Lycan King's Mate Is A Human?

Lycan King's Mate Is A Human?

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"You are mine." He growled across my skin and burrowed his face at the base of my neck. I held my breath in fear when I heard the animalistic sound he made. I gasped as he pulled me into his arms. He was strong but also gentle, and his touch sent tingles down my spine. I gulped hard as I felt his lips grazing a soft spot on my neck. I could hardly breathe at this point. Please", he murmured, his lips close to my ear, his breath warm. "Don't leave me." I almost moaned out loud as he nipped on my right ear lope. Amelia Allen always dreamed of becoming a historian like her mother. After another death of her loved ones, Amelia moves to a small town to seek the comfort it had to offer and busy herself in her next project, to find the town's history. Everything is not what it seems and soon, Amelia finds herself in the middle of a world she did not even know existed outside of fiction novels and movies. Not only does the town hold some historical secrets, but several creatures of the night appear, craving her blood and her heart as her senses heighten. Throw in a cold-hearted, sexy, possessive Lycan King who claims she is his destined mate, her life seamlessly goes haywire.

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Chapter 1 - That Forest
Amelia's point of view:The sounds of the forest surrounded me once I stepped through the tall trees. There were crickets chirping, dry leaves swirling around in the harsh wind blowing occasionally and owls hooting somewhere hidden in the trees.I ventured further in the forest filled with vicious vines untangled together. Some branches kept weaving inwards the further I went deeper in the dense forest.Everything felt eerily odd and ghostly.The atmosphere was just way too tensed. I definitely knew something was wrong.My gut was twisting and clenching. It almost felt like someone was squeezing me while trying to pry me of my life. Why I felt like that? I would never know but one thing I can be sure of is the fact that I should not be here.Maybe s
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Chapter 2 - What is this thing?
I fell down before I could avoid it. I felt a sting in my butt when my bottom made contact with the ground. But my sole interest was in watching the dog flying in the air before lurching itself onto me.On top of me!Soon, I was trapped beneath it. I closed my eyes tightly to avoid from looking at its dripping saliva. It was so gross and ugly looking. I could feel tears burning the brim of my eyes. There's no way I'm gonna accept dying like this.
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Chapter 3 - Did you just bit me?
I don’t know how and when but I slowly found myself drifting off to sleep while playing with its soft furs.I know what you might be thinking. Who is their right state of mind would sleep when an unknown creature was nuzzling up against them?I don’t know about you but I would when I’ve spent the entire day and night before sorting things around my new apartment. I pretty much already had bags forming under my eyes. It was high time I get some sleep.Hence, the slumber party time begins, with a not so small creature in my arms!When I woke up, it was dark so I figured it was night time or pretty early in the morning. I was still sitting with my back leaning against the tree trunk but the dog was nowhere to be found. Had it all been a dream, a nightmare? But what am I doing here? There is no way that I could imagine all of that. I’m not J. K Rowling nor am I Stephenie Meyer.I hastily got up and dusted my clothes off. I halte
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Chapter 4 - I can feel his pain!
When he moved a step back, my head spun as he cleaned the blood dripping down the side of his mouth with the back of his hand. My blood!My words got lodged in my throat as he graced me with a bloody fanged smirk.He freaking had fangs, like the dogs I met earlier.Finding my voice, I exclaimed, “What the fuck are you?”I refrained myself from pushing him away from me, afraid of touching him.I held my breath when he met my gaze. Concern etched on his forehead as he studied my face which was most probably showing my increasing panic and fear of this man.“You’ve got such a dirty mouth.” His smirk widened mischievously as he cocked a perfectly shaped eyebrow at me.He adjusted his arms beside my head and covered the short distance between our lips.Brushing his lips against mine, “I will have a great time taming you.” He murmured. His low and distinct tone sent a shiver travelling up my
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Chapter 5 - Mate, Lycans, werewolves and vampires?
The dark clothed man, who threw him down, glanced my way. I gasped. He freaking had wings, black and huge and he was hanging down low yet his feet never touching the ground. I would prefer using only one word if I had to describe him. A vampire!He has white pale skin like a vampire, his lips are bloody red and his eyes are dark, so dark you would feel like he’s looking right into your soul, sorting through your darkest sins. He has black shoulder length hair and looks fierce and right now his lips are pressed into a thin line.I could no longer deny that what was happening wasn’t real because real or not, it was definitely happening unless my eyes were playing some tricks on me.“You didn’t tell me you met your mate, Alejandro.” He addressed the man who had bit me.Mate?“Leave her alone!” Alejandro tried to get up but ended up hissing in pain. Consequently, I gasped in pain.“If I’m not
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Chapter 6 - Definitely not with wings though!
Alejandro’s point of view:I returned the threatening glare Ivan was throwing my way with one of my own.“How dare you cross my territory?” I roared.“Don’t you dare bark at me, you mutt.” Ivan snapped, his pupils thinning out before his eyes turned black.My wolf, Leo, fought to break free and growled, dangerously deep and low, forcing me into submission but I refused to yield to his demand.‘Damn it, Leo! Just stay put, I don’t want our mate to be scared of us.’‘You are the one who scared her away. I was doing great until you put your foot in it.’‘Fine, I admit that what I did was reckless but just listen to me this time, okay?’‘I will not stay put if anything goes out of control.’‘That is if anything goes out of control.’‘I’ll have your back.’ Once I got my wolf’s a
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Chapter 7 - Meeting a strange woman
Amelia’s point of view:Feeling his eyes burning holes in the back of my head, I quickened my pace.I exhaled freely once I turned around the corner and stepped back into town, the place where civilians like me live. I did not even realize I had been holding my breath.I could feel his eyes on my ass the whole way until I turned the corner. He must be sick in the head if he thought I would go anywhere with him.I ran the remaining distance back to my apartment building. I hastily keyed in the code to open my apartment door. Closing my eyes, I sighed and leaned my back against the door once I was safely inside.I glanced at the clock. It was one in the morning. I spent ten hours out there in that forest, ten whole hours which changed my life overnight.That forest has so much stuffs going on. How come the locals around here are so oblivious to it? Either they are ignorant or those creatures know perfectly well how to ca
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Chapter 8 - Lycans, werewolves and the Moon Goddess
Amelia’s point of view: While returning back home the next day, I frowned when I noticed a black figure looming by my apartment. Feeling a burst of anger through my chest, I decided that enough was enough. Without wasting a second, I screamed and dashed towards the figure that froze like a deer caught in headlights. I grabbed the sides of his waist in a hip-lock and knocked him off his feet. I glanced down at him when he grunted out in pain while gripping his right arm. Feeling a pain shot up my right arm, I hissed.   I stared at Alejandro in shock when he lifted the hood off his head. “It’s you!” I grimaced when his face twisted in pain. “I’m so sorry.” I exclaimed. “It serves you right.” I whispered through gritted teeth. My breath hitched as he swiftly looked up at me. Did he hear me? Impossible! I got rid of that thought. I held out a hand to help him up but he adamantly hoisted himself back on his fee
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Chapter 9 - Thinking about Amelia
Alejandro’s point of view: I kept thinking about Amelia… her scent, her voice, her sassiness, damn it! I was screwed! After I’d been to her place the other night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I wish to have her here with me, to feel her, to love her. I craved the way she tasted. My wolf wouldn’t let me breathe in peace. We both can’t seem to be able to stay away from our mate. I shouldn’t have let her go back to that town. ‘Glad to know you’ve realized that.’ Leo groaned. ‘Don’t you dare start again!’ I warned my wolf. He boldly growled back but before I could tell him anything, he withdrew back to the back of my mind. That was his personal space. And, I wasn’t allowed to disturb him there. I would do anything to have Amelia here with me. Then, maybe my wolf wouldn’t be so pissed off and moody all the time. But, she’d already made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with me. I can’t believe I’m letting a human control me. She’s m
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Chapter 10 - The Lycan King invited himself in my house!
Amelia's point of view: I was humming to my favorite song while washing the dirty dishes after dinner before calling it a night. I was exhausted. “Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride til I can’t no more…” I used the scrubber as a mic as I sang along. Once I was done cleaning the kitchen, I sunk down into my comfortable chair in the living room. I sighed in relief before removing my earphones. I sat upright in alert when I heard a noise from outside my apartment. It almost felt like something was being moved roughly against the hard surface of the door from outside. I swear to God if it was that so-called gorgeous man who called himself the Lycan King, I… I… What would I do again? I stood up and walked to my front door. I was trying so hard not to let that little fear I felt growing within me but it was quite evident in my hesitant steps. Am I really letting whatever might be at the
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