Chapter 10

Leo wanted to call Merida, in-fact he called her three times already. It only beeped. And you know what they say, if no one answers in your third try don't bother them anymore.

He's at the roof of their house just thinking about distancing himself from that ugly girl. He became too involved when he shouldn't have cared in the first place. Next thing he'll know, he's going to get too attached on playing the knight when it should be Jacob.

"Damn it! She has my favourite hoodie," he mumbled.

Leo sighed and started eating his food. He recalled to the old days when his mother used to cook him and his sister egg rolls. He never tasted them again until Merida let him have some.


He frustratingly closed his eyes. Damn! He's thinking about her again! This shouldn't be it!


Chapter Ten

Merida woke up and Jacob was staring at her.

"Good morning, Love." He greeted.

She snuggled in his chest and Jacob smiled, hugging Merida. They stayed like that for a couple of minutes until they heard a knock on the door.

"Merida? Awake yet?"

Their eyes widened.

"It is mom." Merida mouthed. She pointed the bathroom while she gets up, pushing Jacob to move quickly.

Once Jacob and his things were inside the bathroom she stood up and opened the door for her mom. "Hey! Good morning."

Beth was surprised. Her daughter seemed rattled up. Beth raised a brow at Merida. "I know that Jacob is here, young lady. His car is outside."

Merida looked down, feeling guilty. But then she heard Beth chuckled, making her raise her head immediately. She then frowns.

"You silly girl. Go get Jacob and let's all have a great breakfast," Beth winked and left.

Merida was dumbfounded. She thought her mother would be furious that he has a guy in her room! It turns out she has a cool mom.

"Jacob mom—"

"Who owns this?" Jacob asked, upset about finding a familiar hoodie.

"Uhm... it–it's Leo's. He len—"

"How the— You guys were together?" His face hardened.

"I can explain—"

"I'm taking this. I'll return this to him. You're not allowed to take anything he gives or lend you."

"But Ja—"

Merida couldn't finish what she's about to say, Jacob had already claimed her mouth. It was a quick one but still, it made her shut.

"You're mine," Jacob murmured and smiled.

He took her hand with the hoodie in his other hand and pulled her out of her room to go downstairs. Merida was happy. It was a good morning.

"Good morning, Mrs Hollyn," he greeted. "I'm sorry I sleep in last night."

Beth grinned and hummed as she put the last dish on the table. "Oh, it's alright! I'm glad you did! Well, it's a wonderful morning y'all, let's indulge!"

They all sat down and ate together. Eating like a real family already. It seemed like Merida had forgotten what she was told and what she went through yesterday. She's distorted.

"So, are you two together?" Beth asked in the middle of their breakfast.

"No!" "Yes!" Merida and Jacob said in unison. They both look at each other.

Jacob glared at Merida for a while and then smiled at Beth. "We are together," he answered.

"You didn't ask me anything about being in a relationship," Merida protests.

He looked at her with a satisfied smirk on his face. "Why would I ki—"

"Okay! We are in a relationship!" She shouts and looks at her mom. "You heard it right mom, I'm in a relationship!" Merida laughs awkwardly.

Beth then giggles and continues to eat. Merida glances up at Jacob who smiled at her. She just "tch" him up. She couldn't help but cut him off and be loud like that. She just doesn't want her mom to know that she and Jacob kissed already. It's crazy that he's so open about it to her mom.

After eating, Jacob decided to go home. He told Beth he's thankful for the breakfast. Before being on his way, he kissed Merida's forehead and told her a few more words. "I'll call you."

On his way, he accidentally glances at Leo's damn hoodie in the passenger's seat. He threw it earlier there. He sighed and made a turn. It's time he tells him to back off.

It was such good timing, when he arrived, he saw Leo about to go inside his car. The guy stopped when he saw Jacob's car.

Jacob went out and walk towards Leo, looking so pissed.

Leo just displayed an evil grin and crossed his arms. "So, what brought a 'Jacob' here?"

Jacob tossed Leo's hoodie to him with force. Good thing Leo was a good catcher, he caught it.

Jacob didn't want to waste time talking to this asshole so he turned away and opened his car door. He was about to go in when Leo spoke again.

"So you went to her house?" He asked. "She was soaked last night. I had to let her wear my thing. The least you can do is make sure she isn't hurt!"

Jacob slammed his door shut and marched towards Leo. He pulled Leo's collar up but the guy didn't feel scared or anything. "You stay away from her. She's mine!" Jacob grunts and let go.

Jacob went back to his car and drove away fast. He always gets too pissed off when he sees Leo's face. That jerk and him can't be in the same room or it'll be a complete mess.

He continues to think about how he hates Leo. Completely ignoring the fact that Leo talked about Merida getting bullied by those bitches.

"What a really stupid guy," Leo mumbled heading inside his car. He placed his hoodie up on his dash and smiled. "At least you're back with me. I'll wash you later after we buy something suitable for me to eat."

Leo is just really a cute, gentle guy who girls would definitely fall in love to. But then he's too mysterious and secretive.

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