7. Hire him!

All the parked cars were seriously damaged. The security came, Colonel was distressed, but luckily no one got hurt. 

Sweat formed off Ashton's forehead. He was in trouble. Wasn't he?

"What have you done?" The colonel shouted at him.

"Just go!" he added, giving him an icy stare.

Ashton, with a sad face, was going back from the building and met Jules where they first met.

"You! Stop!" Jules noticed that the man who saved her from falling off the stairs was going so she stopped him to thank him.

Ashton was lost in his thoughts and he didn't hear what the old woman had said.

It was his only chance to find a job but he was so unlucky that every time something was going good he makes a mistake.

How will he able to pay the bills and what will he eat?

He only has $5 with him. And in this big city like Chicago, he couldn't find a decent job.

Walking a few steps and he got bumped into something hard. Raising his head, he saw a m

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