Fire and Ice (The alliance Book 1)

Fire and Ice (The alliance Book 1)

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Bahasa: English
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** This is book 1 of The alliance series, each book can be read as a stand alone but the stories do follow on. ** ** Book 2 Freeing Freya now available ** The desire to mate is overwhelming and he can no longer ignore his wolfs need but how can anyone find it in them to love the Alpha's dark secret. He's been careful his whole life to keep it hidden, and there is no way that this timid girl before him will be able to handle it but she has a secret of her own, one that will shake him to his core, if only he can hold onto her long enough to find out.

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Chapter 1
  Alpha Tristan Leroux. I watched as the sun rose in the sky through the clear glass window of my office, leaning back in the leather chair, surrounded by elegant luxury. If Blackrock was my kingdom, then this was my throne. A legacy passed down from father to son. Wars were fought to sit in this seat, to rule a pack, and yet it had been handed to me on a silver platter.  ‘Today could be the day’. The unusually excited voice of Nox bounced around my head, breaking the peaceful silence and dragging me away from my morbid thoughts. I held back my humour at his tone, on any given day the Alpha wolf inside of me was sullen and serious, as was expected of our position, but today was mating day and all bets were off, the wolf inside of me had thought of nothing but today for weeks, it had made my life rather difficult. It’s really hard to hand out orders and assignments or conduct training and take the situation seriously
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Chapter 2
    Calista Fai. The procession of cars that drove from our home in Oak creek to Blackrock was impressively long, and I wondered not for the first time just how big the Blackrock pack house must be in order to hold so many shifters from four different packs. There must be at least sixty travelling from our pack alone. “What’s it like at Blackrock?” I asked my parents out of curiosity having never visited the packs territory before. My parents had travelled down to Blackrock four years ago for some pack union party when the new Alpha took over, but the party had been for of age wolves only, and there had never been another occasion for any of us to attend. My two oldest brothers had been invited to attend the mating days since they themselves became of age of course, but neither of my brothers were looking to bond yet. “It seemed nice.” My Dad uttered from his seat behind the wheel of the car. “The pack house
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Chapter 3
    Tristan Well, she was definitely beautiful, which would make matters easier, the marking of one’s mate was easy enough to complete with just about anyone, hell you don’t even need to look at them in order to sink your teeth into their necks. The strengthening of the bond however was an entirely physical thing, and I’m not entirely sure if I would have been able to get it up for someone that didn’t capture my interest. ‘No fear of that with this one.’ My thoughts were certainly clear on that, the problem however was that she was just about the opposite of what I had hoped for, she was easily a head shorter than me and tiny in comparison to my bulky frame, she had curves in all the right places, but I doubted there was enough of her to be able to handle me should the need arise, and I expected it would. Aside from her physical limitations though, the girl looked absolutely terrified, I actually worried for a moment
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Chapter 4
  Cali “Oh, my goddess Cali!” My Mums voice pulled me out of my daze, still stood staring at the door through which my mate had just disappeared. How was it even possible to be so affected by such a small thing. “Tanya. Please remember that Cali is a Luna now.” My father’s voice cautioned behind me, closer than my Mum had been but quiet enough that I could barely hear him. Confused by the words however I turned with a frown to see my parents stood directly behind me and beyond them, dozens upon dozens of unfamiliar faces, all of whom were staring at me with a mixture of expressions, although I was pleased to see that for the most part, they appeared happy or just curious. “Luna.” A tall dark-haired man greeted with a bow of his head and a wide smile fixed on his face. “I am Beta Roman Kundo, second in command to Alpha Leroux and at your service.” He greeted overly formally, and I worried for a moment that he was taking the piss b
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Chapter 5
  Alpha Tristan LerouxMating day had never seemed longer. Every inch of my body ached, burned with a desire to get out of here, to be next to my mate, to mark her and make her mine. I had literally been apart from her for ten minutes and it was already driving me to distraction.Leaving her to spend time with her family had seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, considerate and accommodating, but now, sat at the front of the ball room surrounded on both sides by Alphas engaged in conversation with their mates while we waited for the first couples to request approval from their respective Alpha’s, all I could do was worry.I had left my unmarked mate to fend for herself in a place she didn’t know surrounded by horny wolves looking for a mate of his own.This was without a doubt the most stupid idea I had ever had.Lost in thought I ignored the chatter around me, normally I would take the tim
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Chapter 6
  Alpha Tristan LerouxWe stood in silence for the next hour, and I worried that I had discouraged her from asking her questions, which was worse than her asking. A Luna that did not know what she needed to know, was a dangerous thing. I mentally took note to address this later on when we had more privacy. For now though, the day was coming to a close and more and more couples were approaching the row of Alphas.A sudden squeeze of my shoulder had my attention pulling from the couple walking away to my mate behind me, I ignored the desire to pull her on my lap and followed her gaze to the couple stood before Alpha De ‘Maine. The Girl was a member of my pack, a sweet innocent young teacher. I frowned at the worried look on Cali’s face.“What is it?” I asked on a whisper.Her gaze strayed from the couple to me and back again as she quietly contemplated something for a moment.“D
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Chapter 7
  Calista FaiAmber was such a sweet girl, the stinging gash on my arm was well worth the effort to save her from a life of goddess only knows what. She led me along the main corridor in the West wind and through the heavy double doors into a foyer that could comfortably fit my parents’ house inside it twice.A small seating area was set up to the right of the front doors, the floor to ceiling windows on either side of the door let in an abundance of light. There were several doors off the room as well as a huge staircase that led up to the first floor. I followed amber up the stairs, noticing for the first time the middle-aged man following silently behind us, dressed all in black, and mentally noted that he must be the warrior Tristan said he would assign to the floor.We walked along the open plan landing that looked down on the foyer below then along the corridor to the right and up a second set of stairs to a
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Chapter 8
 Calista FaiAmber turned out to be a wealth of knowledge about the pack, although I expected I forgot half of the information as fast as she told me it. I heard all about the leadership and how the hierarchy worked here, as well as a small amount of information about the last Alpha and his Luna.By the end of the hour that we spent together her tears had dried up, she was smiling and laughing and I could honestly say that I felt we could be good friends.She left around 3pm saying she was expected to attend the meal this evening and that she needed time to get ready I let her out of the room and immediately retreated to the on-suite bathroom for a quick soak in the huge tub to get ready myself.I was completely lost in my own thought’s half an hour later as I climbed out of the tub and wrapped one of the huge towels around myself, feeling completely relaxed I had almost forgotten all about the day’s events. For t
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Chapter 9
  TristanLeaving that bedroom was just about the hardest thing I had ever had to do, and that was saying something. I fought my own desire and my wolf every step I took towards my own room.‘Go back’ Nox demanded as I strained to keep myself heading away from my mate. The desire to mark her, to mate with her was stronger than anything I had ever experienced.This is crazy. How the hell is it possible to want someone so fucking badly that literally every part of me aches with need.I immediately stripped off my clothes and stepped under the cold spray of the shower, head bent against the tiles I let the water run over my tattooed back while trying to get control over myself, but five minutes later I was still as hard as a fucking rock, and I knew it wasn’t going away on its own. With a shudder I wrapped my fist tightly around my now painful erection and pumped my cock enthusiastically as visions
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Chapter 10
  CaliThe minutes ticket by as I paced the elegant wooden floor of the perfectly decorated ballroom. Eventually, just as I thought I was going to throw up with nerves, Amber rounded the doorway with her father in tow.“Is there anything else I can help with Luna?” Trent asked and I smiled.“No, thank you for your help. Are you attending this evening?” I asked and he shook his head.“No Luna, the meal and reception are designed for unmated and newly mated wolves. I will be at home with my mate this evening.”“Okay, well thank you again. And enjoy your evening with your mate.” I smiled, I watched as he gave one last nervous glance at his daughter who stood before me looking nervous herself as she played with her own fingers, before he left.“Amber, thank you for rushing down, I am so sorry to interrupt you. You look beautiful by the way.”Baca selengkapnya Protection Status