Another Year with Spencer Moore

Another Year with Spencer Moore

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Kieran Reid and Spencer Moore felt relieved when they both graduated high school. This means no more competing with one another for first place in class and other school-related activities. Most importantly, there will be no longer seeing each other's faces. But what will happen when they both meet in the same university with the same schedule. Worst of all, they were paired to the same dorm room. Will Kieran and Spencer survive another year with each other? Are they both ready to let go of the past, or are they preparing for the worst?

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new life, new school... not
   “Kieran! Where have you been? I’ve been calling you for like 5 hours now, yet you are not answering your phone. I thought you were dead already!” Hiro hissed as soon as he saw me. He was standing in front of our dorm building with a mad face. “Well, I am here now.” He rolled his eyes and lifted the box that was on the ground. You see, today is our moving-in day, since next week is our first day at college. I’m so excited to meet new people although some of my friends in high school were at the same university as well. I just can’t wait to meet them. Especially him. My father dropped me off but didn’t budge to help me because he was late for his business meeting and I don’t mind since he doesn’t care about me at all. Hiro went inside the lobby and checked his name on the bulletin board to see whi
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london boy
There is no freaking way that Hiro saw Spencer just now. Maybe he’s just missing Spencer. That’s why he thought it was him. I am a hundred percent sure that Spencer is in London. Of course, he is. His family is there. I’m sure that his parents wanted him to study in one of the finest schools in England. It just can’t be. I’m not going to let Spencer ruin my life again, not in this college life. Besides, Nate and I didn’t see him, only Hiro, so there’s still a possibility that it’s not Spencer but only Hiro’s imagination. Hiro and Spencer were great friends when we were in high school. Maybe Hiro just missed him. I dusted off my thoughts and we all went back to our respective dorms. I’m pretty hoping that my roommate is already there now. Nate’s room is only two rooms from mine and I’m glad that we are all on the same floor.<
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brewed coffee sriracha flavor
“So annoying,” everybody flinched when Nate dropped his books on top of the table. We were currently having our breakfast in the cafeteria when Nate arrived with a bad morning. He slumped down on his seat and put his chin on the top of his hand. Everybody was confused why he was acting like this, though it’s not typical for Nate for having a bad day. “I fell asleep last night and I didn’t finish the book that I was reading. Damn it,” he added as he opened the book that he was talking about. Hiro and Finn continue their breakfast when suddenly someone caught our attention. As usual. You already know who it is. They both look up to Spencer, who’s looking for a vacant seat. Hiro, being the bubbly nice guy, waved his right hand for Spencer to see him. He pointed out that there was still another vacant seat beside me but Spencer’s smile faded away when he sees that he would be sitting next to the pe
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I jumped on my bed after I dunk my head in the tub filled with cold water. Damn it. I should’ve known that it was his trap to get even from the incident last night. I hate him so much. How come I didn’t even notice that the little devil was already pouring hot sauce on my drink? Why am I so stupid?! I was so busy with that stupid luggage of his and I fell into his trap. What the hell am I doing? I picked up my phone beside me when it received a message. As I look at it, it was from Nate. Where are you? We are already here at the cafeteria. The text says. I looked up to the clock and it was quarter to seven. I should get my breakfast now but since I know that Spencer is already in there with them, I decided that I should think of something before I go and see them. I can’t let him slip off after he put hot sauce on my beloved coffee. He can’t get away from my wrath. Just kidding, I should think of something. S
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the eyes doesn't lie
I was just watching every move he makes so that I know what he was doing. When he entered the bathroom, he threw the corgi plushie inside the washing machine and then the dryer after.   I furrowed my brows because he was just focusing on what he is doing when he should be attacking me with names and harsh words instead! What is wrong with him? When the plushie was already dry, he exited the bathroom and walked into his bed. He placed it above his pillow as he went back to his luggage to find something again.  Is he finding the one I threw earlier?  Well, I guess that’s a yes. He was looking at every corner like it was his life depending on it. I w
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scream and fear
Spencer’s POV  After I got back from my job, I immediately went back to my room. When I arrived in front of my door, I took a deep sigh before entering since I have to deal with my beloved roommate. He’s annoying and I really hate him. Well, we both hated each other since high school. As I opened it, I saw Kieran sipping his coffee like there was something going on.  Our eyes didn’t meet but I know that there’s something fishy here. He was drinking his coffee like he did something. I automatically walked to my bed only to find out that my luggage earlier was still above it. I know that there’s something missing because I took care of it for a really long time.  I’m tired from my work and I don’t want to argue with him late at night. Baca selengkapnya
the name of the game part 1
Spencer’s POV  It has been days since Finn ask me for a coffee and it’s been days since my last argument with Kieran. After that day, I didn’t talk to him. He just looks my way but I never dare to spat at him. I only ignored him.  The college school life will start tomorrow and I can’t wait to bury all of my time in the library and studying instead of locking myself in my dorm with my great roommate and hanging out outside the campus.  I don’t like going out anyway but I have no choice but to do it since I don’t want to be near Kieran.  After that fight, I just gave him a small smirk like I was more insulting him so that it can trigger him more. He can’t see me that I’m
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the name of the game part 2
Kieran's POV  Damn it.  After they all left, I remained in my seat. I loosen my fist that was under the table and pick out my phone from my pocket since it's ringing.  I looked at the caller and it was Hiro.  “Hello?”  “Meet me at my dorm after class,” he said and he hung up the phone. I furrowed my brows at his tone because he sounds weird. He’s not the typical cheerful one right now but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I can’t stand Spencer anymore. There’s no day that we didn’t yell or scream at each other.  I know it has been
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F fake friends
Kieran’s POV “What do you mean?” I curiously ask him.  “Let’s play hide n seek.” he smiled devilishly, “I will be the brain and you will be the hands. You see, I know that something is going on with Spencer but he’s good at hiding, I just know because Spencer and Nate had some secrets that we will never know. Have you noticed that Nate always prioritizes Spencer over anything?”  I slowly nodded my head.  “See? And do you know where Spencer is right now?” I just look at him and shake my head no because no words were coming out in my mouth, “He is with Nate. Nate told you earlier that you aren’t allowed to hang out with them unless you
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perfect little smiles
Kieran POV “So what do you think, Spence? Shall we give it a try?” I asked him once again as I handed him my hand. He looked at it and he went back into my eyes.  As our hands collided, he smiled so brightly again and slowly nodded. Our hands collide for seconds since I don’t want to let it go. His hands were so soft that I could hold them forever and didn't want to let go.  It was soft.  The smile disappeared from Spencer’s face and he let go of my hand. He averted his gaze away from me when I came back from reality. Damn it. With just a single smile and handshake? Does my world stop? What the hell.  “That’s kind of awkwar
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