Chapter 1765 Soon To Be A Forsaken Pet!

That afternoon, the Jin Group's Chief Counsel went to the hospital.

In the ward, a woman was lying on the bed, facing them, with a bunch of bandages wrapped around her face.

A man was sitting beside the bed, but when he learned of the lawyer's intention, he stood up instantly and stared at him gloomily.

"Private settlement? Are you trying to buy us with money? Very well then. Fifty million, and not a penny less."

The lawyer frowned slightly, but his tone did not change when he said, "Fifty million? Sir, that is quite the lion's share."

Upon hearing this, the man's face darkened even more. He pointed at the woman on the bed and said, "Compared to the damage to my wife, fifty million is nothing. Besides, fifty million is a drop in the ocean for a big company like you. Sure enough, the richer one is, the more stingy they are."

The lawyer was silent for a moment, then said, "I will have to discuss this with the Chairman. After all, this is a large sum of money. Why don't I come back
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