Falling for the Doctor

Falling for the Doctor

By:  Skye Ruelle  Completed
Language: English
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Artist Selena Chase unintentionally did something unforgivable to Dr. Cassandra York. That intimidating woman wanted to hear nothing from her but one No or two No's won't stop her. She knew how to get her attention and that was by booking an appointment! There was no way that the doctor would refuse a 'patient'. What she thought would be a normal session turned into a steamy one and nothing remained the same after that.

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85 Chapters
1. The Art Gallery
The sky-blue canvas blotted out the rest of the art like an ocean tide. People floated around it, their eyes drawn irresistibly to its depths. It was so captivating that they forgot about the other artworks in the room. The six-foot tall painting was a beautiful mess of colors, and they couldn't help but get lost in it. As she listened, she couldn't help but wonder what the crowd thought of it. “It's strange!” “I could do so much better, ugh.” “Instagrammable, oh my. Babe, let's snap a selfie with that!” She sighed, regretting not covering her ears. As terrifying as that was, she had a long way to go before receiving professional criticisms from actual art critics. She supposed she would have to get by with the guests for the time being. She listened attentively. Some described the painting as abstract and modern. Others expressed their displeasure at their inability to grasp what it was trying to convey. For herself, she saw it as a chance to establish a name and gain popularity.
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2. Not Genuine
At the glimpse of the sunlight, Selena awoke slowly, her back pressed to his bare chest, her arms holding him tightly to her. These past nine days have been the most mesmerizing time in her life. They went shopping, to amusement parks, to the beach, to movie theatres and did everything a couple could do together.She should have been ecstatic but as the days went, she realized it started looking superficial. She wasn’t a fool. This was too sketchy. He did so hard to please her to a point that she began questioning it all. There was not a single flaw in him and everything she asked for, he would give it to her without even questioning her. She should be feeling cared for but somehow, it felt suffocating, as if she barely had space to breathe.His mouth touched her shoulder and he started lingering kisses up her neck. There he started again. “Mmm, Jason. Stop…” “Tell me what you want.” “You.” His hand caressed her slender waist, dipping across her stomach, lower as he squeezed her thig
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3. Stalking Him
Selena checked her watch constantly and then looked at the building where Jason was. She pursed her lips. 18:05. He should already be out right now. She spotted him and she exclaimed, “That’s him. The guy wearing that sexy white shirt.” The taxi driver gave her a conspicuous look as if he was judging her but right now, she didn’t care. She was focused. She was a spy. She would not let guilt get to her. She watched Jason getting in his car and she commanded, banging her fist against the driver’s seat, “Come on! Follow that car!” “Alright... alright! No need to get excited.” The man muttered as he started the engine. He was going to charge her additionally for making him wait that long. Was she being paranoid to doubt him? She tightened her grip on the car seat, the taxi driver occasionally asking her if that was what she really wanted to do. She knew it wasn’t right. But… what if that ‘doc’ was not a colleague but an actual doctor? What if he was hiding a deadly illness from her a
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4. Betrayal
Selena stood in her gallery, looking disheveled. Hair uncombed, still wearing yesterday’s clothes and she hasn’t slept a bit. This scenery which had mesmerized her before felt as if it was engulfing her right now. Her head ached at all those paintings which surrounded her.Guests glanced at her as they maintained their distance with her. It had been three days now since she found out about that bastard. She raised the bottle of whisky to her mouth, took a last sip as she wobbled her way to the director’s office.She barged in and he jerked at his desk, accidentally slamming down his laptop. He stood, sweating profusely, completely taken aback, “What the— Ms. Chase? My God, what happened to you?” She arched an eyebrow, cackling as she stared at the laptop, “What were you watching in there, huh?” The director reddened, “I was just—Nothing of your concern. Why are you here? And in that state?!”She approached his desk, tears threatening to fall off, “Shut down the exhibition. Wrap it a
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5. Strange Caller
Her phone flashed with an unknown number. She would call back later. Cassandra tapped her pen on her desk, waiting for her computer to turn on. Her nurses were sorting out some patient’s files in specific drawers and working on the test results they have recently obtained. She cleared her voice, finding herself free enough to engage with them, “I heard you two complaining when you were in the lab. Is there anything wrong?” They froze, stopping what they were doing as they slowly looked at her, their face turning white. She could see that they were nervous. Jillian opened her mouth to say something and Emma protectively stepped forward, exclaiming, “Everything is alright, doctor! You don’t have to worry.”She looked back at her screen, launching her email, “Listen, I know work has been hectic lately. You two are my only assistants and you’ve been overworking yourselves.” Jillian laughed sarcastically, leaning against the edge of her desk, “Look who’s saying.” Emma shook her head as
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6. Drowning in Alcohol
She had never driven so fast before. Thoughts rushed through her mind. Those pictures… He’d been cheating on her. She felt the tears coming in even more now. No. She would not cry. She did not come all this way only to crumble because of some bastard. She was above this. She would see the reason and logic behind this fucking situation. She would handle this like a mature person.The tyres screeched as she reached her villa. She barged in anger, her tears on the verge of falling, “You fucking bastard! Where are you?!” A minute later, he came strolling down the stairs, a towel around his neck as he watched her in bewilderment. Cassandra marched up the remaining stairs towards him and he exclaimed, “Woah hun, what’s wrong?” She raised her hand and before she could slap him, he caught her wrist and stared at her in outrage, “Cassie?” The tears rolled down her cheeks now. She creased her fist and with her left hand she aggressively punched him on his jaw. He released her, letting out a
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7. Booking
Selena still felt a faint headache as she gobbled the delicious pancakes. Mr and Mrs York were cheerfully chatting with her and she could barely keep up with their energy. The doctor sure had wonderful parents. She continued, “And after completing my art degree, I tried selling my paintings online but I wasn’t getting buyers. I was pretty demotivated then.” Billy York puffed, waving his hand as if brushing her words off, “Ah nothing’s good on the internet but you should persevere, girl.” She played with a blueberry on her plate, “I got the chance to exhibit my paintings…but I messed it up. I broke the deal and now…I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t…care.” Maria shook her head, pushing the platter of pancakes more towards her, “Aw, don’t talk like that. Take it step by step. Everything will come out to be alright, you’ll see.” She gazed at her hand. She didn’t feel like painting anymore. Was that possible? To suddenly lose interest in the thing that captivated her the mos
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8. The Doctor
Cassandra buzzed her intercom and said, “Charles, it’s imperative that I’m not disturb in the next hour.” “Sure thing. Er what do I tell the next patient?” “Just send her to the exam room. Jillian and Emma will take care of her.” This Monday, she had to take care of a few formal things. She drank some water, took a deep breath and before she could let her brain get into an argument with itself, she dialed Jason’s number. It rang but he wasn’t answering. She waited impatiently but he wasn’t picking up. She glanced at the other phone. The one which belonged to that woman and she wondered if she should use that instead. She had been constantly thinking if she should just drop it at a police station since she was sure that she’d never see her again. With a sigh, she held the device, turned it on for the first time and pensively gazed at the password screen. She wanted to see the pictures that girl had shown her again but then she would probably end up blocking the phone. What could t
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9. Steamy Mistake
The doctor authoritatively said, lecturing her, “You should have done that when you were 21. And you’re 24. We’re not delaying this any further. Come on.” “It won’t hurt?” “It won’t.” “I mean… you won’t hurt me?” She glanced at the sparkling scalpel which rested on a nearby tray and then warily looked at her, finding that she wasn’t pleased with her comment.“Fine…” Selena mumbled as she looked at that damn chair. It looked like an instrument of torture. She was shaking now. She awkwardly climbed on it and lied back on it while the doctor washed her hands. The latter approached the exam table, standing right beside her. Selena stirred till she was comfortable and then, looked up towards the woman, wondering what she was thinking right now. What was she planning to do with her? What if she killed her and one would know?! Why did she even come here for God's sake?“Relax now. I’m going to perform a breast exam.” Selena tensed as the doctor pushed aside the opening in the robe and slid
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10. Thinking of Her
Jason grumbled to himself as he stepped out of an overcrowded bus. He hated it all. No space. No air conditioning. The smell of sweat. Noisy teenagers. He wanted to let out a cry of frustration. He was having a hard time adapting to that kind of life after the luxury he experienced when he was with Cassandra. He walked the path till Selena’s apartment building and glanced up towards the top floor, checking her window. That wrench. At least, she could have given him back his car, right? No. She took it off with her. Goddammit, and she was refusing to answer his calls. He scratched his head, groaning. He had to crash in at a friend’s place but that was so humiliating. Why was the women he loved behaving like that with him? He knew he couldn’t do anything about Cassandra. She always had the upper hand. He shuddered, recalling the way she had kicked him out of the house without hesitation. Hell. He always felt inferior when it came to her. But Selena? She was his. He did everything
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