Adorable Baby at the Door: Mommy, Please Sign

Adorable Baby at the Door: Mommy, Please Sign

By:  Ye Zhen  Completed
Language: English
4860 ratings
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The book is also known as "The Rustling Autumn Breeze Knows My Heart". Five years ago, Jiang Sese sought him out to save her mother. After giving birth to their child, she never saw him again. Five years later, a cute little one arrived at her doorstep, with an insatiable desire for kisses, hugs, and snuggles. Jiang Sese was so overjoyed that she fulfilled every request the little one made, cherishing every moment they spent together.

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Nazivania Dias
Por favor posso te livre em português traduzir para a letra português por favor Doutora obrigado
2023-03-10 04:37:22
default avatar
love it... great story
2022-10-17 21:40:20
default avatar
bola kadiri
It’s too long
2022-09-21 23:16:40
default avatar
Amazing and totally loved it. The way characters adores a baby
2022-08-17 10:22:56
user avatar
Komala Subbaraj
its too lengthy.......
2022-08-14 03:14:50
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Judy Weber Harris
I love this book so very much. I abandoned another story and use my "free" reading time plus all I can afford to buy on this. I'm on an extremely low fixed income and can't buy more until next month and that's killing me. Read this and Sese, et al will become your very own friends and family.
2022-08-09 03:17:30
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Deb JR
Have loved good book from the beginning to the end and appreciated it that it surrounded one couple and family. is that a sequel as I afford xiobioa
2022-07-30 13:10:50
user avatar
Be thankful
2022-06-13 19:18:08
user avatar
Darlene Shomo
Enjoyable..this kid is like a little grown up ...
2022-05-13 11:48:31
user avatar
Anurag Chauhan
excellent novel
2022-04-26 05:23:08
user avatar
ving dilla
I really love the story even of its too long... But i read it until the end... Is there a book 2 on this? About the lives of Jin Beichen( xiao bao) and his sister? I hope and waiting for it dear author...
2022-03-06 17:46:43
user avatar
It's such a captivating story, very well written.
2022-03-03 22:16:52
default avatar
Chigorzirim Chinda
Beautiful story
2022-02-11 16:48:07
user avatar
Tricia Link
amazingly good
2022-01-22 14:04:42
default avatar
Sue Waite
Another bad guy, the police can’t catch, but Fenchen can,end of the story would be wonderful. More chapters would be great too.
2022-01-01 18:23:44
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1819 Chapters
Chapter 1 Child
Inside the best gynecology and obstetrics department of the most prestigious hospital in Jin City...Jiang Sese gritted her teeth as she endured the acute labor pain in her abdomen. Breaking out in a cold sweat all over, she clutched the guardrails on both sides of the bed so tightly that her knuckles were turning white.Seeing this, the obstetrician gently comforted her. “Don’t be scared. The child will be born safe and sound. Everything will soon pass.”Jiang Sese nodded, the rims of her eyes tinged red. She was full of reluctance.Her child would be taken away right after she gave birth.For nine months , she had watched the little creature grow little by little in her womb. Despite trying her best not to form an emotional connection with the baby, her heart nonetheless still ached at this moment.She was sorry, so sorry...Her eyes reddened.It wasn’t that she didn’t want this child, but rather, she couldn’t have it.After giving birth and taking the money, she would no lon
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Chapter 2 Reincarnation Is a Life Skill
Five years later...At the Planning Department, Zhuoyue Creative Agency...10 in the morning was one of the busiest hours of the day, and yet a crowd had gathered to discuss something with enthusiasm.The little prince of the Jin Group was going to celebrate his fifth birthday soon. The patriarch of the family and his wife were known to spoil him. Every year, they would rack their brains to find the best event agency to throw the most majestic birthday celebration for him.This year, naturally, was no exception.Many event agencies were fighting tooth and nail to land the project.No one would have guessed that heaven had somehow bestowed the chance to the Zhuoyue Agency."Strange, isn't it? The Jin Group has only ever worked with major agencies. Why did they choose us this year? Even though we're pretty famous in the industry, it's not enough to draw their attraction, don't you think?""I heard that the little prince's grandfathers let him choose. Somehow, he picked us.""Thi
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Chapter 3 Carry Me Downstairs
Jiang Sese was also staring at him in confusion.It was obvious from the pretty boy's clothes that he wasn't an ordinary person.The way he was looking at her, however, was hard to describe.It was as if he was assessing… a rare object.Such a thought made her feel rather ridiculous.Yan Yifei wasn't a patient person. She barked at the pretty boy, "Who are you? Don't you know that you can't barge into an office during work hours?"What a pest!"The pretty boy gave her a nonchalance glance, looking both cold and detached. He extended his little finger to point to Yan Yifei and said in a commanding tone, "You! Clean the mess on the floor right now. Remember: Use. Your. Hands!"Yan Yifei thought she was hallucinating. She was so flabbergasted and furious that she laughed. "What did you say?"He dared to command her to wipe the floor?"Don't you understand me?" The pretty boy shot her a disdainful look. "It's fine to be ugly, but how can you also be so stupid? Looks like this is
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Chapter 4 A Woman Took Him Home
Jiang Sese was stunned. Before she could come up with a reply, Li Sheng was already giving her looks.It was obvious how much the little prince liked Jiang Sese.It would be great if she could develop a good relationship with him.Jiang Sese had no choice but to carry him.The little guy seemed overjoyed and tightened his hold around her neck. His eyes were twinkling like stars.This made her adore him even more. After hoisting him up, she walked out of the door.She thanked the little guy when she was outside the office. "Sweetie, thank you for helping me vent my anger.""You're welcome. It's just one annoying woman. My daddy is surrounded by swarms of them. I have gotten used to them."The pretty boy sounded so childlike, yet his authoritative tone was unmistakable.He was just like a little adult.Jiang Sese found this hilarious. "Gotten used to them? How old are you?"The pretty boy sighed and said with deadly earnestness, "Well, it can't be helped. My daddy is just that
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Chapter 5 Let Me Try
At Furong Park...Inside a tiny, single-room apartment, an apron-clad Jiang Sese was bustling about in the kitchen, preparing dinner.The pretty boy was pacing back and forth with a glass of milk in hand, curiously taking in his surroundings. "Is this where you usually live, Auntie?""Yes. It's a very small place, and not as luxurious as yours."Jiang Sese responded without thinking too hard about it. She put the freshly-cut vegetables into a bowl in preparation to cook.The pretty boy tilted his head to look at her. "Do you live alone?""Yep.""Don't you have any family?""I do, but she's not here. I'm usually alone here."The pretty boy fell silent like he was afraid that he would upset her. He immediately patted her with all the solemnity of a child and comforted her. "Don't be scared. Now that you have me, you won't be alone anymore."His words tickled Jiang Sese."What a… precocious child!"The more she looked at him, the more she liked him."Enough. I'm going to star
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Chapter 6 I Want to Stay with Auntie
Jin Fengchen looked at her, stunned. He appeared to hesitate but soon nodded.Jiang Sese took two steps forward and knocked on the door. She told the little guy inside the room, "Sweetie, dinner is ready. It's going to get cold if we don't eat soon. Can you come out?"Rustling noises came from inside the room, but the door remained shut.Jiang Sese continued her struggle. "Look, I'm starving after working hard all day. Come out and eat with me, all right? Otherwise, I'm going to get gastritis soon. I might even have to take medicine and see the doctor. It's very pitiful, you know."Silence hung over the entire apartment. A long while later, the door finally opened to reveal a small head.Jin Fengchen was taken aback.This kid would typically sulk for more than a week before quelling his anger.He wouldn't budge even when the whole family was placating him.He never thought that this woman named Jiang Sese would be able to make him compromise with just a few words.Jin Fengchen
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Chapter 7 Share Half of Your Bed with Me
"Don't mention it."Jiang Sese waved her hand, paying it no heed. She then watched the father and son leave her apartment.Her home became empty in the blink of an eye. For a while, she couldn't quite snap out of it. She soon patted her head and wondered what was wrong with her.He was just a child that she had known for less than a day. Why was she so reluctant to part with him?It had to be because Xiaobao was so adorable....The night came and stayed. A gorgeous Maybach left behind a trail of light as it sped down the road.The mood inside was very still.A sulking Xiaobao turned his head away, refusing to even look at his father.Jin Fengchen pinched the space between his forehead. His head was hurting. He had no plans of trying to placate his son either.His family had spoiled Xiaobao rotten, resulting in him developing this sort of temper. It was about time that someone straightened him out.The car stopped in front of the entrance to their house.The minute the door
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Chapter 8 Maybe It Will Be Soon
Jiang Sese was dumbfounded to hear his words. What did he mean by sharing half her bed with him? He surely had no issues casting all courtesy aside.Was he really Jin Fengchen?Rumors had it that this man was esteemed and aloof, but only the former seemed to be true. Otherwise, why would he say such things?Just as she was filled with doubt, Jin Fengchen realized that he said something he shouldn't have. He coughed to cover up his misstep and put on an aloof expression. "Xiaobao hasn't been bathed yet. I might have to trouble you for this."Jiang Sese came to her senses and replied, "Don't worry about it."It was only after she had given her reply that she realized the topic had been effortlessly sidestepped. She couldn't help feeling depressed.However, she wasn't stupid enough to bring up the topic again. She resigned herself to her fate and turned around to find some clothes for Xiaobao.Jiang Sese's home looked small but it had everything she needed. Even children's clothes
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Chapter 9 Felt Deceived
"Huh? What do you mean by soon?"It took Jin Fengyao a few seconds to process this information.Gu Nian was similarly bewildered.They exchanged confused looks before turning to look at Jin Fengchen in unison.Jin Fengchen didn't explain. He maintained his indifferent expression as if he hadn't just dropped a bomb.It made them feel like they had just experienced an illusion.Excitement quickly lit up Jin Fengyao's expression. "B-brother… I didn't mishear you, did I? Did you just say you're going to get married soon?"Jin Fengchen looked at him coldly. "You misheard me.""No, no, absolutely not! How could I? Gu Nian, you heard him, didn't you? He just said he's getting married soon! He said soon, oh my God…"Jin Fengyao had a hard time calming down.This news was too shocking to him.As expected of his older brother!Jin Fengchen was someone who suppressed his desires as calmly as a monk; a man who might not even react when drugged!Yet he said that he would be getting mar
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Chapter 10 Malice
The next morning...The first thing Jiang Sese saw after opening her eyes was an adorable boy lying next to her.He slept obediently and soundly in her embrace, his long lashes resting on his cheeks like a fan. His skin was enviously fair and supple.She became filled with wonder.She had met many children over the past five years, but never someone who felt as close to her heart and was as adorable as Xiaobao. She was even tempted to never let him go.Such a thought tickled her. If she didn't let him go, the Jin family would likely end her.After entertaining such a bizarre thought, she rose stealthily and went out to prepare breakfast.To her surprise, she saw that Jin Fengchen was up and awake. The table was also filled with a bunch of breakfast food.Porridge, Chinese pastries, Western food... It was an extravagant affair.Jiang Sese was taken aback. "This…""I didn't see any restaurants in the neighborhood, so I drove out and bought some. I don't know what you like, so I
Read more Protection Status