The Charmer and the Beast

The Charmer and the Beast

By:  EessaArkisha  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jasmine Victoria Arizona grew up thinking she's just normal. She entered University with her dream of becoming a published writer. And then she met Flint James Montez, a hot Business major, a schoolmate. She hated his guts and his confidence but as days pass by, she realizes that Flint is more than those adjectives being used to describe him. She fell for him, but little did she know, he fell harder. But certain things always complicate life. Jasmine and Flint can't be together. She came from a family of witches, he came from a family of werewolves. There's no way they can be together after knowing their family go way into history. Is love enough to fight for each other? Or will they let go because that's what they must do?

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8 Chapters
The Beginning
I am moving out. I am starting college. And I’m a little bit anxious.Leaving the place where I grew up just makes me sad. And facing this new chapter in my life brings a certain feeling to my gut. Is it nervousness? I think so.All throughout my childhood, we lived in Crestville. I was already born when my parents moved to that place. So technically, I lived there my whole life. It’s such a shame that my dream University isn’t close to our neighborhood, resulting to me moving out to live in the dorms so I could start creating my place in the society.I’ve never been away from my family for a very long time. We always stick together. I’m not sure if we’re just clingy people or what. And yeah, it’s making me feel anxious. I know they will be just two hours away from me. But still, there’s distance. And distance scares me.“So this will be your home for the next four years, huh?” My sister Dahlia commented upon getting out of our pick-up truck where most of my things are. She rode with
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The Necklace
It was like the wolf was looking straight at me, trying to get to me. I was starting to feel all the creeps so I took off the necklace and hid it inside the drawer of my study table.I think this necklace Mom got from her mother is haunted or something.To get my mind out of the creepy thoughts, I decided to continue fix my stuff. My roommate might arrive and I don’t want her to think I’m sloppy.When I got tired of fixing my stuff, I decided to take a rest and lie on the bed. When I did, I realized it was too boring to just lie there so I got the book I’m currently reading from my bag.I have a lot of books at home. My hobbies are mainly book-related- reading a book, buying books, window shopping books, planning for a book, etc. Aside from family and academics, my life mostly revolves around books.I want to be a writer and be able to publish books in the future. That’s why I took up Creative Writing as my major. I started writing when I was still young so I think as I grow older, t
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The First Day
The kind of bond my Mom and have is something I will never trade for anything. She’s all in one- a mother, a sister, a best friend, my confidante. I tell her everything and she would just listen. She’s a good listener, and that’s just one of the many things I love about her.I have two sisters, but I am the closest to my Mom. She’s cool and she always reminds me that my feelings are valid. She always says the best words.I went out of the Dormitory and waited for her at the gate. It’s already dark since it’s almost 10 pm now. The moment I told her I need her, she quickly got into her car and drove here.Home is two hours away. I don’t want to hassle my Mom but I’m just too overwhelmed with all of these fuzzy feelings. And only her can help me feel at ease.There are still a number of students out so I’m not scared to wait for her here outside. It’s not yet the official start of classes so the curfew’s still not valid. We’re still allowed to accept visitors.I just sat on the pavement,
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The First Encounter
It’s already past 7 and we’ve been standing in line for almost an hour now. But there’s still a LOT of girls ahead of us. It takes so much time for one to finish bathing. My heart’s already pounding crazily inside my chest.I think we're gonna be late for our freshmen orientation.“Okay, this is not gonna work,” Taylor murmured. She’s behind me and we are actually the last people in the line. How crazy is that?“I know. But I’m not comfortable going out without so much as washing my face,” I replied.“I’ll go downstairs and check if the line’s not as long. You stay here, I’ll come back,” Taylor said. I haven’t replied yet and she already left, leaving me with her things.I took a deep sigh as I wished people downstairs didn't take forever to shower.No one warned us about the long line in the bathroom. If I only knew, I would’ve just taken a bath last night.While on the line, I kept looking at the stairs to see if Taylor’s coming or not. I also checked the time on the clock displayed
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The Second Encounter
It’s our first day in the University, but we still don’t have classes yet. We do have a lot of orientations and meetings today though.The freshmen orientation was already done. We still have an hour for a break to have snacks or something and then we’ll head to our department orientation. After that, I’ll have my bloc encounter. They call it ‘bloc encounter’ because it’s the first time the students in my bloc will meet.For freshmen, the sections are usually by bloc, which means that for people who are in the same bloc, they will most likely have the same classes. This is like a default for the freshmen. But after the first semester, we will basically be on our own. We’ll decide on what classes to take as long as we still follow our prospectus. For now, we’ll enjoy this privilege of not having to beg teachers to include us in their classes.Luckily, Taylor and I are in the same department so we don’t have to part ways just yet.But when the most dreaded bloc encounter came, I had to
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The First Class
I had crushes. I remember having a crush on William Santos back in Elementary because he knows how to comprehend while reading. But it didn’t last long because apparently, the guy is a jerk. I saw him punching another girl in my class and it was awful. It made me pledge not to ever have a crush on him.In High School, the guys are not really attractive. Well, what’s attractive to me are guys who know how to form words beautifully, guys who know how to solve Algebra problems. But the guys in my High School? Unattractive. They are good-looking, but looks are not everything for me.Looking at the guy now who’s also eyeing me with the same intensity as yesterday, gives me the chills down my spine. Sure, he’s good-looking, his black hair has this messy look which made him look like a bad boy. And his brows? To die for! It’s in perfect shape and it’s all hair I can say. It must be good to have the same brows where I don’t have to use a brow pencil or something. His nose was pointed and he h
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The Nickname
The moment I saw his mischievous smile, I felt like running away. But why the hell would I run away? I have a class here. Why is he here? He should be the one to run away! I believe he has no business being here. He’s not a freshman! This class is exclusive for freshmen! Even in this class, he’s gonna crash?I grunted and went back to facing the front. The Professor’s already in front and anytime now, the class will start.Just the mere look on his face, I can already see he’s just playing. I just don’t understand why he’s making the University his playing ground, and why does it seem like I’m the toy?God, how dare he.And the necklace is really bothering the hell out of me. I should stop wearing this but as Mom said, this will protect me. Maybe to protect me from assholes? Maybe this is some kind of necklace that can detect assholes? Because everytime Flint is near me, the weird sensation always comes out from this necklace.Huh, I should really ask Mom about this.The Professor is
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The Grin
My first week as a University Student flew by so fast. The classes were somehow okay. Most of the classes for this week are more on introduction of the courses. So far, I’m slowly adjusting to the environment. I still miss home though.Sean’s still the only friend I got from the bloc. I tried talking to them, opening up to them, but I don’t think the problem is me. I was pleasant enough to introduce myself and approach first but these people just won’t talk to me.Seriously, what the hell is wrong with them?As much as I want to know these people in my bloc, I just decided not to think so much about it. After all, I have Sean as my friend so I didn’t mind as much. Although he said joining the sem starter of the bloc will probably help. So I decided to go.It’s a Friday night. The very first thing I did the moment my class ended earlier was take a nap. After an hour, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to join the sem starter.“Hey, Tay?” I called. I’m still lying on my bed because i
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