Chapter 1816 What Kind Of Luck Do You Have?


The audience was in uproar!

Even the police have come to their door. Could it be false?

Basically, it was as real as it would get!

Recalling how indignant Song Shiwu and his son had acted and strongly denied responsibility, and even shamelessly slandering Xu Yingxi when she came to see them, the guests suddenly felt that the two families were dirty and disgusting! They gave them disdainful looks.

"Bah! This Song Zimo is really scum! It's bad enough to cheat, but he even lured her overseas to try and kill her! When he came back he even made Ms. Xu a scapegoat. How shameless."

"Yang Qiqi is really disgusting. She professes that she loves her friends, but she turned around and robbed her best friend's boyfriend. Now, she acts all innocent. How disgusting."

"These two people are truly despicable, and they are really a match made in heaven. They are so shameless!"

"I really don't know what kind of luck Ms. Xu has to have met these two people."


Everyone chipped in
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