Reborn as a human

Reborn as a human

By:  Coowrites  Ongoing
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About three things I was definitely positive about. First I shouldn't have fallen in love with a human. Second, I shouldn't have given up my position as the guardian of the sky for him. And third, I shouldn't have gotten involved when I found out my human lover was the heir to the throne of the wizard king.

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8 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Rowena**** The tension in the sky domain remained. Everyone was angry at me. They were disappointed. I didn't know why they couldn't reason with me on this. The sky was clouded with their anger and my pain. Why did they make it such a big deal? I was just in love. "Rowena, Be Quiet! You can't fall in love with a human! " "You're not even allowed to get married!" yelled my sister Genevieve. "We are guardians, for goodness sake. Have you ever heard of a guardian in love? " She yelled further, briskly walking toward me. Maybe if she shortened the distance, I'd get the message. "You're messing with the balance of things," added my second sister, Penelope. Penelope and Genevieve are like two peas in a pod; they always see eye to eye and there's never one without the other. My third sister, Giselle, didn't really care about anything, and this made her my favorite. "Rowena, I have no problem with you falling in love, but this is bad," she said, keeping her eyes on the cloud
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2WRITER'S POVJaden Scotts **************** Jaden Scott is a tall and muscular guy with trimmed jet-black curly hair and blue eyes. He is 23 years old.Mostly, he's a mess. ******He got out of his car that evening feeling fatigued. As usual, his nights were shaky. There was nothing that made this worse than getting called on the job first thing in the morning. He got up, took a shower, and decided to skip breakfast as usual. He always gets his breakfast from a coffee shop close to his office. As he approached the crime scene, he raised the yellow tape with the phrase "Police line do not cross" written on it, and he could already feel the eerie atmosphere. Although he was used to the job, he just couldn't get familiar with crime scenes.It was a duplex. The deceased was a woman named Carrie Sam, a 24-year-old blonde, stabbed repeatedly in the chest and eye.He bent to examine her body as it lay on the cold floor in a pool of already clotted blood. He stayed there
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3ROWENA'S POV"Working in a coffee shop was a lot harder than I expected," I thought as I walked down the road after work that evening. I had to attend to various kinds of people, and there was one older man that couldn't make up his mind, and it was very frustrating."What can I get you, sir?" I asked with a smile. "A cup of latte please," he replied, and I went to get it for him. I returned with it. "Did I say latte? I mean iced Americano" he said after I returned with it. "Excuse me, sir," I said, raising my voice. "You're going to have to pay for the latte I already got.""I made a mistake. "All humans make mistakes," he said sentimentally. I knew, sir, but we can't lose because of your errors," I replied calmly, ignoring the rage rising in my throat."It's fine, that's enough," Peter interrupted when the man was about to reply. "I'll pay for it," he added, and that was it.I kept walking, and I soon approached the local club. I noticed the very unusual crowd and wa
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4*The Wizard Kingdom, The Central Coven Of Wizardry.*WRITER'S POVQueen Griselda, the Witch of the Central Coven, sat in her golden chair looking at the five sons of Zed who were utterly beaten up and bloody from the fight last night.She stood up, paced a little, and then sat back down, took a look at the wizard beside her, and shook her head in disappointment."You had one simple instruction, and that was to bring Prince Jaden to me."Torak, the leader of the brothers, spoke up in pain. "We had no idea it would lead to a bloody fight. We tried to reason with..."he stated.Griselda's eyes furrowed with confusion. "You tried to talk someone into joining you and he ended up beating you all to a pulp. That story sounds eerie to me. Did you perhaps enrage him?" she said, picking up her wand.Torak's eyes widened as he stared at Rafael, who stood close to Queen Griselda. Rafael is the Queen's right-hand man and royal wizard. She told him to send the sons of Zed to bring Jaden b
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5WRITER'S POV"You again!" He looked surprised."We need to leave now." Rowena said, rushing to the other part of the car and getting in.Jaden wondered why this coffee lady was stalking him, but with the intensity in her voice, he felt that something was really wrong. For some reason, he believed her. As he got in, he began driving. His mom was buried in a small church cemetery in Roseville. So the drive to the main town takes about an hour or so. They were driving in silence, and Jaden was a bit confused about everything. He immediately put the car to a halt."Why'd you stop?" She asked nicely. He cursed himself for not even thinking, "What if this lady was some serial killer?"Rowena knew that he had a lot of questions, but this wasn't the time to answer them."Who the hell are you really?"..and why did you follow me all the way from town to Roseville? Are you stalking me?""Eu.. Jaden, I understand that you need answers, but now is really not the time for...""Wait, how
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Chapter 6
JADEN'S POV I slowly opened my eyes, trying to ignore the splitting headache I was having. The evil... woman, wizard, lady was gone, and the coffee shop girl was lying beside me. Images of what had just happened flooded my mind as I stood on the road. "I really used magic?" I asked, staring at my arms like they were going to answer me. I pointed to a tree and yelled "flames." Nothing happened, but a few birds flew away because my yell startled them. "Flames is a little too cliché. Wizard spells should be all spooky and scary," I said to myself. I assumed a more confident stance and yelled, " Flamino uhhh fireo?" "What the hell am I doing?" I giggled and immediately realized the coffee lady was still on the ground. "Hey, are you okay?" I tapped vigorously. She was burning up and was unconscious, so I quickly took her to my house. I paced to and fro as I waited for her to wake up. I had tons of questions after I did a mental check to make sure all I'd just experienced was not o
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Chapter 7
WRITER'S POV Rafael immediately walked to the cell where Gwen was being held and asked the guards around to leave so he could question her privately. "You said something about him being accompanied by someone?" Rafael asked Gwen, who was bound by chains on both hands and feet. "Yes, do you think I won't be able to handle a person who just found out he could use magic?" She snapped. "I did not say I don't believe you; what did she look like?" Rafael asked, biting his fingers like he feared her response. "She had platinum hair, and her eyes were too glittery and blue; she looked like a real human woman till the moment she started to glow." " Her....." Gwen cried, her eyes tearing up. "It's exactly as I feared." He already has a guardian beside him; I don't know how that's possible," Rafael replied, turning to leave. "Why do you want to kill him?" Gwen yelled in despair, and Rafael raced back in. "How dare you yell that?" Rafael spoke fiercely; he walked close to her and took her
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Chapter 8
"Do you not want me to stay?" Giselle asked as I stood with my hands crossed over my chest while she stood on my doorstep.She came unannounced, not like she ever tells me before she comes, saying she was going to be staying with me for a few weeks because she believes I'm lonely and likely to make vile decisions.She was dressed in a black long jacket, black shorts, and, I kid you not, a top hat, looking like a low-budget magician."Come in," I muttered, moving aside for her to step in. I didn't notice a suitcase till she was fully inside the apartment."Wow! "You are really serious," I said unbelievably, and I walked to my room and slammed the door behind her. It wasn't making any sense at all,"Open the door this instant before I get mad," she yelled, banging on the door, and I swear I saw a lightning bolt pass through the door knob."You of all people should know that I've been through so much to let a threat get to me."The banging stopped, and I thought she just wanted to trick
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