyes and gradually reflected on the surroundings. Only the light from one part of that room illuminates the whole place. It’s still dark outside, and it’s still raining.‘By the way, we slept at the hotel—Liam?’That’s when I remembered Liam, so I looked at him on the sofa and there I saw that he was wrapped in a blanket and shivering from the extreme cold. The air conditioner is not that strong but because it is cold because of the rain and the coldness around is doubled. After a while, I heard someone moan again. My concern rose when I saw that it was Liam who was groaning.“L-Liam?” I slowly got off the bed and approached him. I grabbed Liam’s arm, which was covered with a blanket. My eyes widened when I felt that I was almost scalded by the heat, so I came even closer. “Liam… Liam? Are you okay? Do you have a fever, Liam?” I gently patted him and shook him a little, but he ju
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