Chapter 4 I've Figured It Out

Xu Nuo was thinking about the same thing the whole day. Yesterday, she thought Xu Yi made a huge fuss because of An Xin’s death. However, today at this moment, she realized Xu Yi had changed!

Not only Xu Nuo had changed, but Zhao Yamei also as well.

Before this, Xu Yi was as timid as a mouse. She would not retort no matter how much they bullied her.

But now, Xu Yi’s personality was like her best friend, An Xin. She would fall out with someone and became hostile. She would not care about anyone or what they think when she decided to put up a fuss.

What Xu Yi wanted was to let them know that she had changed.

She had become more difficult to handle, showing her personality and hostile edge.

The best acceptance was the shock and dumbfounded look of the people around her. Plus, this was just the first step of her revenge plan.

“Auntie,” Xu Yi called out gently to Zhao Yamei. “If you’re not used to having me around, then kill me. If you don’t kill me, then don’t blame me for being unreasonable.”

Zhao Yamei was startled. Did she know something?

She avoided looking at Xu Yi’s gaze and looked even more guilty.

Xu Yi did not continue talking. She glanced at the mess in the dining room, her face scrunched in disgust and said, “I wanted to have breakfast, but this is too messy. I have no mood now, I’m going out.”

She left the dining room but then instructed the butler in the living room, “From tomorrow onward, I will have all three meals. Prepare my cutleries.”

Naturally, the butler dared not say anything and just nodded his head.

After leaving the Xu Family, the butler from the Ye Family called. “Young madam, the old master wants you and the young master to go home and have dinner tonight.”

The rule of the Ye Family was that they have to go back to the family mansion every half a month for the family dinner.

It was the previous Xu Yi’s favorite time because Ye Shaotang would pretend to treat her well in front of other people during the family dinner.

Even though she knew it was fake, she still indulged in it.

If it was the previous Xu Yi, she would accept and called Ye Shaotang to inform him. After being treated by Ye Shaotang coldly, she would then be taken away by him reluctantly.

Arriving at the Ye family mansion, she would have to put on a show with Ye Shaotang, and at the end of the day, he would sarcastically praise that she did a good job.

But now, she felt extremely appalled.

“Butler, you have to call Shaotang. I am not the one to make the decision.”

Her voice was as soft and gentle as the previous Xu Yi. There was no difference.

The butler said, “Then I’ll have to ask young madam to ask the young master.”

He was going to go back to his house anyway, why was he asking an outsider like her to ask him?

“I have something going in the morning. I don’t think I’ll have the time. You should manage this. If Shaotang has the time, let him call and tell me.”

Before this, it was always her who called Ye Shaotang. Now, it was time for changes.

If he had the guts, he could choose to not go back to the Ye family house or go back alone.

After hanging up the call, Xu Yi went to do her stuff and it was to seek revenge.

She texted Hao Shihua and asked him to meet her at the café at the International Trade Center. After she got a response from him, she called a taxi and headed to the International Trade Center.

Hao Shihua was her friend from high school. He studied medicine when he was in university, and now he was working on his doctorate. They still kept in touch with each other, that was why it would not be awkward asking for his help.

After a while, Hao Shihua arrived.

He was dressed in grey sportswear. Seeing Xu Yi, he smiled and sat down before asking about her well-being. “I heard you were admitted to the hospital again. Did Ye Shaotang cause this as well?”

After being married to Ye Shaotang, eight out of ten times, her onsets were because of Ye Shaotang.

That was why Hao Shihua naturally thought the same this time too.

“I had no idea what happened. My heart felt extremely uncomfortable after having coffee. But I feel it’s not that simple. That was why I wanted to ask for your help.”

“What help? Tell me.”

“Help me check whether my treatments in the hospital were tampered with. If they were being tampered, don’t tell anyone, just save the evidence.”

She did not want to act rashly and alert the enemies, because she could not provoke the person who wanted her dead, be it Zhao Yamei or Ye Shaotang.

Hao Shihua’s eyebrows furrowed tightly. “Did you find out anything?”

Xu Yi tried to remember what happened that afternoon. She had the habit to drink a cup of Americano from Starbucks on the 5th of every month. Everyone around her knew this. She was fine every time she drank it, but that day, an hour after she drank the coffee, her heart started to feel extremely uncomfortable, and she did not know what happened later on.

She could not go back to the hospital to check the records. Since she was already suspecting Zhao Yamei, then she would have to be careful of the spies Zhao Yamei had placed in the hospital. If she acted rashly, she would alert the enemies.

Hao Shihua nodded after listening to Xu Yi’s concerns. “Don’t worry. I will be careful with my investigations. I won’t let anyone find out.”

“Okay, thank you...”

Ye Shaotang called her in the middle of her sentence. Xu Yi looked at it and hung up.

Normally, this would never happen.

She continued talking to Hao Shihua. “You have to be careful. Zhao Yamei’s family is powerful. If she found out you’re investigating this, I’m afraid that she’ll do something to you.”

Hao Shihua could not care less. “Don’t worry. I am the Hao Family’s heir. They won’t dare to lay a finger on me.”


Ye Shaotang called again. This time, Xu Yi did not even look at the caller ID. She hung up instantly.

In the president’s office...

Ye Shaotang listened to the busy tone on the phone and wondered if he was dreaming. How dare this woman hung up on him? Twice?

Alright, he would like to see how high and mighty this woman could be!


Hao Shihua saw the caller ID accidentally. Seeing that Xu Yi hung up the phone twice, he asked carefully, “Did you guys fight again?”

It was not a fight. It was usually Ye Shaotang who would bully Xu Yi.

Hao Shihua helped Xu Yi once, but he was scolded by her.

Hao Shihua was the one that was most against their marriage. Every time they met, Hao Shihua would advise Xu Yi to get a divorce. In the end, Xu Yi got tired of it and started distancing herself from him.

He could not help himself but ask after seeing Xu Yi hung up on Ye Shaotang.

Xu Yi peered at her phone and chuckled sarcastically. “What’s there to fight about with this man? If he continues to be this arrogant, I’ll kick him.”

“Lil Yi, y-you finally figured it out!” Hao Shihua grabbed Xu Yi’s hand excitedly. “I thought I would never hear these words coming out of your mouth.”

Was he that excited?

Xu Yi retracted her hand awkwardly. She started blaming herself after hearing Hua Shihua telling her all the bad things about Ye Shaotang and his treatment with Xu Yi.

She was 80% of the reason Xu Yi got married to Ye Shaotang.

When she knew that the old master Ye wanted Ye Shaotang to marry Xu Yi, she thought that Xu Yi would refuse. However, when she knew that her best friend had loved Ye Shaotang secretly, she decided to help her.

What was done could not be undone.

She even posted pictures of Xu Yi and Ye Shaotang in the hotel to the old master anonymously. In the end, the old master decided to have Ye Shaotang marry Xu Yi.

But she never thought that Ye Shaotang was such a bastard.

He was worse than the men who physically abuse their wives. He was emotionally abusing Xu Yi with cold violence. He wanted to force Xu Yi into asking for a divorce so Xu Yi would be the sinner. Such...

Xu Yi felt that even if she kicked him now, she would still be fuming.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Order something. Let big sister treat you today.” Xu Yi waved her hand gallantly.

Hao Shihua did not order anything, but instead, he stared at Xu Yi. One second, two seconds... thirty seconds passed, and he was still staring.

Xu Yi felt uncomfortable being stared at. “Why are you staring at me?”

“I feel you are different. You’ve never said words like that before.”

“Obviously.” Because she was not the real Xu Yi anymore.

Hao Shihua opened his mouth, but this time, he was not looking at Xu Yi. He was looking behind her. He frowned. “Lil Yi, look behind you...”
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