180 days with the Twin alphas

180 days with the Twin alphas

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"Jake, why are you laughing?" I called out with archer brows, hesitance creeping into my voice. He looked at me, a devilish grin I haven't seen on his face in all the time we've spent together curling on those sexy lips of his,"You speak about how we're in love with so much passion, Keliegh..." he started, voice turning steely. "But I was never in love with you, it was all a game. A facade. And you were just the right pawn to use." The whole world went blank at what happened next. **************** Keliegh needed a place to hide. A place to relieve herself of all her trouble and one that Jake would never find her again. But she never expected to find herself in her true mates pack, not one but two. And just like fate plays in an evening moonlight, Keleigh is welcomed in a new battle, one that seems so tough for her. Two mates, an ex lover, and a childhood friend who now wants her. Which would prevail?

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KELEIGH’S POVMy father’s claws gleamed in the light of the overhead lamp of the room as he raised his hand in the air, preparing to swipe. My breath caught in my throat as I pressed against the wall he had roughly pushed me into in a rage after he had caught I and Jake in the act of canoodling. He roared in fury as he bore down on Jake.I could understand why he was so enraged. Jake was the Alpha of the Moonlight pack, and my father was the Alpha of our pack, the Wesselton Pack. Both our packs have been in a bloody feud for so long that no one even remembered how it started in the first place. Countless wolves from both packs had died for generations over this feud.And Jake was about to be the next person.“My daughter!” My father growled at him. "How dare you!"My heart galloped with panic as I stared at the scene in front of me. My father in a state of half-shift, his clothes already partly torn from it. Jake, pinned below him, his eyes filled with so much fear and shock as he st
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KELEIGH’S POV“Jake,” I said softly, pain lancing through my chest as I stared at this man, the man that I loved, now turned a monster overnight. I looked into those hazel eyes flecked with blood to know if this was all an act, if there was some other motive behind him killing my father and part of my pack.I saw nothing but darkness and hate. I could barely see through my tears as I stumbled over the several bodies on the floor and out into the night. I took a moment to take one last look back at the warehouse, the last memory that I will have of my time in the pack, the memory that would overshadow the others and haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. Then I turned and sprang into the woods, brushes and thorny shrubs tearing at me in my haste to get far, far away.The woods had never scared me before. I had practically grown up in the woods all my life, like the rest of the wolves in my pack. They were as familiar to me as my own skin, and how I had loved to revel in it. The fre
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ARNOLD’S POVI stared at the girl, my eyes widened. I was stunned by her audacity, if not for the fact that things were normal one minute and the next everything began to spiral. I had been in bed, finally getting ready to get some sleep after working hard all night and then Ryker had come in like the kill joy that he was and told me that there was something that needed attending to.And that ‘thing’ that needed attending to was this girl, apparently. “The fuck is going on here?” I muttered to my twin after the girl had just rejected the two of us in front of the entire park.Ryker looked at me, his eyes gleaming. “Can’t you feel it? The mate bond is strong between us. We’ve found our mate, brother.”I understood that. But what I didn’t understand was her rejecting us, humiliating us in front of the entire pack by just taking one look at us. Who did she think she is, as tattered and dirty as she was, that we would want her in the first place?“Yeah, I know that,” I replied to Ryker,
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KELEIGH’S POVI stared at the brothers, and they stared back at me. One face welcoming and pleasant, the other scowling and hateful. Two faces so identical, and yet so different. I wiped my cheeks and thought through my decision.If I rejected the pleasant brother’s offer, I would be out on my own with nothing to my name, and no property of mine. Not to mention the risks of running into Jake and his henchmen out in the wild was very high. But if I stayed, then I could be protected—for six months, at least. I had no intention of accepting either of them as my mate, but at least I could use these months to plan out my next line of action, gather enough resources to take me even farther away from Jake than I already am. I would be free of all my shackles then. “I accept,” I said, my voice hoarse from disuse. “I’ll stay here for six months.”“Motherfucker,” muttered the unpleasant twin. He banged his hand on the table again, but this time I wasn’t caught off guard. I noticed that his bro
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KELEIGH’S POVI couldn’t leave the hall fast enough. Any more time spent in the dining hall and I would have broken down. Even now, I found myself hyperventilating. My head felt light and my brain was fuzzy. It was all too much. Everything was happening all at once and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed to get away from it all before I exploded.I had planned on going back to the room that Kara had assigned to me, but I couldn’t stay there. The room would feel too stifling for me and I needed space, I needed to breathe, I needed solitude. “Keleigh!” I turned back. It was Ryker calling out to me from the doorway of the hall. “Stay away from me!” I shouted back. “I need space.”I moved about the compound on instinct, avoiding places where people were gathered in. Eventually, I found myself in an orchard. It was far away from the rest of the buildings and was quiet. Just what I needed. I spread my arms out and took in a deep breath, the deep aroma of fruit refreshing me, calming me
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KEIGEIGH’S POV:Blood. It was everywhere my eyes landed on. On the floor, splattered on the walls, and even on the ceiling.I saw my father’s corpse before me and my heightened tastebuds could taste the copper in the air, lingering like a reminder.Then I saw him.Alpha Jake, his face morphed into the semblance of a monster I didn’t know before.His face had been carved into with the dagger of darkness, revealing a hateful expression.He had found me..! How?!HOW?!I jerked awake, pressing my hand to my chest as I tried hard to take in breaths and exhale. It was such a hard thing to do that my chest hurt. My vision blurred and I reached up to touch my face. Tears.“Even in my sleep,” I whispered out hoarsely, my voice thick. “Even then, can’t you let me rest? Do I not deserve some reprieve from my mistakes?”I didn’t care for the darkness of the room, or if a monster hid beneath its depths. Memories flooded me, pushing through all my defenses that it felt like I would drown in them.I
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SELENE’S POV:Her face alone pissed me off, and though I tried to contain myself and keep my pleasantness on my face, Ryker’s reprimands as the girl had left made me furious.I remembered what happened only minutes before I left the dining hall fuming.After my comment on the girl’s disrespect, I didn’t expect Ryker to lash out in the way he did.‘Be quiet. You have no right to treat Keileigh that way, much less act like you’re better than her. She has a higher rank than you, Selene. Don’t forget that,’ Ryker had said. I was dumbfounded then. Ryker, of all people, who was so slow to anger had become that new girl’s greatest defender. His warnings had bite to it, for unlike Arnold’s anger that could be easily soothed, his was like a hurricane that swallowed everything in its path when he lost it. And very rarely did he do so.Arnold came to my defense, rising up from his seat, and pointing his fork in his twin brother’s direction.‘You’re too hung up on this girl already, huh,’ he rema
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KEILEIGH’S POV:Sounds of it’s chirping and the peaceful atmosphere didn’t deceive me or stop me from feeling stifled. Not even the sight of the pleasant sun’s rays streaming in through large windows could pacify me. My mood was spoilt since I had woken up, and the breakfast I couldn’t stomach, combined with Selene’s confrontation had soured my prospects for the day.My heels clicked on the floor as I walked forward, not having a destination in mind.This place was just as perilous as a lion’s den, I thought broodingly.If only I could find some rest. I paced around the halls of the large mansion, avoiding the eyes of people as much as I could. No matter how hard I may try to find some semblance of peace in this place, all it reminded me of was how much I did not belong in here, in this pack.The only one I knew and trusted inside this place was Roman.And he wasn’t close by. Where was he? Perhaps he was busy?I tried my best to not think about how lonely I was. Or how I was a strange
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Ryker:I watched members of our pack mill about from the window of our study, waiting for Kara to return.I had sent her to check on Keileigh. My worry for her was incredulous to think about, because I had formed such an attachment to her at such a short time since she was brought here.How else could one explain how protective I felt over her?I was made aware of the knock on the door and turned around just as Kara stepped into the study.“Yes, Kara?” I addressed the older woman. She was one of the only ones I could trust, as she had been responsible for Arnold and I when we were younger. Therefore my brother and I had made it clear to everyone who came in that she was of the highest rank that any servant could ever attain.“Miss Keileigh is safe,” Kara said, which made me frown at her wording. Had my concern for her shown that much? Kara stared knowingly at me as she then added, “The Beta is with her currently.”Roman?I remembered the deal I made with him and nodded. It had been wh
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Keliegh“Hello, darling.”I smiled as I heard Roman’s voice as he walked up towards me, and pressed a small kiss on my temples, before taking my hand.Every day since I found out Roman was the Beta of this pack, we had spent time together. It was something i looked forward to every day, for many reasons. Whenever I would be apart from my best friend, i was always bombarded with the less than welcoming air of disdain and disgust from Selene and Arnold. They didn’t speak to me much during any meal times, perhaps because Ryker had jumped to my defense more than once in a row.But the both of them would show the hatred they shared for me through their looks and mocking smiles whenever something innocuous happened. Once I coughed lightly due to drinking water too fast and Arnold made a comment about how I lacked table manners.A part of me longed to defend myself constantly to them, to stand up for myself and make sure my voice was heard and they wouldn’t disrespect me.But just as quickly
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