One night stand with a Billionaire

One night stand with a Billionaire

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Losing her mother, Julia didn't stop her father from getting married again, her father's happiness was very important to her despite her reluctance. But she was only cheated on by her stepmother and sister. On her wedding day, she was drugged because of which she spent the night with an unknown man and endured the darkest moment of her life. Her boyfriend was taken away from her besides her father's shadow. She was forced to leave the country but her fate brought her back again to the place. Julia came back with a boy, her boy. Everything was going well but then she meets the man she spent the night with and the man was a Billionaire mafia, Joshua. [Mature content] “Sign this contract if you wish to see your family alive," Joshua roared at the disobedient woman. “What is this?” Julia asked in fear. “This is the agreement about you staying with me until I lose my interest in you,” Joshua smirked. When he came to know that he had a boy with the same woman he wanted to possess, then there will be havoc.

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79 Chapters
The drug
It was my wedding day with my love Timothy. We have been together for a long time and have seen many dreams together and now we have taken the first step to make that a reality. My entire family was happy, including my step-sister, who seemed pretty happy for me. ★★★ Julia “I forgot my veil in Stacey’s room,” Julia grumbled, and moved to her mother. “Mother, I seem to have left my veil in Stacey’s room. Could you please fetch it for me?” Julia requested her stepmother, who frowned, drawing her brows. “Use your feet, my love,” her stepmother sweetly refused a small request, but that didn’t matter to her. Julia was never a girl who held grudges, so she didn’t bother to nag more. She dragged her wedding gown to the entrance when her mother called her, “Wait, Julia, how could I miss giving you this?” “What is this?” Julia questioned, staring at the glass filled with water in her mother’s hand. “This is blessed water to drink. I prayed for your upcoming future. Drink it,” her stepmot
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The following day
★★★The following morning, Julia woke up with pain all over her body. When she turned her head to the other side, she found someone else sleeping beside her. She jumped in fright and shut her mouth with the back of her hand.She knew that she was naked under the sheet. Tears welled up in her eyes, knowing what she had done to her. She was afraid to face the world and the man she loved, Timothy.“No, no, I can’t,” shaking her head, she made up her mind to leave this city forever and never come back.She got down, wiped her tears, and grabbed the gown from the floor. Putting it on, she walked out of the room...**That man’s sleep was disturbed in the afternoon when someone pushed open the door.He roared, “Stay out,” because he thought the girl was still laying beside him, which was just his delusion because that girl had left long ago. But on his shout, the people who were about to come inside again closed the door in fear.The man stared at his empty side, where the red dot w
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Forcing her to the edge
★★“How could you do that to me? What did I do to you?” Julia spoke in tears not believing it was her family who killed her soul brutally. “Because you have been loved by everyone, which is what I deserve. But our father does not care for me. Timothy never looked at me even if I wore the crown for his name,” Stacy angrily spitted every word in Julia’s face, incurring her pain further.“God will not spare you,” Julia said as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.“There is no God. If there is, then this would not have happened to you and you would not be here crying in front of me. Now you have only two options: either listen to us or let your video dance on the internet,” Stacy said as she moved in front of Julia back to her seat.“What else do you want after you ruined me so much,” Julia yelled. She could not believe what wretched human beings they were. She was just beginning to realize how she and her father had fallen into their trap.“Well, nothing much. You have to make a s
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The Dangerous Mafia
★★“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long,” Rosetta Gussle said, looking at Joshua’s back who didn’t bother to look back, knowing that the girl had entered the room. The Gussle family was also influential in the town. They could melt iron with their power, but were no match for Joshua’s might.Joshua turned, eyeing scrutiny at this remark of hers. It was very apparent that her presence did not please Joshua much.“You must be mistaken, assuming that you can keep me waiting. Have a seat, Miss Gussle. You have got to see me because I want you to,” Joshua said monotonously. Rosetta, who made a perfect conversation, suddenly felt her leg fall into a puddle but she could not screech but smile as if nothing happened.Taking the seat, Rosetta smiled warmly, crossing one leg onto the other, and said, “Thank you very much for giving me the time.” Because there was no use being arrogant here, she would have to be submissive and get close to Joshua.“Did you come to my room at my grandf
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Five years later
Five years later, ★★ “Julius, don’t leave my hand. I have to check some things only after that we will be able to leave the airport. Can you be your mother’s helping hand?” It was Julia who was speaking with her four-year-old child. In the following month, he will be five. He was the naughtiest kid in this world, according to Julia, but had a big heart if he had ever heard her mother in trouble. “Yes-ss, mom. Look!! My feet are following yours,” Julius replied to her mother, his words not very clear, but Julia, being the mother, understood every small blabber of her son’s. “Thank you. Your aunt Sussan will be here in a minute,” Julia whispered to her son, Julius, who was pretty excited as he heard aunt Sussan. He was going to meet her for the first time. “Julia!” Just then a woman shouted from afar, calling Julia’s name who had a bouquet in her hand and a big toy car. “Sussan,” Julia mumbled in between her smile and threw her hand in the air, waving in glee. It’s been a long time
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Back to home
★★ Julia stepped into her house with weak legs and was not able to stop them from wavering. She had come here after four years with the same pain carrying on her heart. Wandering her eyes, she noticed the decor, which had changed drastically, completely from what her mother had done before she left this world. Breathing sighs of pain that cut her soul, she moved forward. She came here to meet her father, and that was it for her to bear the ache. Pushing a hair lock behind her ears, she footed on the stairs, but a familiar voice halt her step on the stairs. “My dear sister.” Julia looked up and found her step-sister Stacy locking her hand with her love, Timothy. A pang of ache surged up in her heart. All these years she just moved forward with the thought that she didn't deserve him and would be happy with whomever he would choose for himself. Nonetheless, she was here to feel the deserted pain from which she had run all these years. Julia stood frozen, locking sight with Timothy,
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Love, tears & Betrayal
★★ With a heavy heart, Julia pushed the door of her father’s room and a strong medicine stench hit her nose. “Dad!!” Julia called out to her father after noticing a figure laying on the bed with closed eyes, looking frail and dehydrated. She walked to her father with a sore soul. The pain she bought had a terrible impact on her father’s health. How could she forgive her? “Father, how are you?” Julia whispered in tears. Countless drops fell on the bed from her eyes, examining her father’s condition. She was only to be blamed. Caressing her father’s head, she pulled out her phone to call the doctor. That was when her father opened her eyes and a ray of joy flashed in them. “Julia, my daughter,” he weakly said. “Yes, father,” Julia replied, bringing her face close to her father. She said, “Dad, I am sorry. I am not a filial daughter, also created trouble for you but dad, I was played. Your daughter didn’t want anything like that.” “I believe you,” her father’s weak voice said and
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The dish has served
★★ “Julius,” as soon as Julia unlocked the door of her friend’s house, she called out to her son. Her eyes were eager to see her son and feel the peace and joy. After being tainted by the dirt, she wanted to cling to her son to believe she had someone close beside her. At least she was not alone in this world. “Hush! he has fallen asleep waiting for you all evening,” Sussan quickly informed her, then narrowed her eyes and inquired, “Have you cried?” “No! Just dust bothering my eyes,” Julia excused and walked up to the couch to sit. She slumped her whole body and released the somnolence, closing her eyes. “Met your dad?” Sussan asked as she knew what sort of dust could bother Julia the most. “Yes, and I let down him as a daughter,” Julia mumbled, running her fingers through her hair. “Maybe you did. But I believe you were bound to do that,” Sussan said, coxing Julia with comforting words. As a friend, she hadn’t witnessed Julia’s journey but had no doubt she would not lead an easy
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The tension
★★★ ‘Why does this man look like my son? Like an exact copy of Julius. Lord please, don’t tell me, he’s related to my son.’ Julia’s terrifying thoughts rubbed the surface of her heart as her gut grumbled. “Joshua.” Julia stared at the man and his lips, which moved as he said something but nothing entered her head as Julia was swimming in the dilemma. “Sorry... I-I didn’t catch that,” she said, paying attention to the reality. Nonetheless, this act was insulting to Joshua if someone would do that, however, he appeared to be quite mellow with Julia with whom he had an interesting encounter. “Joshua is my name,” Joshua smirked as he introduce his name to the woman who didn’t want to share a moment with him, he could tell that. “Forgive me! I may have come to the wrong room. Leaving now,” Julia rushed with her words and hoped that this evil human wouldn’t create a problem for her. The reason she had kicked him earlier was to kiss her. Hence, they settled their accounts. “No. You have
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She was persuaded
★★★ “How are you?” Zach asked as soon as they came out of the room. Julia placed her palm on her left chest with a couple of breaths she sucked in and out before proceeding with her words, “Thank you, Zach. I don't know what I would do if you were not showing up.” “What's the matter exactly? Seems like you know my uncle,” Zach confirmed, staring down at Julia, who let her smile out as he asked, but the worry was formed in sweat beds on her forehead. “I had the worst conversation with your uncle a few hours ago and now we meet again. I didn't want any trouble to come upon me. Finding no way out I did this. I am sorry,” said Julia, hiding the important piece of argument from him. Julia didn't mind if the jerk would tell Zach the truth after she was gone, but Julia would be happy that from now on whenever she met the man, there would be no quarrel between them. Henceforth, she would not grab any attention. “He's aloof, and a quiet, you know, hard-to-control person. Nobody wants to mes
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