My Mate

My Mate

By:  LovelyKimK  Completed
Language: English
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'Moonlight Wolf Park 3' this is the continuation of 'Moonlight Wolf Park 2' After meeting his mate, Even Truth finds out a terrible truth.

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45 Chapters
Author's Note
Okay, Here it is!! Moonlight Wolf Pack 3!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏 Please clap!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏, Yes! Yes! Clap!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Wait, why don't I see anyone clapping? Am I the only one? 😱 😒Who cares! Anyways! Thank you MA E N, Brenda Jepkoeck and Alyanna. Thanks for reading and for leaving comments. As requested, I've decided to work on it (Moonlight Wolf Pack 3) This is for you guys and the others who also like my books. Thanks to you all who like my books and rated it as well. Thanks to those who voted for this book. Thanks a lot. I see you all. Well, not face to face but I do see your names. Yes, I do. Sorry, it took long to thank you guys. I'm really grateful and happy. You guys have no idea how happy you've all made me. Moonlight Wolf Pack 3, titled, 'My Mate' is coming out. However, I can't promise to always release a new chapter because I'm a little busy. I have school, two other stories (Which is 'He's Special To Me' and 'My One and Only') to write. I was sick but I'm fine
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Chapter 1
Author: Thank you for reading 'My Mate' Moonlight Wolf Pack Three. Please continue supporting me..... Tristan: Us. *Sigh, Author: Please keep supporting us. (Here I am again. These ungrateful characters! They're everywhere!) Tristan: Did you say something? Author: No. Tristan: Why didn' you introduce us? Author: I don't have time for this Tristan. Tristan: Tsk, fine. **********🐺🐺******** Its been three weeks since Sebastian, Corey and Colten left on the mission to recuse the enslave human, omegas and betas in Cidna Pack. Captured by the pack leader 'Gain' Three weeks! And there was no news from them. Jake and Chris were worried sick about their mate. Having the most hideous thoughts about Colten meeting his end. If the poor guy was here, he'll probably get angry and think his mates didn't trust him. He was strong, had the same amount of strength like Chris and was very intelligent. Colten could take care of himself. Both Jake and Chris knew all this, yet,
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Chapter 2
Author: Thank you for reading. Jake: Please comment Chris: And keep supporting us Colten: Thank you. Author: Here are the three mates. I'm so jealous. Jake: Why don't you go find yourself a date? Chris: HAHAHA!! What are you talking about kid? Who will date this person? Colten: Chris! Author: Oh no, don't worry Colten. He's right. Colten: Come on, don't be sad. I'm sure someone out there likes you. Jake: Exactly! You're beautiful! Amazing! Who won't like you? Author: Thanks you two. I feel better now. You two, are my favorite characters in this book. Chris: I have a bad feeling. Author: You better. Cause your punishment is on its way. Chris: Please show mercy. Author: Not in my dictionary. *******🐺🐺******** "Rex" "Hi brother. Is noon" And that's why he (Rex) called. Rex promised to call three times a day after all. He already called this morning and now that it was noon, he decided to call, again. Gosh, doesn't he get tired? "Yeah, is good you calle
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Chapter 3
Author: Thank you for reading 'My Mate', Moonlight Wolf Pack 3. ********🐺🐺****** Jake also used to take the pills just like Tristan. Ahhh!!! How stupid of them?! How come they forgot this! How come they thought Tristan was the only one who won't be able to give birth when their mate took those pills as well?! So stupid of them (Chris and Colten)!! Come to think of it, everyone totally forgot about Jake! Forgot Jake also used to take those pills! Forgot the effects of taking those pills wasn't only going to affect Tristan but Jake as well. How could they? Only feeling sorry for Tristan, sympathizing with him. Trying to make him feel alright when their Jake also needed this! Thinking about it now, even Jake forgot about himself and was only concern for his friend. Did he also forget he used to take those pills as well? Gosh! What a mess!! "Kid, I'm so sorry" Chris looked at Jake with a sad expression but for some reason, Jake didn't look sad or disappointed. In fa
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Chapter 4
Author: Thank you for reading 'My Mate' Moonlight Wolf Pack Three.Jake: I want a miracle.Author: That will be 50million dollars.Jake: What?! 50million dollars?Author: No, wait, 70million dollars.Jake: 70? How much do I get from this novel?Author: Darling, nothing is free in this world.Jake:........... Then, later.Author: Great! Is a deal! God! I'm going to be rich!!Jake: Before that, create a situation where I will be rich, only then will you be rich.Author:............ Let's continue. I guess God will have to make another way for me to become rich. I'm depending on you my dear God.God: Okay my child.Author: God I love you so much.Jake: I'm starting to hate you more. **********🐺🐺********'Knock, Knock' a knock sounded out.Lvan was taking care of the few paperworks when a sudden knock sounded.The person behind the door wasn't in yet but Lvan already knew who it was.He was a werewolf, one with excellent sense of smell and hearing.He smelled who it was. And t
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Chapter 5
Author: Thank you for reading 'My Mate' Moonlight Wolf Pack Three.Tristan: Lvan is not leaving me right?Author: I don't know.Tristan: Are you sure? I trust Lvan and the promise he made but I'm still worried! You're the author and you always create such problematic and dangerous situations. You know, we always find it hard to solve the situations you bring out. What's wrong with you anyway? What's up with your brain and the........Author: Just figure out your life and stop bothering me! I have my own life to figure out!Tristan: Tsk, I saw this coming. You always resort to anger. No wonder on one wants to date you.Author:........... I'm fed up of you.Tristan: So am I.Author: I hate you.Tristan: So do I?Author: Will you shut up and let me be the last person to speak?!Tristan: I say the same.Author: *Sigh, chapter 5 begins.Tristan: Yes.Author:.......... Fine, you win.Tristan: Better. I never lose.Author: *Sigh,.........Tristan: Now, Chapter 5 really begins.
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Chapter 6
Author: Thanks for reading 'My Mate' Moonlight Wolf Park Three.Tristan: Thanks.Author: That's it?Tristan: I'm not in the mood. Please leave.Author: Oh, okay.Minna: Hi, am Minna.Author: Great, please leave, chapter 6 will begin now.Minna: What's with that attitude? Author: What attitude?Minna: Am trying to befriend you.Author: I have enough friends already, thanks.Minna: You're annoying.Author: I'm immune to such words and tone. Doesn't affect me anymore. Do you know the number of times I've heard this?Minna: I'm leaving.Author: Great, watch your steps as you go. You might fall on your face.Minna: Are you threatening me?Author: I'm showing concern.Minna:............... You're weird.Author: I know.Minna: I'm leaving.Author: Goodbye.Minna: You'll annoying.Author: I know.Tristan: Shut up both of you!! Just continue!Author:...... Just relax. Jeez **********🐺🐺*******Evening🌃On the bed, Tristan leaned against the bedframe, thinking about his son a
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Chapter 7
Author: Thanks for reading and for supporting. Please comment and rate the book if you like it or not and please tell us why. Tristan: Who's the woman? Author: Your worst nightmare. Tristan: What? Who? Author: Nothing, let's just continue. Tristan: I'm not liking this. **********🐺🐺******** "Hello" the beautiful woman greeted him and Jake. Fascinated and completely lost for words, Tristan and Jake waved at her, getting up as well. "Seriously Minna, you didn't have to curse you know. There's a kid in the house. Alan. Just like the cute boy over here said" the beautiful woman said the last sentence as she looked at Tristan. He (Tristan) really couldn't stop calling her beautiful. She was beautiful. So beautiful! By the way,......who was she? And like Jake heard his thoughts, he (Jake) asked the lady, "Who are you?" After letting out a giggle in a 'Ladylike' way, the beautiful woman said, "Oh, am so sorry, I should have done that earlier" 'Don't apologize
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Chapter 8
Author: Thanks for reading 'My Mate' Moonlight Wolf Pack Three.Alan: Please comment and rate the book if you like it or hate it and let us know why.Mavis: Thank you.Author: So, you're Mavis. Finally, we meet.Mavis: Yes, please take care of me.Author: Oh, that's nice, you're respectful.Tristan: Are you trying to say something?Author: Not at all.Mavis: Well, I need a strong backup. You're the author, right?Author: Let's talk at the backstage.Mavis: With pleasure.Author: What a nice lady.Tristan: Trying to say something?Author: Not at all. ************🐺🐺*********"She came. Acting all sweet and nice. What a hypocrite" Tristan said, shaking his head.This topic was pretty serious and that's why they decided to sit on their butts.They sat on the bed, facing each other.Taking hold of his chin,"Tristan, look at me" Lvan said, and slowly, he looked up at his mate (Lvan)Ahah, his mate looked so...... devastated.He (Lvan) really didn't like this.Gently strok
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Chapter 9
Author: Thanks for reading and for supporting. Please comment and rate the book if you like it or hate.......Mavis: Thanks.Author: I didn' finishTristan: Thanks.Author: That's not your lines Tristan.Tristan: It was supposed to be, until she came along.Mavis: I'm sorry.Author: Don't apologize Mavis, you did nothing wrong. He's just a jerk.Tristan: Did you bribe it?Author: It?Mavis: I didn't.Author: You're the only bad guy here!Tristan: Just continue. *********🐺🐺********Time (Around 9am)What?What was he seeing now?After three weeks, he came back and found out this?!What exactly happened while he was away?!No one told him Mavis Cross was back!!Rex thought, surprised.At the dining table, he sat with Tristan and Jake, opposite Mavis and Alan.Mavis and Alan were having their breakfast, feeding each other while Rex, Jake and Tristan stared at them.Tristan irritated.Jake feeling sorry for his friend.And Rex, still surprised.Their foods were before them
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